Marching to Zion

Guests: Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Ian Juby

Description: Ian Juby is the guest on this show. He produces a TV show in Canada called Genesis Week. Zion National Park is a perfect example of the flood model that Ian was able to demonstrate with experimental flumes he built at the Creation Evidence Museum with Carl Baugh and M. E. Clark. Throughout Zion Park, layers of rock exhibit crossbedding, which Ian was able to duplicate with his flume experiments. In many places the Coconino sandstone has amphibian tracks which start out with heavy impressions but get lighter along the trackway, finally only showing claws and then disappearing altogether. In the flume experiment, they placed newts to see how they behaved as the sediments were deposited, and they produced the same kinds of trackways. The eastern part of Zion National Park beyond the tunnel exposes many crossbedded layers, such as Checkerboard Mesa.


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