Recommended Reading and Resources



Ashton, John (ed.): In Six Days. Fifty experienced scientists with doctorates explain why they believe in a young created earth.

Andrews, E. H., Werner Gitt and W. J. Ouweneel (eds.), Concepts in Creationism. Proceedings of a European conference of scientists working on the creation model.

Austin, Steven (ed.): Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe. Geologists and other scientists explain the evidence of Grand Canyon.

Batten, Donald (ed.): The Answers Book. (Botanist) Expanded book answering twenty of the most common questions on creation.

Behe, Michael: Darwin’s Black Box. (Biochemist) Explains the concept of irreducible complexity and why Darwinian mechanisms cannot create complex integrated systems.

Bird, Wendell: The Origin of Species Revisited (2 Vol.) Bird, a trial lawyer experienced in creation/evolution issues, has collected over a thousand pages of citations regarding most technical and philosophical aspects of the origins debate. Handy reference.

Brand, Leonard: Faith, Reason and Earth History. (Zoologist) Best single all-around book on origins that I can recommend.

Cuozzo, Jack: Buried Alive. Dr. Cuozzo, who studied and measured many Neanderthal fossils first-hand, presents their context in a biblical framework. Many of the distinctive features of Neanderthal may be evidence of extended lifespans.

Dembski, William: The Design Inference. (Mathematician/Philosopher of Science) Landmark work on the means by which we reasonably identify evidence of intelligent design. Technical work.

Denton, Michael: Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. (Biologist) Agnostic non-creationist explains why evolutionism is in big trouble.

Fields, Weston: Unformed and Unfilled. (Bible scholar) Key work explaining why the “gap theory” interpretation of Genesis 1 is untenable.

Froede, Carl: Field Studies in Catastrophic Geology. (Geologist) Collection of technical papers exploring rapid geological processes.

Ham, Ken & Paul Taylor: The Genesis SolutionOutlines the foundational nature of Genesis in understanding all of the Bible and morality.

Ham, Ken: The Lie: EvolutionKey book explaining the destructive impact of evolutionism on Christianity and the social fabric of nations.

Gish, Duane: Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics. (Biochemist) Solid responses to many prominent attacks on creation.

Gish, Duane: Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No! Updated classic work documenting the absence of evolutionary fossil transitions.

Gitt, Wernher: In the Beginning Was Information. (Information Scientist) Explains the structure and origin of information. Semi-technical.

Humphreys, D. Russell, Starlight and Time. (Physicist) A young-earth theory of the universe and its origin building from a biblical base with the same data the ‘Big Bang’ uses. Semi-technical.

Johnson, Phillip: Darwin on Trial. (Law professor) Well-known work exposing the poor reasoning behind evolutionary dogmatism.

Kenyon, Dean & Percival Davis: Of Pandas and People. (Biologists) High school biology textbook presenting evidence for intelligent design. No religious content.

Lubenow, Marvin: Bones of Contention. (Paleoanthropologist) Discusses fossil hominid discoveries from a creationary perspective.

Morris, Henry: The Biblical Basis for Modern Science. Modern science arose because of the Christian faith & worldview of early scientists.

Morris, Henry: The Genesis Record. (Hydrologist) A key commentary on the book of Genesis by the forefather of modern creation studies.

Morris, Henry: The Long War Against God. Historical work tracing evolutionary, anti-God thought down through the ages.

Morris, Henry & John Morris: The Modern Creation Trilogy. With geologist son John, a three volume set on creation and evolution.

Morris, Henry & Gary Parker: What is Creation Science? With biologist Dr. Parker, a standard text on creation from a strictly scientific perspective, without biblical/religious content.

Morris, John: The Young Earth. (Geologist) An excellent review of some key lines of evidence for a young earth, written for laymen.

Noebel, David: Understanding the Times. Explores how major worldviews today see the world differently, from economics to biology. Very helpful for understanding what influences people – and how you have been influenced yourself.

Oard, Michael: An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood. (Meteorologist) Key technical work explaining how the theory of ice ages fits in a young earth framework. The “Ice Age” was caused by the Cataclysm.

Pearcey, Nancy & Charles ThaxtonThe Soul of Science. A Christian scientist and philosopher of science explore the philosophical and religious foundations of science from a Christian worldview.

ReMine, Walter: The Biotic Message. (Biologist) Powerful demonstration of the ambiguous nature of evolutionary theory; proposes a intelligent design theory of biological origins (Message Theory) in its place.

Roth, Ariel: Origins: Linking Science and Scripture. (Past director of Geoscience Research Institute) Excellent general work on creation.

Sarfati, Jonathan: Refuting Evolution. (Chemist) Concise response debunking the evolutionary apologetics and rationalizations of the NAS.

Snelling, Andrew: The Quote Book. (Geologist) A collection of astonishing quotes and admissions by leading evolutionists.

Spetner, Lee: Not by Chance! (Biophysicist) The key book documenting the degenerative nature of beneficial mutations. Semi-technical.

Taylor, Paul and Mark Van BebberCreation and Time: A Report on the Progressive Creationist Book by Hugh Ross. Taylor (head of Films for Christ, producer of Origins) and theologian Van Bebber tackle the false teachings & many errors of the Rossites.

Thaxton, Charles, Walter Bradley and Roger Olsen: The Mystery of Life’s Origins. Three scientists explore the complexity of life and failure to explain its origin apart from intelligent design. Semi-technical.

Vardiman, Larry, Eugene Chaffin and Andrew Snelling: Radioisotopes and the Age of the EarthPreliminary technical investigation by the RATE team of geophysicists, nuclear physicists, geologists and others seeking to explain radioisotope profiles from a biblical perspective.

Walsh, Robert (ed.): Proceedings of the International Conferences on Creation (1986, 1990, 1994, 1998)Collected papers and discussions from the major conference of scientists and other scholars defending biblical creation. Semi-technical to technical.

Wells, Jonathan, Icons of Evolution. (Biologist) Dr. Wells shows why most of what is taught as evidence for evolution is wrong.

Whitcomb, John C. and Donald B. DeYoungThe Moon: Its Creation, Form, and Significance. (Theologian and astrophysicist) The title says it all, from a biblical creation perspective.

Williams, Emmett (ed.): Thermodynamics and the Development of OrderCollection of papers on entropy and evolution by scientists in the Creation Research Society. Semi-technical.

Woodmorappe, John: The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods. (Biologist/geologist) Shows why measurements of great ages are untrustworthy. Technical.

Woodmorappe, John: Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility StoryAuthoritative text debunking scores of attacks on the story of Noah’s Ark.


Baker, Mace: DinosaursInformative book telling of dinosaurs and dinosaur controversies by a creationary author.

Gish, Duane: The Amazing Story of CreationTells the story of creation in a richly illustrated book for the whole family.

Gish, Duane: Dinosaurs by DesignFascinating and informative book on dinosaurs in a biblical framework.

Ham, Ken & Molly: D is for DinosaurAlphabet book for young children learning their letters.

Henry, Jonathan: The Astronomy BookAttractive book about our solar system, galaxy and universe from a biblical perspective.

Morris, John: The Geology Book. The most recent in a series of fascinating science books from a biblical perspective.

Oard, Michael: Life in the Great Ice AgeColorful look at life during the Ice Age, explaining how it fits with the Bible.

Oard, Michael: The Weather BookAll about weather, past and present, in a biblical worldview.


Creationism Connection       (Informal index listing many links of interest.)  Answers in Genesis is the largest biblical creation ministry. An extensive website holds hundreds of fascinating articles, interviews, features, reviews and FAQs. An online bookstore is available, as well as subscription info for Creation Ex Nihilo or the Technical Journal. You can download audio and video creation seminars. AiG is building a high quality natural history museum in the Florence, KY area.

Access Research Network (ARN)  Access Research Network is an organization devoted to Intelligent Design in origins. Online archive includes the technical journal Origins & Design. Not biblically based but broadly consistent with a Christian worldview.

Creation Research Society The Creation Research Society operates this site, which includes a modest selection of more technical articles.

Discovery Institute The Discovery Institute is a “think tank” for scholars working (in part) on the Intelligent Design paradigm.

Geoscience Research Institute Geoscience Research Institute. Contains many scholarly articles on creation. Adventist science institute.

Institute for Creation Research The Institute for Creation Research website. Includes a number of research papers and hundreds of Impact and Back to Genesis articles on science, the Bible, and social and legal issues relating to creation/evolutionism. Operates an accredited graduate school and museum in addition to research work in the San Diego area.

Revolution Against Evolution Revolution Against Evolution website. Hosts these collected resource sheets. A quality website with an array of semi-technical articles defending creation and refuting overzealous Darwinist claims.


Acts & Facts   Monthly newsletter from the Institute for Creation Research, free on request. Includes monthly articles on science (the Impact series) and the Bible (the Back to Genesis series).

Creation Magazine     Beautifully illustrated, colorful magazine for everyone from children to parents to pastors to scientists. Produced by Creation Ministries International.

Creation Research Society Quarterly   Peer-reviewed journal of the Creation Research Society. The CRSQ contains articles by Bible-believing scientists working to uphold biblical creation. CRS also produces the Creation Matters newsletter, a less technical work.

Origins & Design Technical journal produced by Access Research Network. No biblical content, this journal addresses scientific data and arguments regarding biological design, and related philosophical issues.


Biological Evidence of Creation: “From a Frog to a Prince”Keziah, 27 minutes, 1998.

Evidences: The Record and the Flood, Geoscience Research Institute45 minutes, 1990.

Focus on Darwinism (Interviews with Michael J. Denton, Phillip Johnson (separate tapes)), Access Research Network, 1993.

The Genesis Foundation (trilogy), Creation-Life Publishers, public domain videos.

Genesis: In the Beginning, God…, Precept Ministries, six 45 minute lectures by Dr. Kurt Wise, 1998.

The Genesis Solution, Eden Productions, 45 minutes, 1987.

Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood, Institute for Creation Research, 55 minutes, 1995.

The Grand Canyon Catastrophe: New Evidence of the Genesis FloodKeziah/American Portrait Films, 27 minutes, 1996.

In the Beginning: Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and the Genesis FloodKeziah, 27 minutes, 1996.

In the Image of GodKeziah, 28 minutes, 1997.

Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe, Institute for Creation Research, 58 minutes.

A Question of Origins: The Creation-Evolution Controversy, Eternal Productions, 60 minutes, 1998.

The Young Age of the Earth, Alpha Productions, 79 minutes, 1994.

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