Dr. Grady McMurtry shares his story of inquiry into truth as a scientist that led him from a belief in evolution as a teacher to discover the truth of Christianity. He then questioned evolution and found it a house of cards. Dr. Grady talks about unique design in plants and how they are interdependent upon insects for pollination. We talked about the dinosaur tree, the Wollemi Pine, that was abundant during the time of the dinosaurs, yet was found in Australia and grows in various places today. Design involves mathematics and Derek Marshall explains how plants exhibit the creation function spiral, the fibronacci series, and the golden ratio. God’s design is exhibited in full and partial metamorphosis where a caterpiller turns to jelly in a chrysalis and emerges as a moth or butterfly. A challenge to evolution is for a synthetic chemist to produce a pill that you plant in the ground, absorbs nutrients and grows to be a plant where it produces seeds like it.


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