2022-12-23Contradictory or Complimentary? Comparison of the Christmas stories between Matthew 1:1- 2:23 and Luke 2:1-39Richard GeerChristmas Stories
2021-05-08A Perspective on Our Mental Processes Versus Our Physical BrainDarryl SlettenBiology
2021-02-22Major Libraries that Include Books Authored by Jerry Bergman Ph.D.Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.Books
2017-09-24 Persuaded by the Evidence Chapter AbstractsDouglas B. Sharp
Dr. Jerry Bergman
Credibility of Creationists, Testimonies
2017-09-24Transformed by the Evidence Chapter AbstractsDouglas B. Sharp
Dr. Jerry Bergman
Credibility of Creationists, Testimonies
2017-10-10Video Interviews with Dr. Raymond Damadian and Dr. Scott RosaDouglas B. Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Raymond Damadian, Dr. Scott Rosa, Dr. Larry MinkoffCreationist Research, MRI, Cranio-cervical Syndrome
2018-11-01The Creation Function Web SiteDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry
2018-11-01The Creation Function Derek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry
2018-11-01Solomon's Molten SeaDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry
2018-11-01The Metal Statue in DanielDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry
2018-11-01Deconstructing Noah's ArkDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Noah's Ark
2018-11-01The Flying RollDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry
2018-11-01The Antediluvian EarthDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Noah's Ark
2018-11-01The Flood Wetting the ArkDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Noah's Ark
2018-11-01The Flood Drying the ArkDerek MarshallMathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Noah's Ark
2017-11-09Michigan Lumbering History, Lewiston and Hartwick PinesDouglas B. SharpHistory
2017-07-13 License to KillWill BrooksSocial Issues
2017-10-06Geology of the Destruction of Sodom and GomorrahKerby RialsGeology, History
New View of Gravity
Dr. D. Russell HumphreysAstronomy, Cosmology
2017-06-25The Modern Methodist Church Crisis ExaminedAnonymousSocial Issues
2014-11-11 Creation Science Fellowship - PittsburghRobert Ivey Top Creationist Organizations
2014-11-11 International Conference on CreationismRobert Ivey Top Creationist Organizations
2014-08-24 3000 Darwin SkepticsDr. Jerry BergmanApologetics,Credibility of Creationists
2014-08-24 The Law - Evidence for GodWill BrooksApologetics
2014-07-19 The Eden CosmologyDr. Robert HerrmannCosmology,Creation Models
2014-06-15 Northwest Science MuseumRick DeightonMuseums
2014-05-14 Defending the Christian FaithJohn G. LeslieApologetics,Archaeology,Personal Web Sites
1872-01-01Poems and Artwork by Edwin RandallEdwin RandallHistory, Michigan
2014-04-23 Adventures in CreationJim BurnsCreation Organizations,Expeditions,Personal Web Sites
2014-04-19 The Foolishness of Theistic Evolution ChristiansWill BrooksCreation Models
2014-03-25 Designed DNA web siteJeff TomkinsChemistry/Biochemistry
2014-03-25 Dr. Jay Wile's Personal Web SiteDr. Jay Wile Top Creationist Organizations,Chemistry/Biochemistry,Personal Web Sites
2014-03-20 Gravity Waves, the Big Bang and CreationismMichael MinkoffAstronomy,Cosmology
2014-03-18 Has Cosmic Inflation Been Proved?Dr. Danny FaulknerAstronomy,Cosmology
2014-03-18 Is Theology Poetry?C. S. LewisAnti-Evolution,Theology
2014-03-17 Cosmic Mythology: Exposing the Big Bang as Philosophy not ScienceJohn G. HartnettAstronomy,Cosmology,Creation Models,Personal Web Sites,Videos
2014-03-08 Why is there no creationist Isaac Netwon today?Salvador CordobaApologetics,Credibility of Creationists,Personal Web Sites,Theology
2014-03-08 Did God use Evolution to Create?Mark AmunrudCreation Models,Intelligent Design
2014-03-07 Bill Nye, the Uninformed Guy: Examining Nye's Claims in His Debate with Ken HamAshby CampApologetics,Credibility of Creationists,Science Education
2014-02-20 Response to Aaron P. Baldwin’s Amazon review of my book the Dark Side of DarwinDr. Jerry BergmanAnti-Evolution,Books,Early Man
2014-01-23 Crying Rocks Ministries - Guy ForsytheGuy Forsythe Top Creationist Organizations,Geology,Testimonies
2014-01-23 Tornado in a Junkyard - James PerloffJames Perloff Top Creationist Organizations
2014-01-23 Creation SummitMike Smith Top Creationist Organizations
2017-09-20 Revolution Against Evolution After 20 YearsDouglas B. SharpAnti-Evolution
2013-06-04 Living FossilsMark StewartBiology,Paleontology
2013-05-04 My Response to Sara Joan Miles' Review of the Dark Side of DarwinDr. Jerry BergmanAnti-Evolution,History
2012-11-19 Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian WorldviewKarl C. PriestBooks,History
2012-11-19 God's Secret Treasures (A Children's book)Mark HerrickBooks
2012-03-03 Outside Reviews of my Scholary WorkDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2012-03-03 The Claim that my Scholarship was DefectiveDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2011-10-08 Ian Juby's Creation-Evolution RantsIan Juby Top Creationist Organizations,Ian Juby's Rants,Videos
2011-10-08 Persuaded by the Evidence - the MovieIan Juby Top Creationist Organizations,Ian Juby's Rants,Videos
2011-09-23 EducationDan SchobertScience Education
2011-09-23 Hopeful Monsters?Stephen CaesarAnti-Evolution
2011-09-23 Is Malaria Evolving?Stephen CaesarAnti-Evolution
2011-09-23 Rapid Microevolution and Fitness CostStephen CaesarBiology
2011-09-23 The Texas Flood and Canyon FormationStephen CaesarGeology
2011-09-23 Hydrothermal Vents and the Origin of LifeStephen CaesarChemistry/Biochemistry
2010-05-17 The Skeptic's Guide to Intelligent DesignKerby RialsApologetics
2010-05-17 Creating Life from RNAStephen CaesarChemistry/Biochemistry
2010-05-17 New Doubts about Half-Life DatingStephen CaesarRadioisotope Dating
2010-05-17 Dating the Permian-Triassic ExtinctionStephen CaesarPaleontology
2010-05-17 Ramidus vs Orrorin AgainStephen CaesarEarly Man
2009-09-08 Does Bowling Green State University Discriminate Against Religion?Dr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Social Issues
2009-09-08 Blind Fish SeeStephen CaesarBiology
2009-09-08 A Successful Attempt to Close Down a College: Columbia Pacific UniversityDr. Jerry BergmanSchools that Teach Creation,Science Education
2009-09-08 More Dating ProblemsStephen CaesarRadioisotope Dating
2009-09-08 Is 'Ida' the Missing Link?Stephen CaesarPaleontology
2009-09-08 Biased Press Coverage of CreationismDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Media
2009-09-08 Fired for Claiming to have Credentials in Psychology: False Claims by the Appelate CourtDr. Jerry BergmanScience Education,Social Issues
2009-09-08 Self Assembling StructuresStephen CaesarChemistry/Biochemistry
2009-09-08 A Darwin Skeptic in Court: A Case of a Very Incompetent Judge, Nicholas J. WalinskiDr. Jerry BergmanSocial Issues
2009-05-16 Fins to Feet Again?Stephen CaesarFossils
2009-05-16 Hablis and Erectus Again?Stephen CaesarEarly Man
2009-05-16 Hybridization Creates New Species?Stephen CaesarBiology
2009-05-16 Lucy Disinherited?Stephen CaesarEarly Man
2009-05-16 Review of "The Latest Face of Creationism" in Scientific AmericanEd GarrettCredibility of Creationists
2009-05-16 The Human Race: A Young Species?Stephen CaesarEarly Man
2009-05-16 Revising Radiocarbon Dating?Stephen CaesarRadioisotope Dating
2008-10-01 Being Quoted, Complimented and SlanderedDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2008-10-01 Without Form and VoidStephen CaesarApologetics
2008-10-01 Intelligent Design by HumansStephen CaesarIntelligent Design
2008-10-01 Planets Without SunsStephen CaesarAstronomy
2008-10-01 Prebiotic Soup?Stephen CaesarChemistry/Biochemistry
2008-10-01 Rapid Formation of StarsStephen CaesarAstronomy
2008-10-01 The Meaning of the Tower of BabelAnne HabermehlHistory
2008-07-04 Quantifying the Left-Handed Amino Acid Dilemma: A Tale of a SnailDouglas B. SharpChemistry/Biochemistry
2008-05-27 Steve Mirsky Denies the Influence of Darwin on Eugenics and RacismDr. Jerry BergmanAnthropology,Social Issues
2008-05-27 Slaughter of the Dissidents: The Case of Iowa State University Professor Guillermo Gonzalez Ph.D.Dr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Intelligent Design
2008-02-09 Religious Freedom in America - Fact or Fiction?Nancy Chappell TuckerCredibility of Creationists
2008-02-09 Soft Dinosaur TissueStephen CaesarDinosaurs
2007-12-31 Einstein and Intelligent DesignStephen CaesarIntelligent Design
2007-12-31 Synthetic Biologists: Intelligent DesignersStephen CaesarBiology
2007-12-31 Darwin on the GalapagosStephen CaesarBiology
2007-12-30 Immorality and Darwinism at Bowling Green State UniversityDr. Jerry BergmanSocial Issues
2007-11-03 Does Bowling Green State University Discriminate Against Creationists?Dr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2007-06-19 Inherit the Wind Commemorative CollectionDouglas B. SharpCredibility of Creationists,Science Education
2007-04-03 Synthetic Biologists: Intelligent DesignersStephen CaesarBiology
2007-01-30 Evolution and the Second Law of ThermodynamicsRoddy BullockPhysics
2007-01-30 Inherit the Wind: Evolutionary PropagandaPaul HumberHistory
2007-01-30 Evolution and Empirical EvidenceStephen CaesarPhilosophy
2006-11-09 New Research Questions Theories Regarding Origin of RacesStephen CaesarEarly Man
2006-11-09 A Creator God and Creationism in State ConstitutionsDr. Jerry BergmanApologetics
2006-10-21 Redoing the Tree of Life, AgainStephen CaesarBiology
2006-10-19 High Level Government Support for CreationDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2006-10-19 Imagine Artificial IntelligenceKerby RialsApologetics,Intelligent Design
2006-10-19 The Whether: No One Talks About It, But Everyone Does Something About ItRoddy BullockApologetics,Intelligent Design
2006-10-19 I need Feedback from People who don't accept my IdeasDr. Jerry BergmanApologetics
2006-09-13 Kangaroo Ica Stones from PeruDouglas B. SharpBiology,Cryptozoology,History
2006-09-11 Please Don't Annoy Dying DarwinEnezio de Almeida FilhoIntelligent Design
2006-09-11 From Religion to Atheism to TruthDr. Jerry BergmanApologetics
2006-09-11 Flores Man: Tiny Human Cousins?Stephen CaesarEarly Man
2006-09-11 A Universe with a BeginningStephen CaesarAstronomy
2006-09-11 The Newly Discovered Transitional Fish TiktaalikStephen CaesarBiology,Paleontology
2006-09-02 The Ghost Town of Summitville: A Legacy of Christian AncestorsDouglas B. SharpHistory
2006-09-02 Dr. Hale's Home Remedy and Recipe BookDouglas B. SharpHistory
2006-06-21 Judge Cooper Rules Conservative Christians Second Class Citizens and Political OutsidersDr. Jerry BergmanScience Education,Social Issues
2006-06-21 The Genetic On-Off SwitchStephen CaesarChemistry/Biochemistry
2006-06-21 Some Facts About the Scopes TrialStephen CaesarHistory
2006-03-01 Creation-Evolution Debate: Dr. John T. Robinson vs. Dr. Duane T. Gish Dr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2006-03-01 The Creation of New Butterfly Species before Our EyesStephen CaesarBiology
2006-03-01 Creationism is Taught in Our Schools as Long as it is Propaganda Against The Creation WorldviewDr. Jerry BergmanScience Education
2006-02-06 Aptamers Point to a DesignerStephen CaesarIntelligent Design
2006-02-05 Discriminatory Harassment in the Name of ScienceDouglas B. SharpScience Education,Social Issues
2005-10-19 Intelligent Design and the Human BrainStephen CaesarBiology,Intelligent Design
2005-10-19 Post-Flood Marsupial Migration ExplainedRobert ByersFlood Model
2005-10-01 Why I No Longer Debate Darwinists in Internet Chat RoomsDr. Jerry BergmanAnti-Evolution
2005-08-06 The Rapid Formation of PetroleumStephen CaesarFlood Model
2005-08-06 WBGSU Radio Interview on Religious Discrimination Against CreationistsDr. Jerry BergmanSocial Issues
2005-08-06 Nobel Laureate: No Inherent Conflict between Science and ReligionStephen CaesarCredibility of Creationists
2005-05-21 WEXL Radio Interview on Religious Discrimination Dr. Jerry BergmanSocial Issues
2005-05-21 Does the Heart "Think?"Stephen CaesarBiology
2005-05-01 Helium Evidence for a Young World Remains Crystal ClearDr. D. Russell Humphreys Top Creationist Organizations,Radioisotope Dating
2005-04-22 Bringing the Message of Creation to South AfricaDouglas B. SharpExpeditions
2005-02-26 Darwinism and Indoctrination by Our Public SchoolsDr. Jerry BergmanScience Education,Social Issues
2005-02-16 Intolerance in America: The Case History of a CreationistDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2005-02-16 Plants Show Alternative to Survival of the FittestStephen CaesarBiology
2005-01-14 Using Zircon to Date the EarthStephen CaesarRadioisotope Dating
2005-01-14 Gorges Formed by Rapid FloodingStephen CaesarGeology
2004-10-22 Dinosaur and Human Track Excavation at the Paluxy RiverDouglas B. SharpDinosaurs,Early Man,Paleontology
2004-10-22 Paluxy Dig Photo Gallery 1Douglas B. SharpDinosaurs,Early Man,Paleontology
2004-10-22 Paluxy Dig Photo Gallery 2Douglas B. SharpDinosaurs,Early Man,Paleontology
2004-10-12 Kitty Copying and EvolutionKerby RialsIntelligent Design
2004-10-11 An Evaluation of Alleged Misquoting by Creationists Dr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2004-09-15 Response to "Young Earth Creationists' Hypocrisy on Discrimination" written by Kevin R. Henke, Ph.D.Dr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2004-09-15 Esau's WivesStephen CaesarApologetics
2004-09-06 Christianity Provided the Foundation for Science Through the AgesRoger A. Richards, Jr.Ancient Literature,History
2004-08-14 Robofish: a Product of Design, not EvolutionStephen CaesarBiology
2004-08-14 40 Classic Books and Monographs on the Creation/Evolution ControversyDr. Jerry BergmanBooks,Overviews
2004-07-07 Pterosaurs Still Living: "Searching for Ropen"Paul G. Nation Top Creationist Organizations,Dinosaurs
2004-07-03 "'Rational Design' and 'Directed Evolution'"Stephen CaesarChemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design
2004-05-31 A Creationist and a Truly Great Scientist: Dr. Raymond DamadianStephen CaesarCredibility of Creationists
2004-05-31 Geologists' Dating DiscrepanciesStephen CaesarRadioisotope Dating
2004-05-31 The Speed of GlaciersStephen CaesarGeology
2004-02-26 A Mistaken Case Of MacroevolutionStephen CaesarBiology
2004-01-31 The Limits of MicroevolutionStephen CaesarBiology
2004-01-31 Ghost Craters in the SkyDr. Danny FaulknerAstronomy
2003-11-30 A Creationist's Story: My Life in Science and EducationDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Testimonies
2003-11-30 Artificial Life Yet AgainStephen CaesarChemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design
2003-11-30 Stanley Miller's ExperimentStephen CaesarAnti-Evolution,Chemistry/Biochemistry
2003-11-30 Ramidus vs. OrrorinStephen CaesarEarly Man
2003-09-01 The King James Bible teachs Young Earth Creation by the LORD Jesus Christ better than the NIVDan FordAncient Literature,Theology
2003-08-16 Is the Darwinists' Claim that the Bible Condones Slavery Accurate?Dr. Jerry BergmanApologetics,History,Social Issues,Theology
2003-08-08 Who Created God? (And Other Questions)Douglas B. SharpApologetics
2003-08-02 Cain's WifeStephen CaesarApologetics
2003-07-22 Creationists of the PastMark StewartCredibility of Creationists,History
2003-07-05 The Rapid, Catastrophic Burial of Dinosaur BonesStephen CaesarDinosaurs,Paleontology
2003-06-27 Are Jerry Bergman and Henry Morris Racists? A Brief Second ResponseDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Politics,Social Issues
2003-06-12 The Massachusetts Constitution: A Model For Public Education from the Hand of John AdamsDouglas B. SharpPolitics,Science Education
2003-06-05 Students' Perceptions and Opinions of Unscientific Bias Rick LapworthScience Education,Social Issues
2003-06-05 Nature of Creation: Mission Imperative!Mike Snavely Top Creationist Organizations,Creation Organizations
2003-06-04 The Anthropic PrincipleStephen CaesarApologetics
2003-06-04 More on Artificial LifeStephen CaesarApologetics
2003-06-04 Getting Computers to EvolveStephen CaesarIntelligent Design
2003-06-04 Fins to Feet?Stephen CaesarIntelligent Design
2003-05-22 An Unsuccessful Attempt by the State of California to Close a CollegeDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Politics
2003-04-13 Are All Creationists Liars? A Response to "Professor Dr. Dr. Gerhard Besier"Dr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists
2003-03-30 Neanderthal and Chain Mail ArmorDouglas B. SharpEarly Man
2003-03-11 Cichlids and EvolutionStephen CaesarBiology
2003-01-03 Evolution is DeadJon Saboe Top Creationist Organizations,Anti-Evolution
2002-11-15 Are Jerry Bergman and Henry Morris Racists? An Example of the Irresponsible "Research" of DarwinistsDr. Jerry BergmanAnthropology,Credibility of Creationists,Social Issues
2002-10-20 Biography of Dr. David A. DewittDr. David A. DewittChemistry/Biochemistry,Personal Web Sites
2002-10-20 The Origin Of Life: A Problem for EvolutionDr. David A. DewittAnti-Evolution,Chemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design
2002-10-20 Stem Cell Decision not the End of Ethical DilemmasDr. David A. DewittBiology,Social Issues
2002-08-26 Can Genesis 1:1 be translated When God began to create the heavens and the earth?Frank LukeApologetics,Creation Models,Theology
2002-08-09 Grupo Internacional de Cient­ficos CreacionistasJohn Pendleton Top Creationist Organizations,International
2002-08-09 Was Darwin Right?Joe Baker Top Creationist Organizations,Anti-Evolution,Overviews,Personal Web Sites
2002-07-12 New "Ape-Man" Preliminary ResponseDr. Carl WielandAnthropology,Early Man,Paleontology
2002-06-20 15 Ways to Refute Materialistic BigotryDr. Jonathan SarfatiAnti-Evolution,Apologetics
2002-01-20 An Interview with Dr. D. Russell HumphreysDouglas B. SharpAstronomy,Cosmology,Creation Models,Expeditions,Geology,Radioisotope Dating
2001-12-31 Eviscerating EldridgeJohn WoodmorappeAnti-Evolution,Apologetics
2001-11-18 The Functions of Introns: From Junk DNA to Designed DNADr. Jerry BergmanChemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design
2001-11-13 The Problem of Information for the Theory of Evolution: Has Tom Schneider Solved It?Dr. Royal TrumanIntelligent Design
2001-11-10 Buried Alive: The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man (Book)Dr. Jack CuozzoBooks,Early Man
2001-11-01 Detecting DesignSean D. Pitman, MD Top Creationist Organizations,Chemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design,Mathematics
2001-11-01 Green River BluesPaul GarnerGeology,Paleontology
2001-11-01 Are There 800 Billion Vertebrate Fossils Buried in the Karoo Formation?Gordon E. DavidsonFlood Model,Geology,Paleontology
2001-11-01 Dr. Jerry Bergman's Tenure CaseDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Science Education
2001-11-01 Atheism, Evolutionism and Green River VarvesPaul HumberFossils,Geology,Paleontology
2001-10-07 The Geologic Column: Does It Exist?John WoodmorappeGeology
2001-06-07 Dinosaur Petroglyphs at Natural Bridges National Monument (updated)Douglas B. SharpCryptozoology,Dinosaurs,Geology
2001-05-03 Darwinian Fundamentalism: Impact on Law and ScienceEric BlievernichtAnti-Evolution,Government
2001-03-28 Billion-Fold Acceleration of Radioactivity Demonstrated in LaboratoryJohn WoodmorappeGeology,Radioisotope Dating
2001-01-04 After the Flood (entire book on-line)Bill CooperAncient Literature,Books,Early Man,History
2000-07-16 The Ultimate DecisionKerby RialsTheology
2000-06-06 Evidence Class A to EDouglas B. SharpApologetics,Credibility of Creationists,Overviews
2000-02-06 Scientist John WoodmorappeJohn WoodmorappeOverviews,Personal Web Sites
2000-01-01 Obsolete SuperstitionsDouglas B. SharpAnti-Evolution,Overviews
1999-12-04 Top Bone-Head Arguments of EvolutionistsDouglas B. SharpApologetics,Overviews
1999-11-18 CREATION BITS: A collection of 26 short essays or teaching guides summarizing various aspects of the Creation-vs-Evolution controversy.Curt SewellOverviews
1999-11-18Why Should I Learn About the Creation-vs-Evolution Controversy?Curt SewellApologetics, Overviews
1999-11-18Difference Between Creation and EvolutionCurt SewellOverviews
1999-11-18Evolution in the Public Schools: What Parents Should KnowCurt SewellSocial Issues
1999-11-18Some Arguments Favoring Creation Part 1Curt SewellOverviews
1999-11-18More Arguments Against Evolution

Curt SewellAnti-Evolution
1999-11-02 Scriptural Arguments Against Compromise PositionsCurt SewellCreation Models,Overviews
1999-11-02 The Cambrian Explosion -- A Strong Argument Favoring CreationCurt SewellFlood Model,Fossils,Paleontology
1999-11-02 Uniformitarianism and the Geologic ColumnCurt SewellGeology
1999-11-02 Radioisotope Dating and Circular LogicCurt SewellRadioisotope Dating
1999-11-02Why Pentadactyl Tetrapods?Curt SewellBiology
1999-11-02Authorship and Reliability of GenesisCurt SewellApologetics
1999-11-02What about the Dinosaurs?Curt SewellDinosaurs
1999-11-02Life: God's Creation or AbiogenesisCurt SewellBiochemistry
1999-11-02Rocks in the Grand CanyonCurt SewellGeology
1999-11-02How was the Grand Canyon Formed? Part 1Curt SewellGeology
1999-11-02How was the Grand Canyon Formed? Part 2Curt SewellGeology
1999-11-02Growth Rates of PopulationsCurt SewellMathematics, Statistics
1999-11-02How Did all the Human Races Develop?Curt SewellEarly Man
1999-11-02Where Did the First Birds Come From?Curt SewellBiology
1999-11-02Some Bible Believing Creation ScientistsCurt SewellCredibility of Creationists
1999-11-02The "Principles of Science/a>Curt SewellPhilosophy
1999-11-02The Great Flood of Noah/a>Curt SewellGeology
1999-11-02Carbon-14 and the Age of the EarthCurt SewellRadioisotope Dating
1999-11-02Evolution(?) of the HorseCurt SewellBiology
1999-11-02Creation vs Evolution: The Battle of Two ReligionsCurt SewellTheology
1999-11-02Deceptions of ScienceCurt SewellLogic
1999-10-02 Is it Possible to Falsify the Creation Model?Douglas B. SharpApologetics
2017-09-21 The Tuba City Dinosaur and Human TracksDouglas B. SharpDinosaurs,Early Man,Paleontology
1999-07-05 Scientists of Faith: A Book ReviewDaniel GravesCredibility of Creationists,History
1999-07-01 Assumptions in Radiometric DatingDouglas B. SharpGeology,Radioisotope Dating
1999-07-01 Reversing Direction on the Reprobate RoadDouglas B. SharpCreation Models,Overviews,Theology
1999-06-30 Why Weren't Plants Created 100% Efficient at Photosynthesis?John WoodmorappeApologetics,Biology,Dysteleology
1999-06-29 Creation ModelsDouglas B. SharpCreation Models,Overviews
1999-06-29 Creationist Levels of Belief and AgreementDouglas B. SharpCreation Models,Overviews
1999-06-26 Creation is Scientific but Evolution is ReligiousDouglas B. SharpAnti-Evolution
1999-06-26 Interdependent Systems in NatureDouglas B. SharpBiology,Chemistry/Biochemistry
1999-06-05 How Did Dinosaur Bones Turn Into FossilsJohn WoodmorappeDinosaurs
1999-06-05 Paradoxes in Science: Should Fullerenes Still Be Around if They Formed Many Millions of Years Ago?John WoodmorappeChemistry/Biochemistry
1999-06-05 The Cambrian Explosion Remains an Enigma for Organic Evolution: The Ediacaran Fauna: Much Ado About Ancient Lichens?John WoodmorappeFossils,Paleontology
1999-06-05 The Chemistry of Life - An Answer to an Evolutionist Who Believes Life Evolved From Non-LifeDouglas B. SharpChemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design
1999-03-01 Analysis of "Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science"Judi HahnScience Education
1999-03-01 Evolution Theory Runs AgroundJim RussellAnti-Evolution
1999-02-24 Theistic Evolution: What Difference Does it Make?Dean DavisCreation Models
1999-02-23 The Charismatic Gifts and the Defender's BibleDouglas B. SharpTheology
1999-01-18 Brave New Frozen WorldChristine RhynerBiology,Social Issues
1998-12-13 Eternal Life - Do You Have It?Douglas B. SharpTheology
1998-12-13 The New Life - The Start of Something WonderfulDave WilliamsBooks,Theology
1998-10-10 Object-Oriented Programming and the CreatorDouglas B. SharpChemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design,Mathematics
1998-09-30 The Bible and PterosaursJohn GoertzenCryptozoology,Dinosaurs
1998-09-26 The Rhamphorhynchoid Pterosaur Scaphognathus crassirostris: A "Living Fossil"John GoertzenCryptozoology,Dinosaurs,Fossils
1998-07-07 Artificial Intelligence and the CreatorDaniel GravesIntelligent Design,Mathematics
1998-07-07 Christian Influences in the SciencesDaniel GravesCredibility of Creationists,History
1998-07-07 Creation Research and its Implications for ScienceDouglas B. Sharp and Laurence TisdallAnti-Evolution,Philosophy,Science Education
1998-06-24 John Philoponus, Aristotle's Early Creationist CriticDaniel GravesHistory
1998-04-21 God: Does He Exist?Douglas B. SharpAnti-Evolution,Intelligent Design,Overviews,Theology
1998-04-21 Inoculated Against CreationDouglas B. SharpTheology
1998-04-21 Standing (and Walking) Alone: The Vestibular System and Its Role in Theories of Human EvolutionJohn WoodmorappeAnthropology,Biology,Early Man
1998-04-21 Studies in Flood Geology (Book Advertisement)John WoodmorappeBooks,Geology,Radioisotope Dating
1998-04-21 Teleology and Dysteleology: Multiple Functions for Antlers?John WoodmorappeApologetics,Biology
1998-04-21 The Instantaneous Transition from Non-Life to LifeDouglas B. SharpAnti-Evolution,Chemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design
1998-04-21 Younger All the Time: How Old is the Earth? A Re-examinationJohn WoodmorappeGeology
1998-01-30 The Salton Sea CatastropheDouglas B. SharpGeology,History
1998-01-17 Godel's Theorems and TruthDaniel GravesHistory,Mathematics
1997-04-28 A Defense For a Literal, Six 24-hour Day CreationDr. John C. WhitcombApologetics,Creation Models,Theology
1997-04-28 Darwin Under the MicroscopeDr. Michael BeheChemistry/Biochemistry,Intelligent Design
1997-04-28 Distant Starlight and the Speed of LightJim MendelsonCosmology,Physics
1997-04-28 Do Creationists Publish in Notable Refereed Journals?David BucknaCredibility of Creationists
1997-04-28 Keeping an Eye on EvolutionDavid BerlinskiIntelligent Design
1997-04-28 The Deniable DarwinDavid BerlinskiAnti-Evolution,Intelligent Design
1997-04-28 A Glacial Glitch for Uniformitarian Long AgesJohn WoodmorappeGeology
1997-04-28 Archaeopteryx is No Transitional FormJohn WoodmorappeAnti-Evolution,Biology
1997-04-28 Censorship of Information on OriginsDr. Jerry BergmanCredibility of Creationists,Media,Politics,Social Issues
1997-04-28 Christianity: A Cause of Modern Science?Eric SnowHistory,Philosophy
1997-04-28 Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions (Until Now)Douglas B. SharpApologetics
1997-04-27 Ota Benga: The Story of the Pygmy on Display in a ZooDr. Jerry BergmanAnthropology,Social Issues
1997-04-27 Some Biological Problems with Natural Selection TheoryDr. Jerry BergmanBiology,Intelligent Design
1997-04-27 The Bible is the Word of GodEric SnowAncient Literature,History,Overviews,Theology
1997-04-27 The History of Evolution's Teaching of Women's InferiorityDr. Jerry BergmanAnthropology,Anti-Evolution,History
1993-01-01 The Revolution Against Evolution (On-line book)Douglas B. SharpBooks,Creation Models,Overviews
1889-01-01 The Bible and the Nineteenth Century (entire book on line)Luther TownsendAncient Literature,Books,History
2017-09-16 AAAS Board Resolution
on Intelligent Design Theory
David BumpIntelligent Design
2000-01-06Is God Powerless to Prevent Evil?Allen RoyTheology
1908-02-01Neanderthal and Chain Maille Armor LinksDouglas SharpHistory, Early Man
1995-01-01The Basilosaurus: A Whale with Hind Limbs?David TylerBiology
1995-01-01Origin of Sanguivory (Vampire Bats): The Dracula Connection to a Young EarthJohn WoodmorappeBiology
1998-02-22Scientists Who Believe: An Interview with Dr. John BaumgardnerDr. John BaumgardnerCredibility of Creationists, Overviews
1998-01-01Creation/Anti-Evolution BibliographyAshby Camp, Eric BlievernichtBooks
1998-10-06Master Creation/Anti-Evolution BibliographyEric BlievernichtBooks
2004-05-31Still No Explanation for the Cambrian ExplosionStephen CaesarPaleontology, Fossils
1998-01-01The Parable of the CandleGarth WiebeUniformitarianism
1998-01-01For Cat Lovers (Ailurophiles): How Will Lions Eat Straw Like the Ox?John WoodmorappeBiology
1998-01-01Upsetting Pet Theories: Surprising New Evidence that Molecular Clocks Can Run Very FastJohn WoodmorappeBiology
2001-04-02Cloning: Time to Apply the BrakesDouglas SharpBiology
1993-01-01A Brief History of the Modern American Creation MovementDr. Jerry BergmanOverview
1996-01-01Noah's Ark: A Feasibility StudyJohn WoodmorappeHistory
1993-01-01Studies in Flood Geology: A Compilation of Research Studies Supporting Creation and the FloodJohn WoodmorappeGeology
1996-01-01Noah's Ark: Just the FAQs PleaseJohn WoodmorappeHistory
2004-05-31Darwin’s God:  Evolution and the Problem of EvilEric SnowApologetics
1999-01-01The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods:  Why Million/Billion Year Dates are Not Credible John WoodmorappeRadioisotope Dating
1999-01-01Why don't you link evolutionist sites? Why don't you provide a debate forum on this web site?Douglas SharpApologetics
1999-03-04The Descent of Man?Paul CarlineEarly Man, Paleontology
1997-01-01The Footprints of DragonsLourella RousterDinosaurs
1996-01-01A Creationist's Thoughts on GovernmentEric BlievernichtGovernment
1995-01-01Biological Evolution and WorldviewEd GarrettBiology
1977-06-01Interdependence in Macromolecule Synthesis: Evidence for DesignDouglas SharpChemistry, Biochemistry
1996-01-01The CataclysmEric BlievernichtFlood Models
1996-01-01Transitional FossilsEric BlievernichtFossils
1996-01-01Origin of LifeEric BlievernichtChemistry, Biochemistry
1996-01-01Pre-Modern Interpretation of Genesis 1-11Eric BlievernichtTheology
1996-01-01Structure of Genesis and Related QuestionsEric BlievernichtTheology
2004-01-17Thermodynamics and OriginsEric BlievernichtPhysics
2004-01-17Recommended Reading and ResourcesEric BlievernichtBooks
1996-01-01Study Questions based upon "Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study"John WoodmorappeBooks, Flood Models
2000-12-25The Fish that Walks: A Genetic Bridge?Douglas SharpBiology
1996-01-01The Creationist Significance of Flesh FliesJohn WoodmorappeBiology
2007-01-30The Appearance of Galactic AgeStephen CaesarAstronomy
1996-01-01Gill Slits in Human Fetuses?Eric BlievernichtBiology
1996-01-01Glossary for Terms Used in Understanding CreationEric BlievernichtOverview
2005-01-23Gnat Bites from our DetractorsDouglas SharpApologetics
2003-09-02The Golden NumberStephen CaesarMathematics
1996-01-01How Old is the Earth? A Re-examinationJohn WoodmorappeGeology
1996-01-01Origin by Random Chance or Master Plan? A Discussion of HomologyEric BlievernichtBiology, Anatomy
1984-01-01Creation of Planetary Magnetic Fields: ReferencesDr. D. Russell HumphreysAstronomy
2003-08-20Report on the 5th International Conference on CreationismEric BlievernichtOverviews
1998-09-03Report on the 4th International Conference on CreationismEric BlievernichtOverviews
1998-09-20Objections Sustained: Subversive Essays on Evolution, Law & CultureEric Blievernicht, Philip JohnsonLaw, Culture, Evolution
2003-05-21Naturalism Run AmokJon SaboePhilosophy, Naturalism
1996-01-01The Jesus Seminar Reeks with  Rationalism in its Most Primitive Form (and Rejects Creation Along with Christ)John WoodmorappeTheology
2005-01-01Students’ Perceptions and Opinions of Unscientific Bias in Evolutionary CurriculumRichard LapworthEducation
1999-01-01Scientist John WoodmorappeJohn WoodmorappeBooks
1996-01-01Restoring our Biblical FoundationKurt StreutkerOverview
2001-01-20Lucy Goes to CollegeTom WillisEarly Man
1996-01-01Mathematic Philosophy and EvolutionDr. Robert A. HerrmannMathematics, Philosophy, Geology
2005-10-28Michigan History Photo GalleryDouglas SharpHistory
1999-05-04Noah Film--Another Piece of Hollywood TrashJohn WoodmorappeFlood Models, Geology, Noah's Ark
1998-10-17No Science Apart from ChristDan GravesApologetics
2004-01-24Does Nothing in Biology Make Sense Except in the Light of Evolution?Dr. Jerry BergmanBiology
1996-01-01A Comparison of the Old-Earth, Young-Earth Creationist ModelsBen AndersonTheology
1996-01-01John Woodmorappe's refutation of Glen Morton's review of NOAH'S ARK: A FEASIBILITY STUDYJohn WoodmorappeNoah's Ark
1996-01-01Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil?John WoodmorappeTheology
1996-05-25Precambrian Pollen: A Response to Questions About Creationist ResearchEmmett Williams, George Howe, Eugene ChaffinCredibility of Creationists, Geology, Fossils
2001-08-01Quotes from Scientists on EvolutionDr. Sean A. PitmanQuotes, Evolution
2001-01-01Raelian DisclaimerDouglas SharpApologetics
2004-01-01The Revolution Against Evolution Russian EditionDouglas SharpBooks
1996-01-01The Anti-Biblical Noble Savage Hypothesis RefutedJohn WoodmorappeAnthropology
1998-01-01Stripping Darwin Down: Science or IdeologyEnezio E. de Almeida FilhoIdeology
1998-01-01Student Bill of RightsFoundation for Traditional ValuesEducation
1996-01-01Why God Cannot be Combined with Evolution: A Parable About a Horse and a TractorJohn WoodmorappeTheology
1996-01-01A U-CosmologyDr. Robert A. HerrmannCosmology
2006-11-09The Religion of VagueKerby RialsTheology, Philosophy
1998-01-22The Veracity of the Old Testament: A Scientific ValidationScott JonesOld Testament, Theology
2017-09-27The Revolution Against Evolution: Beliefs, Views, Purpose and MissionDouglas SharpMission Statement
2017-09-27Why is the Creation-Evolution Issue Important?Douglas SharpOverviews
1996-01-01The Cultural War: Biased News Coverage and its Distorted Portrayal of CreationismJohn WoodmorappeSocial Issues
2017-09-27Identifying Enemies of FreedomWill BrooksApologetics
2001-01-01The Human EyeSean PitmanBiology
2017-11-02Living a Fulfilling Life as a Lean Christian in a Fat WorldStanley SamuelChristian Living, Social Issues, Theology, Philosophy
2017-12-16Helping to bring you hope, faith, and action when navigating through mesotheliomaVirgil AndersonMedical Research, Cancer
2018-11-04Elmer Thompson Post Cards 1910-1920Elmer ThompsonHistory
1889-01-01The Bible and the Nineteenth CenturyLuther TownsendHistory, Bible
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