Evidence is that time is short, not only for those of us who have reached retirement age, but for all of us. A faithful member of the Revolution Against Evolution TV crew, Dave Page, passed into eternity recently, and this gives us all cause to consider our own mortality and where we are going. With the corona virus pandemic bringing chaos to the world, this brings us back to the basics and we need to consider how God made us,and what His purpose is for us on the earth. That is to resolve just one question. Do we still want to pursue our own way, or do we want to accept Him as Lord and follow His ways? Do we want to believe His word in Psalm 91 where He offers protection from pestilence and plague? There are two possibilities why sickness and disease exist. One is that viruses and bacteria were originally created for major functions in life, but some of them have been corrupted by mutations. The other is that at times God allows plague in order to call our attention to areas we need to correct. Our body is made up of a four-dimensional computer code that manufactures all of the components needed for living and we cannot explain its existence without appealing to a supernatural intelligence that created it. We also need to be aware of the danger of the enemy of our soul who is able to manipulate God’s creation to create disease.


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