Gnat Bites from our Detractors

Gnat Bites from our Detractors

Author: Doug Sharp
Subject: Apologetics
Date: 1/23/2005

The motivation behind the Revolution Against Evolution is to encourage people to believe in God, and to answer some of the tough questions they might have concerning the Bible and science. Frequently, though, we receive random pot-shots from those who ridicule our beliefs. They have a right to do this, and in some cases we have had people point out instances where our research was flawed, either scientifically or Biblically, and in those cases we are grateful to them. We try to investigate these and fix any mistakes as soon as we can. Our objective is to present the truth as we understand it, and to present a scientific explanation for phenomena in light of the Bible. But we would encourage those who write in to us that they check our Essays by Subject and Frequently Asked Questions to see if the subject is already covered. We find that many people make quick judgments about our position without doing enough investigation. Others simply would rather ridicule us. All we hope for is that people will have the chance of enjoying the tremendous benefits of trusting God. There are many things that become roadblocks to a person’s belief, and our web site is an attempt to clear these out of the way.

Due to the high numbers of inquiries we get, we cannot guarantee we will answer your question. But we have decided to start posting some of these comments here (at least the ones that don’t have profanity), as it gives you an idea of the kind of “stinking thinking” that comes across our path. These will be classified under the proper categories of invalid reasoning, and if we get multiple instance of these kind of pot-shots, we will record the numbers as they come.

Profane Messages: 3
Profanity in a message automatically disqualifies an argument, and is immediately deleted. We will not respond.

Ad-Hominem Arguments:
An ad-hominem argument attacks the credibility of the writer rather than dealing with the argument.

(a) Name-calling:
(b) Calling into question a writer’s credentials (this does not address the argument):
(c) Attacks on those who use pseudonyms:

Straw Man Arguments:
A “straw man” argument attacks a position we do not hold.

(a) Comparing us with the Taliban (1)
(b) Flat-earth (2)
(c) Geocentrism (1)
(d) Racist Bigots (2)
(e) Raelians (1)

Just Plainly Incorrect:

(a) Man HAS created life forms before.

Hasty Conclusions:
Example would be (a) Bears hibernate (b) A bear is a mammal (c) therefore all mammals hibernate.

(a) Creation is religion but evolution is science.

Chronological Snobbery:
An argument that is an appeal to tradition or whether a concept is “modern.”

A definition masquerading as an explanation.

Sixth Grade Bullying:
Name-calling and mocking.

Threats, ganging up.

(a) We will kill you. We will kill you all. Shut the f* up. Take down your web site. You have 48 hours.

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