Is it Possible to Falsify the Creation Model?

Is it Possible to Falsify the Creation Model?

Author: Doug Sharp
Subject: Creation-Evolution Overviews
Date: 10/02/1999

A number of times we have been asked the question as to whether there are criteria, which if proven to be true, would falsify the creation model. According to these critics, unless there are such criteria available, the creation model does not qualify as a scientific theory. Certainly, there are aspects of the creation model that fall outside of the realm of scientific inquiry. But I believe that there are specific things that we expect the creation model to predict and pass the test if it is true. First of all, we would expect that God would not contradict his word, that he would not tell a lie. Therefore, if we find any outright lies in the Bible, we must dismiss it as God’s word.

In all cases I have seen where critics have thought this to be the case, they have proven out to be straw-man arguments.

One example: a young lady I knew in college challenged me to demonstrate a miracle of God. “If God is who he says he is, have him make this rose open up.” Unsure as to what to do, I prayed. The rose did not open up and I was dismayed. Later I asked a good Christian friend about what happened. He explained that God is sovereign, and he doesn’t have to perform a miracle just because someone needs proof. There are plenty of miracles right before our eyes, but they are so commonplace that we are used to them.

When Jesus fasted for forty days in the desert, Satan came and challenged Him to jump from the top of a building and allow the angels to catch him. He refused. God is not into grandstanding or showing off a miracle every time someone without faith issues a challenge. So this atheist should not expect God to do anything if faith is not involved. Therefore that girl’s test for the existence of God was invalid.

We would expect that the scientific evidence would be more consistent with the predictions of a world created by God than it would be with the evolutionary model. If one wanted to disprove the existence of God as creator, he then would have to come up with a scenario that explains the existence of life on earth, evolving from inanimate matter through the food chain to man. To falsify the creation theory, an evolutionist would need to demonstrate the following:

  1. Natural chemical processes that produces all of the components of life from non-life in quantities sufficient to account for all life on earth.
  2. A natural process that purifies amino acids in their left handed form, and sugars in their right hand form for use as the building blocks of life.
  3. The origin of the DNA, RNA, protein manufacturing process.
  4. The origin of photosynthesis and the appearance of chlorophyll.
  5. The origin of reproduction at the chemical level.
  6. The origin of the genetic code and the chemical infrastructure to make it work.
  7. Once you have determined what these processes are, show that these processes are much more likely to happen than the processes that break down the components of life.
  8. Once you have demonstrated that the chemical origin of life is possible from off-the-shelf chemicals, show the biochemical changes that occur to increase the meaningful information content of organisms to produce the vast variety of creatures found today.
  9. A corollary to this would be to show that mutations in the vast majority of cases are beneficial and promote evolution.

At the biochemical level, evolutionists haven’t yet begun to explain their theory satisfactorily. We do not think that it is possible to do so. One possible reason that it may be hard to falsify the creation model: it may just be true.

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