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Program Number 576 - Unraveling the Origins Controversy

Unraveling the Origins Controversy is a book written by Dr. David Dewitt who chairs the Creation Science department at Liberty University. This book is an excellent general purpose overview of the main arguments for a young earth creationist worldview.

Program Number 575 - Institutionalized Error

A discussion about how some scientific research produces theories that get entrenched into the culture, but the assumptions, premise, and research may be incorrect. Some examples of where this has occurred are discussed.

#575 Institutionalized Error from raeorg on GodTube.

Program Number 574 - Rocks Aren't Clocks

Book review of Rocks Aren't Clocks by John K. Reed of the Creation Research Society. This books contains answers to many of the arguments brought up in the Nye- Ham debate in February 2014. Reed shows that the foundation of the geologic column is based upon invalid assumptions.

Program Number 573 - Creature Features

The stingray, sloth and poison arrow frog are all examples of creatures whose features have no viable evolutionary path.

Program Number 571 - Laughter Could Make you Happy

The medical and social benefits of laughter are well known, and it is something that would be quite difficult for evolutionists to explain.

Program Number 570 - Our Immune System

Our immune system is wonderfully created by God to maintain our well being and keep us from getting sick. The design of the immune system is discussed and how it indicates the deep love of God. But we speculate that auto-immune diseases may be the result of spiritual oppression such as self-hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, rejection and accusation.

#570 Our Immune System from raeorg on GodTube.

Program Number 569 - Psycho-Ceramics: Crackpots

Psycho-ceramics was a term used for those who engage in crackpottery, where invalid arguments are used to support a valid thesis, and valid arguments are used to support an invalid thesis. Several examples of each are discussed, and the origin of the story that Joshua's long day was discovered by NASA in a computer simulation is given as an example.

Program Number 568 - God: The Artist

Rich Geer talks about what it takes to design a piece of artwork, and compares it to God the Designer who assembled the world we live in. Paley's Watchmaker argument is discussed, and although some might say that since we know that a watch is assembled by a watchmaker, that we don't have a valid reference. God's artistry in nature is revealed by what it takes to design it.

Program Number 566 - National Park Mysteries

Mary Morgan is the author of the National Park Mystery Series which currently consists of three books for young readers: Stolen Treasures at Pictured Rocks, The Face at Mount Rushmore and Spies in Disguise at Gettysburg. Using real live kids as models for her characters, she crafts stories appealing to young people where they save the day solving crimes.

Program Number 565 - Appalachian Trail Magic

Rob and Candice Fox spent seven months hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and along the way encountered many wonderful people who assisted them and shared the experience with them.

Program Number 564 - Glorious Michigan

The Revolution Against Evolution team travels to northern Michigan for a fall color tour and to investigate some of the historical heritage and resources this state offers. Michigan geology in the light of creation research is discussed.

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