We have made quite a number of trips to the Grand Canyon since the first one in 1999, but there are always new things to learn. There are two competing creationist models for the formation of the Grand Canyon, but they are quite similar. Dr. Stephen Austin proposed a breached dam that came from post flood lakes behind the canyon in the Navajo land. Michael Oard believes that sheet runoff after the flood caused a channel to be carved through the mountain. At the great unconformity near the bottom of the canyon, the bottom layers are tilted, then planed off smooth, and new layers deposited on top. The Devonian Temple Butte formation appears in some places, but in one place on the North Kaibab Trail, it is missing and the layers above and below are interbedded. In Sedona, the layers that appear at the Grand Canyon are 1,000 feet lower and the Schnebly Hill formation that forms the red rocks there is missing at the Grand Canyon. All of these anomalies are better explained in a catastrophic world-wide flood model.


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