The Periodic Table Found in Daniel Chapter 2 Guests: Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall Description: 1. The Image of Nebuchadnezzar featured in the dream that Daniel interpreted in Chapter 2 was a prophetic message foretelling the rise and subsequent fall of 5 world kingdoms, the last still to be realized. The statue in the dream had five distinct sections, each made of a different material: A Head of Gold, Breast/Arms of Silver, Belly/Thighs of Brass, Legs of Iron, Feet parts of Iron and Clay. From a science perspective, these are listed in reverse Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE) order. An investigation was made to determine if there are any other similarities to the PTOE.
2. The dimensions of the statue that Nebuchadnezzar made are interesting, with a height of 60 cubits, and breadth of 6 cubits. If also we consider the Image’s two feet and ten toes, an accurate model of the PTOE from Hydrogen to Gold is developed, paralleling the Image’s five main features.
3. This Daniel Image model is more than just a list of elements in order. The model also demonstrates the following unique features of the PTOE: The first four s-orbitals, three p-orbitals, and d-orbital are shown in PTOE order. Also, Group 11, the transition from metals to semi-metals, the elemental composition of clay, the Pauli Exclusion Principle, elemental abundances, relative sizes of the atoms from left to right on PTOE, missing Pm, and the nuclear “Knee of Stability” at Iron are shown.


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