Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI, explains where his faith in the God of the Bible comes from. He credits Billy Graham for causing him to make his decision of faith, but it was his scientific mind that caused him to firmly decide that the origin of life by evolution does not make sense. He finds that it is incredible that people believe that intelligence found even in slime molds is what is ultimately responsible for the intelligence found in human beings.What transpired to cause the 400 cc brain size of a chimp to increase to the average size of the human brain at 1260 cc? He also explains that the current technology of the FONAR MRI built by his company is superior to most MRI scanners currently used in hospitals. The Stand-Up MRI as it is called, uses a new magnet technology that does not require it to be supercooled. Therefore it is less bulky and can scan a person in any position. It also take MRI movies of tissue and flow of fluid. It is being used to diagnose brain disease as well as cancer. This new technology is not available in Michigan yet, but it is an amazing opportunity for investors who want to make a difference in health care.


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