Writing both in French and English, Paul Gosselin is an independent researcher specializing in ideologies, belief systems and religions. He holds a Masters in Social Anthropology and is the author of the French book, Hors du ghetto (on culture and the arts). His Flight From the Absolute series involved years of investigation into Western ideologies and belief systems, in particular, postmodernism. Gosselin has been known to make his own pizza and boeuf braisé from time to time… He has lived in Nova Scotia, California, Vancouver Island, Hull QC and currently resides in Quebec City. Paul discusses on Revolution Against Evolution the puzzle of postmodernism as the predominant philosophy in our culture. It has no rational basis, as it is a rejection of the Enlightenment concept of science as Truth as well as the Christianity as a basis for morality. It is a self-centered religion where truth is relative to a person’s whims and emotions.


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