Importance of Creation Geology and Where People Get Stuck

Guests: Doug Sharp

Description: The Bible is God’s Word. We can believe that, or we can rely on the words of men who weren’t there and are unable to observe what happened in real time and believe something else. If the Bible is true, it then brings to life ancient history. The gospels of Matthew and Luke record the genealogy from Adam to Jesus Christ, naming all of the generations of individuals. These records match the names listed in the book of Genesis, so that means that the disciples of Jesus took Genesis seriously, as did Jesus himself, who said,

Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuses you, even Moses, in whom you trust.
For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me.
But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words? (John 5:45-47)

The Jews took Moses as straightforward history and took great pains to preserve his words. If you do a word search on Moses in the New Testament, you will see that Jesus quotes him extensively, and that the doctrine Jesus taught was inextricably tied in with his writings and the history of the world from the very beginning.

If Jesus quoted Moses and believed his words, but if Moses was wrong when he wrote Genesis, it seriously undermines the entire foundation of Christianity. There is a lot at stake in getting this right, and it starts with answering the arguments given by those who use fossils and strata to discredit the Bible.

People believe the evolutionary story because they are intimidated by the technical expertise of those who propose it, not realizing that the conclusions are dependent upon the assumptions made. The radioisotope measurements are given to the sensitivity of the instruments used without realizing that the appearance of accuracy is for the ratio of isotopes, not the interpretation of the results. The measurements are scientific, but the conclusions aren’t.


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