Transformed by the Evidence


Transformed by the Evidence by Doug Sharp and Jerry Bergman, editors (c) 2014

This book offers many unique and encouraging viewpoints about the personal impact of the creation perspective. Many people who are strong believers in Jesus Christ and the Bible, but do not have any interest in science, base their faith in Christ on other facets of His Word and their personal experiences. They may never have encountered situations where they were tested in this area, and God has blessed them. But for many of those who recount their experiences in this book, the challenges presented by the theory of evolution and the notion that life is billions of years old have become stumbling blocks that were difficult to overcome. At the very least, this experience has created a major test of their faith that prevented them from accepting the creation worldview.

This book provides compelling insight into the experience shared by the authors as they addressed this challenging topic.

Contributing authors: Doug Sharp, Jerry Bergman, Michael Bailey, Jonathan Bartlett, Dr. Richard Bliss, Guy Forsythe, Kitty Foth-Regner, Dr. Wayne Frair, Joshua Gilbert, Tom Hennigan, Dr. Jonathan Henry, Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, Paul Humber, Dr. D. Russell Humphreys, Jaap Kies, Larry Kisner, Dr. Jean Lightner, Dr. Richard Lumsden, Lee McCracken, Russ Miller, Stever Miller, Karl Priest, Kerby Rials, Rudolf Steinberg, Mark Stewart, Dr. Royal Truman, Tom Vail, James Wight.


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