Dr. Hale’s Home Remedy and Recipe Book (Index 2)

This unique handwritten book was found in a collection of books left to me by my grandmother.  The book refers to J. H. Hale, Lucy H. Hale in Cass County, Michigan, and also Wallace A. Hale, Fannie E. Hale and B. F. Hale, Ann Arbor Michigan. There is a date in it of Aug. 17, 1846 concerning a rental agreement of $35.00 per year between Philip Wears and B. F. Hale. Like many script books of this era, it reflected the life of the individuals who used this book for their livelihood. An archivist from Michigan State University told me that because this book would have been almost used daily by this doctor, it is rare to find one in this condition. It is likely this book came from the lumberman’s house in Lewiston my grandmother owned years ago.

I am interested if anyone knows who the people are in this book, and it would also be interesting to have a doctor evaluate some of these cures. Some of them seem quite nasty, poisonous, or painful.

NOTE: The spelling below is the way it appears in the book. Recipes of particular interest are highlighted in bold. Index Number 1  Index Number 3

Hale’s best linement; Eye Matter Gonnorhoea
Tooth Ache; My best linament; Neuralgia For Tape Worm; Plaster for Tape Worm; Excellent Cologne Watter; Carminature or Infant Cordial
Cancer Plaster Worms – a good vermafuge; Cough Med
Diptheria; Rheumatic Liniament Lip Salve; For Cough; Eye Wash; To remove films; Sticking Salve
Itch Ointment; Fit Drops for Epilepsy; Healing Salve Dr. Hale’s Cholera Syrup; Black Linneament
Blue Cohush – its properties and uses; Cough Balsam; Fir Balsam Pomade for restoring the hair; Nervine and Carminitive Balsam
Linneament; Cough Powders Conklins Salve; Lord’s Salve; Cholera drops; For infection in Leucorrhoea Gonnorrhea
Worm Lozenges Pain Killer
Rheumatic Linneament; For the lungs Cough Colyrium or Eye Matter; Diarrhoea Colera morbus
Cholera Med; Grand Ague Med; Cornes Salt-Rhume Ointment; Emmenagogue
Black Salve; Cologn Water Spice Bitters; Cutaneuous Cancers; Comp tinct Camphor
Green Salve – Good; Sweet tinct Rheubarb; Lucys last cough med Pery Davises Pain Killer; Kitridge nerve Ointment; Bone Linneament
Hydrophobia; Diarrhoea; Annother Scrofula Pill; Com tinct Camphor Rheumatic Drops or Pain Killer
Allerative for C Harts little child; Dr. Hale’s stomach bitters or cordial Chill Blains; Dr. Allens Cholera Suryp
Dr. Hale’s Sameritan Lineament Comp Ointment Phamonium; Compound Wine of Comfry
Mother’s very exelent med for pain in bowels and stomach; Discutient Ointment Flowers benzian jr Syrup; Nerve and Bone Linneament
Spasmodic Hackts; Syrup for the lungs Dyspeptic Powders; Cutaneous Ointment
Dysmenorrhea or painful Menstration Lavendar Matter; Rosemary Mix; Palpitations
Dr. Hale’s best and last liver pills; Cough Medicine Bitters; Ointment for the eye; Cough Drops
Dysenteric Med Cordial; Ague Pills, My Last Cough Drops; Cough Powders
White Liquid Physic; Powerful nerveine;Gonerrhoea Infection For Cholera, Cholera Morbouse; Plaster; Linneament for People
Gonorrhoea; Bleeding of the lungs; Fever Sores Sure cure for Hydrophobia; Cornes; For Piles
Stomach Cordial; Eruption on the face Hellenium Balsam; For Neuralgia
Liver Powders; Liver Drops Cholera Med; Keitridge Nerve Ointment;To Prepare Soap; Female Weakness
Simple Cerate; Rheumatic Tinet Salve; Rheumatism Tinct
Rheumatism; Linneament for Sprains, Bruses Strains, Rheumatism, Neuralgia and for all the cases where a linneament can be useful; Vermafuge Kitredge’s Ointment; For dysintery Dyarrehoea
Cement for Cistens; Godrey’s Cordial; Wallace’s Cough Medicine
Quinzy; Cologne; Remedy called Cureall