There seems to always be a need for an easy-to-read general purpose creationist book targeted toward high school students that is up to date. In 1986, the first edition of Revolution Against Evolution was published and 2,500 copies were distributed, though it was initially designed for a Bible Training Institute class. It was reprinted in 1993 and in 2013 it was updated and made into an e-book. Now, we have re-edited this book and brought it up to date with the current creationist research. Most of the arguments presented in the original book remain effective, and speculations originally made have been confirmed with more thorough research and visits to the sites mentioned in the original. The new version will sell for $9.95 plus shipping and the chapter titles are:
Order from Disorder
Historical Geology and Fault-Finding
Early Man
Animals that Could not have Evolved
Proteins, DNA and the Cell
Which Model is Best?
The Stars and Planets
Evidence Versus Myths
Issues and Answers


Jerry Bergman is the author of over 60 books, and two of his new outstanding volumes are called Poor Design and Useless Organs. These books are the result of over 50 years of research into these outmoded arguments by evolutionists, and each of the examples that have been brought out have been answered, showing the purpose of the design of each structure in the human body. The fact that some show over-design and redundancy is not an argument against design. They argue that the intestines are vestiges of when we walked on all fours and that some of the troubles we have are the result of random design. That is far from being the case.


Writing both in French and English, Paul Gosselin is an independent researcher specializing in ideologies, belief systems and religions. He holds a Masters in Social Anthropology and is the author of the French book, Hors du ghetto (on culture and the arts). His Flight From the Absolute series involved years of investigation into Western ideologies and belief systems, in particular, postmodernism. Gosselin has been known to make his own pizza and boeuf braisé from time to time… He has lived in Nova Scotia, California, Vancouver Island, Hull QC and currently resides in Quebec City. Paul discusses on Revolution Against Evolution the puzzle of postmodernism as the predominant philosophy in our culture. It has no rational basis, as it is a rejection of the Enlightenment concept of science as Truth as well as the Christianity as a basis for morality. It is a self-centered religion where truth is relative to a person’s whims and emotions.

L’Occident est à l’heure des confrontations. Confrontations extérieures comme celle avec l’islam, qui fait entendre sa voix sur la scène internationale, et confrontations intérieures, où des concepts sociaux et moraux millénaires sont contestés, marginalisés ou redéfinis. Au milieu de cette crise, l’Occident tente de redéfinir son identité. L’anthropologue sur le terrain, est guidé par le principe que chaque
culture s’enracine dans une vision du monde qui forme et influence non seulement ses rites et ses mythes mais aussi son système éthique, ses moyens d’expression culturels, sa science, son système politique et juridique. Si un système idéologico-religieux constitue alors l’infrastructure de toute civilisation, il est utile de poser la question : qu’est-ce qui constitue la religion de l’Occident au XXIe siècle? Quelles sont ses institutions, ses rites, ses mythes d’origine, ses apôtres, ses fidèles, ses
initiations ? Si, autrefois, la morale était établie par des autorités religieuses traditionnelles, qui remplace ces acteurs dans le contexte postmoderne? Quelle sera leur influence sur les questions de l’heure en santé en biotechnologies, dans le rapport de l’homme avec l’équilibre planétaire, l’environnement et la faune, ou par rapport à la place de l’intelligence artificielle ? Fuite de l’Absolu tente donc d’examiner ces questions, plus ou moins licites, pour regarder au coeur de notre génération. Qu’y trouverons-nous?


This is an interview with Kancherla Sirish, a school teacher in India who describes the importance of the Biblical message of creation to Christianity in India. Christians form a very small minority in India, and face some unique challenges in their culture in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ. The majority of people in India are Hindu, and another minority religion is Islam. Hindus serve many different gods, and to them Jesus Christ is just one other god to add to the pantheon of gods they serve. In addition, they believe that theirs is the oldest religion going back many eons in time, and to them the evolutionary worldview is compatible with their Hindu religion. Sirish is instead teaching the Biblical model of creation and found support and comfort in the Revolution Against Evolution book that was sent to him in 2004.


We have made quite a number of trips to the Grand Canyon since the first one in 1999, but there are always new things to learn. There are two competing creationist models for the formation of the Grand Canyon, but they are quite similar. Dr. Stephen Austin proposed a breached dam that came from post flood lakes behind the canyon in the Navajo land. Michael Oard believes that sheet runoff after the flood caused a channel to be carved through the mountain. At the great unconformity near the bottom of the canyon, the bottom layers are tilted, then planed off smooth, and new layers deposited on top. The Devonian Temple Butte formation appears in some places, but in one place on the North Kaibab Trail, it is missing and the layers above and below are interbedded. In Sedona, the layers that appear at the Grand Canyon are 1,000 feet lower and the Schnebly Hill formation that forms the red rocks there is missing at the Grand Canyon. All of these anomalies are better explained in a catastrophic world-wide flood model.


Steven Craig Policastro is president of the International Association for Creation, and he is organizing local creation groups to provide tours of local state and national museums from a creation perspective. This is becoming a very successful use of the educational materials provided to us through our tax dollars, and though our point of view differs from what is normally presented in these museums, he has not received much opposition to his tours. He has, however, prepared a statement that he will give to people who challenge his right to do so.


Carved in Stone is Timothy Clarey’s March 2020 book release, and it is a massive, beautiful work outlining his case for Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, also known as CPT. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics is one of several creationist flood models that we describe in our updated book Revolution Against Evolution, and in our recently released version, we discuss CPT along with the hydroplate model, vertical tectonics, meteorite bombardment, the water vapor canopy theory, and the curious mention in Genesis of the division in the days of Peleg. All of these are discussed in Timothy’s book and is well worth the investment to read.


Assignment: Create Artificial Life

What Must I Do to be Saved?

Wildlife in South Africa

Time is Short – a Tribute to Dave Page



God’s Creation is Pure Joy!

» Masoretic Text versus Septuagint

» Supernatural – But Not God

» Thermodynamics and Genetic Entropy

» Transition Trouble: Cold-Blooded to Warm-Blooded

» Did God use 200-bit Encryption when Creating Life?

» The Great Freeze After the Flood

» The Cambrian Explosion with Kerby Rials

» Neuropathy – Is a Cure Possible?

» The Deep Time Deception by Michael Oard

» Operation

» Do We Pay a Price for Walking Upright?

» The Amazing Circulatory System

» Big Lies Shouldn’t be that Hard to Detect

» Atheism and the Origin of Life





» Origin of Feces

» How Do You Measure and Define Beauty?

» The Witch Trials of the Holy Roman Empire

» What Happens Inside the Chrysalis?

» Feathered Dinosaurs

» Tonsils

» 4.7 Billion Years is Not Enough Time to Create Life

» Is the Appendix Useless?

» The Left Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve: A Poor Design?

» The Human Eye: A Poor Design?

» Whale Evolution Sinks to a New Low

» Michigan’s Geology

» The Western Book of the Dead

» Walking in the Spirit or Walking in the Weird

» A Thousand Gods to Choose From

» Vestigial Organs are Fully Functional

» Genealogy Back to Noah

» Art that Reflects a Lost Culture

» DeBunked!

» Petroglyphs

» Would it had been Better if I had Never Been Born?

» Don’t let your Geology Mess up your Theology

» A More Excellent Way to be in Health with Pete Stoughton

» Appalachian Trail Magic

» Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview

»Lenski’s e-Coli Experiment

»Atheistic Spirituality

»Dysfunctional Apologetics

»Origin Summit at Michigan State University

»Seasick Elephants and Sloshing Manure

»Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age

»Highlights of the CRS Conference

»Wupatki Adventure

»Applying Eliminative Induction to Biosphere Origin Theories

»The Extra-Terrestrial Search for the Origin of Homochirality

»The Molecular Clock Fails

»Thinking Within a Biblical Creation Model in Biology

»Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones – The Mark Armitage Case

»The Galapagos Islands

»Darwin’s Difficulties

»The Problem of Flight Evolution

»Arizona National Monuments

»Excuses at the Great White Throne

»The Search for Noah’s Ark and Rules of Logic

»Colombian Culture

»Postmodern Art & Evolution Worldview

»Chiricahua National Monument

»Arizona Origins Science Association

»AzOSA Scientists Larry Kisner and David Oberpriller

»The Dark Side of the IQ Test

»Why do People Choose Atheism?

»Antarctica and Easter Island

»Why Doesn’t the Church Provide Answers?


»Unraveling the Origins Controversy

»Rocks Aren’t Clocks

»Creature Features

»Our Immune System

»Psycho-Ceramics: Crackpots

»God: The Artist

»Evolution and the Culture of Death

»Glorious Michigan


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