There seems to always be a need for an easy-to-read general purpose creationist book targeted toward high school students that is up to date. In 1986, the first edition of Revolution Against Evolution was published and 2,500 copies were distributed, though it was initially designed for a Bible Training Institute class. It was reprinted in 1993 and in 2013 it was updated and made into an e-book. Now, we have re-edited this book and brought it up to date with the current creationist research. Most of the arguments presented in the original book remain effective, and speculations originally made have been confirmed with more thorough research and visits to the sites mentioned in the original. The new version will sell for $9.95 plus shipping and the chapter titles are:
Order from Disorder
Historical Geology and Fault-Finding
Early Man
Animals that Could not have Evolved
Proteins, DNA and the Cell
Which Model is Best?
The Stars and Planets
Evidence Versus Myths
Issues and Answers


Evolutionists use radiometric dating methods to justify their claims of deep time. But are the results accurate? Charlie Wolcott explains the assumptions of radiometric dating and analyzes the exponential decay function which is the primary equation that is used to derive the age of the earth and the rock layers in the geologic column. The assumptions with the decay equation are:

  1. Known initial amount of parent isotope
  2. Known initial amount of daughter isotope
  3. Constant decay rate (nothing can alter the rate of decay)
  4. Closed system (can’t have isotopes leaching in or out)
  5. Homogeneity (uniform distribution).
    There are problems with each of these assumptions. For example, the rate of decay is something that the laboratory only measures for 30 minutes of a half-life, which for Uranium 238 is 0.0000000000000127%. There is no way that this verifies that the decay rate over 4.5 billion years is constant. The initial amounts of parent and daughter elements are assumed, not measured. And differential leaching of isotopes is a real possibility. Charlie shows that radiometric dating isn’t scientific, but agenda driven, and proposes several tests that can be done to show that.


Dan and Teresa Janzen are missionaries to the country of South Sudan. In our interview with them, they talk about the extreme conditions in the country that make it difficult to help the people, and the efforts of non-government charitable organizations to bring relief are often fraught with misconceptions and political agendas that make it difficult for the aid to reach the people who need it the most. Dan and Teresa talk about Christian-based teaching that causes people to learn how to plant crops, farm, and create income rather than moving to the cities where aid is handed out but there is no human dignity or future.


Mike Nolan explains that atheism has been out of fashion for quite some time, and though Christians have recently been addressing the arguments of pure atheism successfully, the scenario has shifted quite a bit. The current environment is a mixture of postmodernism, paganism, cults, and other forms of rebellion against God though in many forms appearing like spirituality. Mike takes us on a discovery of the history of atheism starting with the French philosophers who were seeking to divest themselves of the monarchy who held dual political and ecclesiastical power. They figured that the church was devoid of the truth, and they sought to replace it with a morality that was based upon scientific and practical reasoning. This led to the geology of Hutton and Lyell, Marxism and Darwinism. It is obvious now that the science no longer supports these systems of reasoning, but that leads to a different strategy of questioning the existence of truth, adoption of different gods, and defining spirituality in terms palatable to those who aren’t very interested in following the God of the Bible. Understanding these new complications adds to the challenge of addressing today’s worldviews.


Dr. Mike Nolan describes his experiences in graduate school that started him on a search for an explanation for what he saw in all of the complex rules and equations he learned in quantum chemistry class. There, he was compelled to understand principles like Schroedinger’s equation that defined the wave orbital structure of electrons about the nucleus of an atom. He deduced that the world is governed by these interrelated rules, and they must have come from some higher intelligence that would have assembled it. He decided to revisit the Bible and found that the message it delivers was quite different from the storybook tales he heard as a boy in Sunday School. The Bible describes real people with flaws, faults and sins that lead to consequences, and he found that the God of the Bible not only provides a remedy for this but also reasonable explanation for the orderly nature of the world we see around us.


Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI, explains the new technology of the Stand-Up MRI produced exclusively by his company FONAR, and the research that this enables. He believes that he has discovered the cause of the family of brain diseases that include Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). With the Stand-Up MRI, it is possible to scan a person in any position and not only take high-resolution scans, but acutally take MRI movies as fluid flows in the body. His research, conducted with chiropractor Dr. Scott Rosa, identifies the formation of lesions in the brain caused by the backup of cerebral spinal fluid. Misalignment of the top two verterbra in the spine restricts the flow of this fluid. Like the circulatory system and lymphatic system, 32 quarts of this liquid flows from the brain to the bottom of the spinal cord and back every day. Injuries to this part of the spinal column causing misalignment can be corrected by a specialized chiropractic adjustment. It is possible to measure the amount of restricted flow, identify the misalignment, and detect the progress of healing through MRI scans. Multiple directed MRI scans are now being used to monitor the progress of cancer treatment and discover if the treatment being used is effective. This technology is attractive to investors. FONAR holds all of the patents.


Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI, explains where his faith in the God of the Bible comes from. He credits Billy Graham for causing him to make his decision of faith, but it was his scientific mind that caused him to firmly decide that the origin of life by evolution does not make sense. He finds that it is incredible that people believe that intelligence found even in slime molds is what is ultimately responsible for the intelligence found in human beings.What transpired to cause the 400 cc brain size of a chimp to increase to the average size of the human brain at 1260 cc? He also explains that the current technology of the FONAR MRI built by his company is superior to most MRI scanners currently used in hospitals. The Stand-Up MRI as it is called, uses a new magnet technology that does not require it to be supercooled. Therefore it is less bulky and can scan a person in any position. It also take MRI movies of tissue and flow of fluid. It is being used to diagnose brain disease as well as cancer. This new technology is not available in Michigan yet, but it is an amazing opportunity for investors who want to make a difference in health care.


Assignment: Create Artificial Life

What Must I Do to be Saved?

Wildlife in South Africa

Time is Short – a Tribute to Dave Page



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