The Natural Logarithm that is used to model the world around us was discovered by diligent scientists studying the fields of finance, mathematics, physics, chemistry. In science, we observe an orderly universe with periodicity and systems which obey laws, all of which we can express mathematically. We begin with a non-technical explanation of the who, what, where, when, and why of “e”, the natural logarithmic base. As we read in the Bible, God gave Israel the Law, but when they began to add to what God had given, the Law became mired in the traditions of men. Similarly, the good laws of nature put into being by the spoken Word of God have been annexed with transcendentalism and concepts of irrationality. We give a few examples of how “e” is currently defined in mathematics, and how some of these definitions have somewhat distorted the true natural logarithmic base we observe in
Nature.There are examples of “e” approximated in the Bible, including one example of how “e” could have come to exist during the Genesis Creation Account. The presence of these Biblical examples makes it plausible that “e” was indeed invented by God for man to discover and use, but not to idolize.


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