Mike Nolan explains that atheism has been out of fashion for quite some time, and though Christians have recently been addressing the arguments of pure atheism successfully, the scenario has shifted quite a bit. The current environment is a mixture of postmodernism, paganism, cults, and other forms of rebellion against God though in many forms appearing like spirituality. Mike takes us on a discovery of the history of atheism starting with the French philosophers who were seeking to divest themselves of the monarchy who held dual political and ecclesiastical power. They figured that the church was devoid of the truth, and they sought to replace it with a morality that was based upon scientific and practical reasoning. This led to the geology of Hutton and Lyell, Marxism and Darwinism. It is obvious now that the science no longer supports these systems of reasoning, but that leads to a different strategy of questioning the existence of truth, adoption of different gods, and defining spirituality in terms palatable to those who aren’t very interested in following the God of the Bible. Understanding these new complications adds to the challenge of addressing today’s worldviews.


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