There seems to always be a need for an easy-to-read general purpose creationist book targeted toward high school students that is up to date. In 1986, the first edition of Revolution Against Evolution was published and 2,500 copies were distributed, though it was initially designed for a Bible Training Institute class. It was reprinted in 1993 and in 2013 it was updated and made into an e-book. Now, we have re-edited this book and brought it up to date with the current creationist research. Most of the arguments presented in the original book remain effective, and speculations originally made have been confirmed with more thorough research and visits to the sites mentioned in the original. The new version will sell for $9.95 plus shipping and the chapter titles are:
Order from Disorder
Historical Geology and Fault-Finding
Early Man
Animals that Could not have Evolved
Proteins, DNA and the Cell
Which Model is Best?
The Stars and Planets
Evidence Versus Myths
Issues and Answers


Ever since Doug found this old book in his grandmother’s attic, it has been a personal project for him to preserve it and eventually publish it. Now, about 30 years later, he finally found enough resources for him to do it. This handwritten doctor’s handbook contains 361 recipts for pills, potions, remedies, liniment, puddings, spruce beer, ginger beer, mead, ice cream, and salves, written between 1844 and 1863. Some of the ingredients are written in code, and the book uses the old English apothecary system of weights and measures in common use until 1864. At that time, there were 12 ounces to a pound, 96 drachms to a pound, 288 scruples to a pound, and 5760 grains to a pound. This give a picture of the type of medicine and science used at the time of Darwin, and how much has changed in that field since them.




This sympathetic, balanced, well-documented history of the United Methodist Church (UMC) reveals the development of the Methodist Church leadership’s progressive acceptance of Darwinism and all the racist and atheistic baggage that goes with it. The history of the UMC in America was also reviewed and the reasons why it rapidly became the largest Protestant denomination in our country, spreading its theology throughout the entire continental United States. It was especially effective in rural America which was not served by many of the major denominations before the 20th century. It pioneered the circuit rider clergy system enabling the gospel to be preached throughout the United States for the first century and a half of America’s independence. The UMC also was a leader in establishing colleges and universities through the United States, many of which are today academic leaders of higher education.
Professor Bergman’s review covers the early 1800s to the present, focusing on the rapid spread of Darwin’s ideas after 1859. It documents the fact that the average members, and much of the UMC literature, accepts the broad view that God is the creator of life, and this fact can be seen in both surveys of members and reviews of the literature intended for laypersons. An entire chapter covers evolution, defining in detail what this worldview of the natural world entails, and the evidence for it. He relies on the leading cosmologists and evolutionists to cover the field authoritatively and accurately.
Also covered is the UMC past support of slavery and eugenics, both now recognized as major mistakes for which the church has formally apologized. A major problem that was documented is its tendency to conform to society’s fads in an effort to be acceptable to society’s leaders. Both well-informed supporters and critics of Darwinism are quoted in detail. It is shown that abandoning the core of Christianity will eventually be lethal for the church. The problem raised in this book is not unique to the UMC but plagues all of the major mainline Protestant churches, including the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran, the United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and even some Baptist churches.
The author, a multiple award-winning teacher and author, has taught science, including biochemistry, genetics, anatomy and physiology, at the college level for 45 years and is the author of over 50 books and 1,500 articles, mostly in peer-reviewed journals. So far, over 80,000 copies of the books and monographs that he has authored or co-authored are in print. Bergman’s writings are also in over 1,600 college libraries in 34 countries. He is a Sunday school teacher and lay speaker in the Methodist Church where he has attended since he married his wife, Dianne, 35 years ago. He has also spoken over 2,000 times to college, university, and church groups in America, Canada, Europe, the South Sea Islands, and Africa. A major area of interest for him is the creation-evolution issue, the topic of many of his publications, including his popular monograph Teaching About the Creation/Evolution Controversy published by the Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation.


The question of whether or not to get the COVID-19 vaccine is one that every Christian needs to weigh the evidence on both sides and make an intelligent decision. There are people who we highly respect that have opposing opinions about the vaccines available and in this program we have attempted to fairly present both sides of the arguments. Dr. Robert Carter and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati are scientists with the Creation Ministries International who have an excellent article and videos about this and argues for the vaccine. A primary anti-vaccination source is Dr. Andrew Wakefield who was the one who links vaccinations with autism. We discuss the success of vaccines in the past for smallpox, rabies, polio, rubella, mumps, tetanus, and how the RNA vaccines currently approved for market are similar and different. We also discuss the objections to the vaccines from a moral standpoint and the claim that aborted fetal tissue was used in the testing and whether mercury or aluminum is used as adjuvants. The messenger RNA vaccines are different and we discuss how they are developed, tested and administered.


Tom DeRosa is the founder of the Creation Discovery Museum in South Florida. Located in Deerfield Beach, near Fort Lauderdale, this museum features three major themes: Catastrophic Flood of Noah, the Ice Age and Dinosaurs. Many of the museum’s primary fossils come from the vast phosphate beds near Peace River near Arcata. Surprisingly for Florida, these creature are mostly assigned to the Ice Age. The museum is associated with Creation Studies Institute, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and Calvary Chapel. At CSI’s Museum you will:

Witness God’s amazing creatures – the dinosaurs – in fossil form and learn how they coexisted with man.

Walk through the Great Ice Age and touch the bones of one of the largest Columbian Mammoths that once roamed the earth.

Discover facts that present the case for creation and the evidence against evolution.


Linda Rusiecki and her friend hikes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and shares their photographs. At the bottom of the Grand Canyon are rock strata that appear to be vertical rather than horizontal. Many creation scientists believe that these rocks, the Vishnu Schist, are creation week rocks. They are vertical because they are metamorphic rocks with vertical faults. Doug and Rich explain evolutionary and creationist models for the formation of the Grand Canyon.


Is God fair when he allows judgment to fall upon His people? God told the prophet Ezekiel that he was to warn Israel that because they were following the gods of the nations around them and ignoring the statutes and laws that God provided, they would incur the consequences of their disobedience. Atheists accuse God of genocide, but God is simply giving the people what they ask. They do not want God to be involved in their lives, and because of that, He withdraws His hand of protection and blessing. Much of this applies to today’s society and we are repeating the mistakes of the Israelites.

WHO INVENTED “e”? GOD OR MAN? – Derek Marshall

The Natural Logarithm that is used to model the world around us was discovered by diligent scientists studying the fields of finance, mathematics, physics, chemistry. In science, we observe an orderly universe with periodicity and systems which obey laws, all of which we can express mathematically. We begin with a non-technical explanation of the who, what, where, when, and why of “e”, the natural logarithmic base. As we read in the Bible, God gave Israel the Law, but when they began to add to what God had given, the Law became mired in the traditions of men. Similarly, the good laws of nature put into being by the spoken Word of God have been annexed with transcendentalism and concepts of irrationality. We give a few examples of how “e” is currently defined in mathematics, and how some of these definitions have somewhat distorted the true natural logarithmic base we observe in Nature.There are examples of “e” approximated in the Bible, including one example of how “e” could have come to exist during the Genesis Creation Account. The presence of these Biblical examples makes it plausible that “e” was indeed invented by God for man to discover and use, but not to idolize.


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