Artificial Intelligence

Guests: Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Ian Juby

Description: What is intelligence? How can we emulate it? Evolutionists cannot recognize intelligent design when it is right in front of them. With the SETI program, scientists searched for signals from space to see if there is any intelligent life outside our planet. But evolutionists are clouded by their own bias that refuses to acknowledge God as the source of intelligence. This creates a dilemma. If they believe that they are a produce of random, chance juggling of atoms in the universe, and that they evolved, they must also conclude that their brain also evolved. If that is the case, how can they claim to know anything about anything?
This is the old lie pitched by Satan in the beginning, that man can be self-sufficient outside of God.
Ian Juby is a robotics engineer who understands the technology behind artificial intelligence. It is certain that this is an advancement that can be a good tool in the hands of those who are creative. But it cannot on its own become creative in its own right. The intelligence that creates AI has to be more intelligent than its product. Finally there is a moral component that comes from God that supersedes that intelligence, and without that, there is potential of chaos that may result from its use.


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