Dan Janzen, as a missionary in South Sudan, observes that non-government agencies such as relief organizations, however well-intentioned, can intensify problems in a developing country by giving handouts. They believe that trying to improve the environment will result in a natural tendency toward the good. The opposite is true, people become dependent upon the relief efforts and become lazy, unable to extricate themselves out of theis dependent mode. This is another evolutionary mindset that has gone wrong.

Origin of Feces
Harold Johnson brings the dinosaur fossils he found while working as a search and rescue deputy sheriff in Grand Junction, Colorado. Fossilized dinosaur dung is called coprolite, and his chunk is quite large. He also has dinosaur skin and a fossil tooth. The explanation for dinosaurs from a biblical perspective is discussed.

How Do You Measure and Define Beauty?
Beauty is a spiritual quality, and it is something that is difficult to measure and define scientifically. Some of the limitations of science are in the areas where the spiritual is dominant such as in the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. Beauty is often measured using the Golden Ratio where the porportion of sizes seem to fit a pattern. Symmetry, perspective, color also appeal to the eye, but most often when the surroundings mimic the natural world, there is beauty.
The Witch Trials of the Holy Roman Empire
During the Little Ice Age in the 1600’s and 1700’s the population of Germany was looking to the Prince Bishops who presided over Bamberg and Wurzburg for answers why disease famine and crop failure was occurring. They finally decided that witchcraft was responsible, and demanded that they do something. This created a mass hysteria where people were tortured to confess to witchcraft and told to name others who were involved. Almost 1,000 people in these two cities were tortured, beheaded and burned at the stake. This is an example of theology gone wrong.

What Happens Inside the Chrysalis?
The life cycle of the butterfly goes through four stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and adult. The origin of this seemingly Rube Goldberg process is inexplicable from an evolutionary scenario. Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar turns into a jelly of undifferentiated cells. Then, they all begin to diversify and assume their role as parts of the adult butterfly.

Feathered Dinosaurs
Claims of fossil finds with feather imprints on dinosaurs have been investigated by several scientists whose detailed studies concluded that the fibers found were that of collagen. Other scientists dispute this, including some creationists who point out that even if dinosaurs with feathers are found, that is not conclusive evidences that birds evolved from reptiles. They just would be another created baramin or kind.
Ever since Darwin declared the tonsils to be a rudimentary or useless organ, doctors have routinely removed them as a preventive measure against colds. In the 1930’s to 1950’s, half of all children had that procedure done as a matter of course. But now the removal of tonsils is associated with all kinds of risks and diseases and nowadays the medical community discourages the removal of tonsils except only in extreme emergencies.
4.7 Billion Years is Not Enough Time to Create Life
Derek Marshall discovers a new perspective on the origin of life experiments where he reviews the results and finds that the amino acids of higher molecular weight and complexity were not found. He finds a reason for this and explains that this in of itself is reason to believe that evolution of life from non-life is impossible within the deep time constraints evolutionists give.
Is the Appendix Useless?
One of the central claims of evolution is that as life went through its progression of development, some of the organs and features began to lose their original function and became vestigial organs. The appendix is one of these that in the past was considered to be such, but now these functions are known. Dr. Jerry Bergman documents this in his book Useless Organs. This argument has fallen by the wayside.

The Left Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve: a Poor Design?
The left recurrent laryngeal nerve proceeds from the brain down the spine, goes around the aorta and then is routed back up to the larynx. This is cited as an example of poor design by Richard Dawkins and was one of the things that convinced him that living things are just a collection of evolutionary mistakes. But I issue a challenge to Dawkins to surgically reroute this nerve, shorten it and as a result improve a person’s speech and voice.

The Human Eye: A Poor Design?
The claim made by evolutionists that the eye is poorly designed is irresponsible, and reflects a lack of understanding of basic biology. Their argument is that the retina is backwards of what is expected with the photoreceptors pointing away from the source of light. But if you examine closely what actually goes on in the eye, the photoreceptors are in a spot where cells are replaced rapidly, and need to be near the blood vessels where nutrients are supplied and waste cells are carried away. If they were in the place evolutionists say they should be, light would be blocked by the red blood cells. These claims are a deception and need to be exposed.

A new fossil found in Peru called Peregocetus is much more like an otter than a whale. It is interesting that in an attempt to prove evolution, paleontologists line up fossil creatures in a sequence much like aligning silverware in a sequence from forks to spoons. The incredible number of changes needed to evolve a whale from a land mammal defies credibility.

Michigan’s Geology tells a story of how sediment was laid down during the flood of Noah in a circular pattern in a basin. It was sheared off with flood runoff and then glaciated. The idea of uniformitarianism was used by Charles Lyell to estimate the age of the Niagara Falls by extrapolating the rate of erosion found in the present to come up with a time scale. This time scale is disproven by historical records, yet it is used as a foundation for evolutionary age estimates.

Derek Marshall shows that the Bible exhibits the use of fibonacci numbers and that is also reflected in life. The fibonacci series is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, 233, (377) and each number adds to the previous to get the next number. This pattern is found throughout life and in the orders given by God to build the ark and the temple. Dr. Don DeYoung shows the use of the fibonacci series in the way leaves are arranged on trees in a Math Matters article.


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