Dr. Hale's Home Remedy and Recipe Book (Index 3)

This unique handwritten book was found in a collection of books left to me by my grandmother.  The book refers to J. H. Hale, Lucy H. Hale in Cass County, Michigan, and also Wallace A. Hale, Fannie E. Hale and B. F. Hale, Ann Arbor Michigan. There is a date in it of Aug. 17, 1846 concerning a rental agreement of $35.00 per year between Philip Wears and B. F. Hale. Like many script books of this era, it reflected the life of the individuals who used this book for their livelihood. An archivist from Michigan State University told me that because this book would have been almost used daily by this doctor, it is rare to find one in this condition. It is likely this book came from the lumberman's house in Lewiston my grandmother owned years ago.

I am interested if anyone knows who the people are in this book, and it would also be interesting to have a doctor evaluate some of these cures. Some of them seem quite nasty, poisonous, or painful.

NOTE: The spelling below is the way it appears in the book. Recipes of particular interest are highlighted in bold. Index Number 1  Index Number 2

Ointment for Tinea Capitis or Scale Head; Linneament Scieria Cholic; Annother; Strengthening Plaster; Mothers Relief
Stromonium Ointment; For Staining Gun Barrels Catarrh Snuff
To case harden by S. A. J. Hale; Antiphlogistic or Cooling Plaster; Indian Salve For Captive habits; Pill Coating
For Ague and Fever; Composition Improved; Alterative Index 1
Liver Syrup B F Hale Index 2
Horse and Man Linneament; Diptheria Index 3
Last Alternative; Strengthening Plaster Index 4
Last Alternative Index 5
Chronic Rheumatism; Suderific Drops Index 6
Injection for Gonorrhea; Vegitable Salve Index 7
A Great Linneament for Scrofula; Chry Pectoral Sulphate Morphine Index 8
Rx for making vegitable oil to burn in lamps supperior to oil or gass or common burning fluid; Bitter Sweet Index 9
To Produce Salivation; Gonorrhoea Index 10
For Lungs or Liver Index 11
Diarrhoea Last Page
Lucy's Ague Bitters; Hydro Alcoholic Inside back cover
Vegitable Drops to cure corns, Warts, moles, tetters, ringworm and toothache  
Caustic Potassa; Corn Tinc Lobelia
Conh Syrup of Rheubarb Neutralizing Cordial
Indian Linneament
Elderberry Wine; Good Black Ink
Obviating Syrup; Chill Fever & Ague
Clapp; For Another Neuralgia & pain in the head
Itch Ointment; Plaster; Fever Sore
Clap or Gohnorroea
Phymosis; Paraphymosis; Pain Killer