If you are on a long trip and all of a sudden you realize that you are on the wrong road, no matter how much you out of your way, you take the next exit, turn around, and go back to the spot where you got misdirected and then continue on your way. So it is with your spiritual life. There are many signposts on the reprobate road, and as you are traveling on your spiritual path and you start seeing these signs, it is time to make a decision to turn around (repent) and figure out how you got on the wrong path, determine the next move, and then start again on the strait path, the narrow way, to eternal life. These signposts are evident in Romans chapter 1.

The first is verse 16, being ashamed of the gospel.

The second, verse 17, is doubt.

The third, verse 18 and 19, is knowing what the truth is but hating it.

Verse 20, by knowing God’s creation, you have no excuse.

Verse 21, vain imaginations and a dark heart.

Verse 22, foolish thinking but being deceived that it is wisdom.

Verse 23, worshiping the things you make.

Verse 24, lusts.

Verse 25, changing the truth into a lie and serving nature, not God.

Verse 26-27, sexual perversion.

Verse 28, removing God from your knowledge.

The results are dire consequences laid out in the rest of the chapter of Romans 1.

By Douglas Sharp

Author of Revolution Against Evolution, Persuaded by the Evidence, Transformed by the Evidence. Producer of Revolution Against Evolution TV Show.

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