Studies in Flood Geology: A Compilation of Research Studies Supporting Creation and the Flood

Studies in Flood Geology: A Compilation of Research
Studies Supporting Creation and the Flood. 

John Woodmorappe. 1993. 
Institute for Creation Research, ca. 200 pages. 

Price US$12.95.

John Woodmorappe’s Biography

Over the years the author has developed a unique model, based upon the Genesis Flood, for the distribution of land vertebrates, stratigraphic separation of fossils, supposed correlation of the geological column, dating methods, and other matters important to flood geology and creationism. Originally published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly and presented at the International Conferences on Creationism, these materials have been combined into this single volume. This work is intended for the serious student of flood geology.

“…should prove interesting and valuable to anyone seriously interested in the Flood model…John Woodmorappe is a meticulous researcher.”

–THINK AND BELIEVE (Jan./Feb. 1994)

“He has demonstrated that he is not one to avoid dealing with the difficult issues and ‘problem’ areas facing us, as he does so in these papers. His arguments are well reasoned, persuasive, and thoroughly documented.”


Creationists have done much work to show why evolution is false and how the evidence points to God creating all life, but very little to show how a single worldwide Flood accounts for most of the earth’s features, including fossiliferous rock. This book goes a long way to fill in the gap.

* Stands without apology for a six 24-hr day Creation of the earth and universe only several
thousand years ago, and the global Flood.

* Never invokes extra-Biblical miracles, nor ad hoc catastrophes.

* Scholarly, but free from advanced mathematics.

* Focuses on unifying principles, not narrow topics.

* Is Flood-centered throughout, not just conventional geology with Flood explanations tacked on.

* Introduction by Dr. Henry M. Morris.

* Sales so far have greatly exceeded expectations.


* Provides a systematic analysis of the order of fossils in rock layers, and explains in detail how
one Flood accounts for this order. Not another presentation of general ideas, but solid research
supported by thousands of fossil locations.

* Shows why the animals on the different continents are so unlike each other even though they all
originated at one point (the Ark at Ararat).

* Refutes, through simple calculations, the anti-Creationist claim that there is too much coal, oil,
crinoid remains, fossil reptile remains, etc. to be comparable with a young earth. Shows how
limestones and chalk deposits do the same.

* Tabulates over 200 instances of anomalous fossils in the geologic record, and exposes common
rationalizations, for them.

* Gives many geologic demonstrations of the invalidity of radiometric dating. Not another
theoretical analysis of common dating methods and their assumptions, but a practical
demonstration of their failure in actual use.

* Shows, through simple maps and tables, how little of the earth’s surface is actually the way it is
presented in orthodox geology textbooks.

* Demonstrates the superiority of the Flood model in explaining coal beds and their interbedding
with other rocks. Refutes “paleoenvironments”.


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