Short Articles by John Woodmorappe

Short Articles by Scientist and Author
John Woodmorappe

[These are reprinted, by permission, from Creation Moments (Bible-Science Association), with some modification]. Topics are as follows (just click on the topic):

About John Woodmorappe

The biography and testimony of John Woodmorappe, and description of his research which demonstrates the practicality of Noah’s Ark (animal keeping, logistics, etc.) and global Flood geology.

The Merits of Creationism: Comments on the PBS Debate on Firing Line by John Woodmorappe
The Rapid Fossilization of Dinosaur Bones 
Recent Origin of Glacial Features
Fullerenes: Possible New Evidence for a Young Earth
Salt Accumulation Rates: An Even Younger Ocean?
Media Bias and its Distorted Portrayal of Creationism
The “Inefficiency” of Photosynthesis in Plants: Teleology vs. Dysteleological Objections
For Cat Lovers: Alternatives to Carnivory, Prior to the Fall, and After the Parousia
Defenses Against Predators: Possible Alternative Functions Before the Fall
Strange But True: What Did Flesh Flies Eat Before the Fall?
Sanguivory: The Origins of Vampire Bats
The Atheism and Nihilism of Evolution: a Practical Demonstration (Hands-on Activity)
A Fable Illustrating why God-Directed Evolution (Theistic Evolution) is Untenable
Why the Ediacaran Fauna Does Not Patch Up the Cambrian Explosion
Weird Science: The Proposed Evolution of Birds Does Not Fly
Recent Evidence for the Fallacy of Human Evolution
Amazing But True: Why Human-Chimp Similarities are Not Evidence for Evolution
Evidence for the Speeding Up of Molecular Clocks: the Implications
Secrets of Ageing: How Biblical Personages Could Have Lived for Centuries
The Jesus Seminar: Rationalistic Attacks on Jesus Christ and the Creator go Hand-in-Hand
The Cultural War: The Noble Savage Hypothesis, an Anti-Biblical Claim, is False.

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