Peace is a tremendous advantage in being a Christian. It is knowing that the Bible is internally consistent. Peace is an eternal perspective, knowing that God is in control, that we are a child of the King and our ultimate destination is heaven. Think of moments that encourage peace, like your times on a still lake with the mist rising up, a walk in the woods and listening to the birds singing their songs. Pursue them more frequently. Evolution cannot explain peace. It is opposite of the survival of the fittest. Altruism, giving, speaking encouraging words and blessing other people all bring peace and depend upong God as our supply, enough where we can share with others. Peace is allowing the Lord to fight for you, holding your peace in the midst of strife. Jesus became our peace offering. If someone smashes your car and you decide to forgive them, who pays for the repair? You do. That’s what Jesus did. He took the penalty for the damage you have done with sin. Who brings peace? The Holy Spirit. Enemies of peace: confusion, anger, bitterness, accusation, envy, jealousy, unforgiveness, replay, selfishness, fear, guilt, shame, lying and hatred. If you want peace, purge yourself of these. If you find that difficult, ask God for help.


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