Where People Get Stuck

Guests: Doug Sharp and Rich Geer

Description: It is a tragedy that people will abandon their faith in God because of what they have been taught in science classes.

Geology textbooks will map out the history of the world using the geologic column identifying layers of rock strata and giving them names of eras, periods, and epochs. They assign ages to these based upon the fossils they find in each of them, but they also date the fossils based upon the strata where they are found. The trouble is that very few places in the world exhibit this sequence even partially and though there is a general order found, there are strata missing or even in the wrong order.

Those who read the geology textbooks are under the impression that the dates given are accurately determined by a scientific method, yet very rarely is raw data documented that tells you how they arrived at those dates. If someone hands you an ammonite fossil and tells you that it is between 65 and 240 million years old, there is no physical evidence on it that will help you determine that age other than the fact that it is found in the same rock layer with other similar fossils.
Because these deep time dates conflict with the straightforward reading of Genesis in the Bible, they are quick to accept compromise theories or abandon the Bible as being credible. There have been severe historic consequences that have taken place as a result.

Where People Get Stuck


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