Thermodynamics and Genetic Entropy

The second law of thermodynamics prevents the creation of perpetual motion machines and it is also a major complication for the theory of evolution. Dr. John Sanford points out that there is an additional layer on top of that he calls “genetic entropy” where the loss of information due to harmful mutations leads to a limit on the time life can continue to exist. At the rate of 300 deleterious mutations per generation it caused Dr. Kondrashov to ask the question, “Why aren’t we dead 100 times over?” Unless an energy conversion mechanism exists, the sun’s energy speeds up entropy and cannot become a driving force for evolution.

Transition Trouble: Cold-Blooded to Warm-Blooded

Many features of life either exist or they don’t. A cold-blooded creature like a frog is far different from a warm-blooded animal like a giraffe. Some time in a supposed evolutionary development a cold-blooded reptile switched over to being warm-blooded. Other examples: non-life to life, gills to lungs, non-flying to flying, mammals to whales, and special valves in the neck of the giraffe.

Did God use 200-bit Encryption when Creating Life?

Derek Marshall explains that there is evidence of design in that the biological molecules of earth are formed from 5-6 elements from the 3rd period of the periodic table creating a digital combination lock, a form of encryption. The chemical space created by this encryption is a possible 10 to the 60th power of possible organic compounds under 500 Daltons. Derek’s model shows that generation of the larger amino acids of the 20 that are used by life are not probable under origin of life experiments.

The Great Freeze After the Flood
The Ice Age is postulated to have occurred shortly after Noah’s flood, caused by weather patterns set up from warm oceans after the flood piling up snow in the interiors of the continents but causing temperate climates at the edges of the continents. Climate changes occurring while the earth was drying out accounts for features of geomorphology like drumlins, kames, eskers, moraines to be left behind by glaciation.


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