A Glacial Glitch for Uniformitarian Long Age Dogmas

A Glacial Glitch for Uniformitarian Long Age Dogmas

Author: John Woodmorappe
Subject: Geology

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Creationists have described how glaciers could have covered much of the Northern Hemisphere after the global Flood and then disappeared in only a few centuries [1]. Now other scientists are proposing that at least certain parts of the glacial sheet covering North America did not retreat at “glacial” rates, but melted catastrophically. Lewis and others found signs of deep erosion of gullies at the bottom of Lake Ontario up to 10 meters deep and 10 to 100 meters wide occurring repeatedly in sediment laid down by glaciers [2]. They concluded that these point to catastrophic melting and flooding along the trend of the Ontario and Erie basins.

Once again the evidence, when properly interpreted, points to rapid changes in the earth’s past and is compatible with a Biblical time-frame. More work is needed to determine whether or not this finding can be generalized to a catastrophic origin of all the Great Lakes by a sudden collapse of the post-Flood glaciers.


[1]. Oard, M. 1987. An ice age within the biblical time frame. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Creationism. Creation Science Fellowship. Pittsburgh. 157-163.

[2]. Lewis, C.F.M. et al. 1996. Were the Ontario and Erie basins swept by catastrophic meltwater flooding? Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. 28 (3) 76.

Topics: glacial geology, strange but true, radical science, geologic catastrophes, Holocene geology, rapid geomorphic change, unorthodox knowledge

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