Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study

John Woodmorappe. 1996.
Institute for Creation Research, 298 pages.

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John Woodmorappe’s Biography

This remarkable book is the most complete analysis ever published regarding the gathering of animals to the Ark, provisions for their care and feeding, and the subsequent dispersion. The author has devoted seven years to this scholarly, systematic answer to virtually all the anti-Ark arguments, alleged difficulties with the biblical account, and other relevant questions. Nothing else like this ever written before — an unanswerable vindication of Genesis.

“It has just the sort of facts and details that kids find fascinating, and would make an excellent source of information for enhancing Bible study projects and class lessons on the ark and Flood. Anyone interested in answering the many questions about the ark, especially from skeptics, would be advised to read NOAH’S ARK.”


“Using a database and a Bible, the book posits a mechanical answer to any question one could imagine regarding Noah’s logistics…”


“A scholarly but fascinating treatment that is thoroughly documented.”


“The book, which seeks to answer the more mundane questions of Noah’s voyage, includes such chapter titles as Waste Management’ and The Ark Animals: Carriers of Adequate Genetic Diversity’.”


“Again, as in so many other cases, seeming difficulties for the Biblical account can be reconciled with diligent research”

–THINK AND BELIEVE (Sept.-Oct. 1998)

“These critics often resort to ridicule, attempting to make believers appear foolish. Woodmorappe, however, invariably finds credible evidence which rather causes the critics to appear foolish.”


“Woodmorappe really shines with those aspects of the Ark that critics deem the most contradictory of reason…He also does not take the easy way out of difficulties.”

CREATION EX NIHILO TJ (Nov.-Feb. 1996-7)


* Recognizes global flooding, but emphasizes applied animal keeping methods. Is based entirely on practical information, and is free from advanced mathematics and excessive jargon. Is supported by 1200 scholarly references.

*A bonanza of practical information on bird keeping, softbills, reptile keeping, panda care, koala feeding, primate keeping, three-toed sloth, vampire bat, king cobra, and other exotics.

*Refutes the bogus charge that the Ark had to carry invertebrates or marine life as passengers. Debunks, from evolutionary sources, that rapid speciation (of baramins) entails organic evolution.

* Gives a comprehensive inventory of Ark animals, divided into eight body-mass categories. The Ark passengers (Mammalia, Reptilia, and Aves) range from hummingbirds to sauropods. Shows the body-mass distribution of the 25 largest land-vertebrate orders, including Passeriformes, Artiodactyla, Perissodactyla, and dinosaur orders Saurischia and Ornithischia

* Proves, by actual manpower studies (not theories), that 8 people could manage 16,000 animals. Assumes pre-industrial technology, no miracles, and no hibernation of the Ark animals.

* Introduction by Dr. Henry M. Morris. Dedicated to the observance of the 25th anniversary of the founding of ICR (Institute for Creation Research).

* Provides computations for feedstuffs, water, animal housing, ventilation, etc. Addresses the implications of animal crowding, animal behavior, and much more.

* Solves the “problem” of the bulk of hay (in two different ways), and of feeding carnivores.

*Evaluates numerous practical manure handling methods for coping with 12 tons daily.

* Shows why arguments about the impossibility of large wooden vessels are bogus.

*Provides numerous food sources for the animals upon their disembarkation from the Ark, and
discusses the many advantages for the Ark having landed at Ararat.

*Solves “problems” of stenohaline organisms and the Flood (freshwater, saltwater-adapted fish).

* Documents the fact that limited human and animal inbreeding poses no difficulties. Solves
numerous alleged problems related to populations founded by single-pair founders.


To refutation of anti-Creationist attack on this book
FAQ’s Based Upon the book Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study

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