An article posted in Snopes by a Scottish chemistry professor claims that creationism is a dangerous cult conspiracy theory. But the article is poorly written and uses ad-hominem arguments against creationists. Dr. Jerry Bergman and Kerby Rials are guests on this show. Dr. Bergman is a scientist with 9 earned degrees, and an author of 60 books and thousands of carefully researched articles. In his publications he cites hundreds of pages of scientific research that backs up the creationist worldview. But in this Snopes article, which supposedly is out to expose the truth, does not cite any scientific research to back up the claim that creationism is a conspiracy theory. Instead, it talks about evolutionary icons that have long been refuted such as gill slits, Haeckel’s embryo drawings, peppered moths, Piltdown man and the fact that these have been exposed as frauds, yet the article does not offer any examples of scientific evidence that backs up evolution as being true.


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