Noah’s Ark? Just the FAQS Please

Noah’s Ark? Just the FAQS Please.

Provided by John Woodmorappe

a). How could the Koala have been fed on the Ark?

It HAS been proven possible to switch the koala from its diet of fresh Eucalyptus leaves to dried ones, and even to common foods.

b). Was it necessary for Noah to have supplied bamboo for the panda on the Ark?

No. The panda can be switched to common foods, so long as they are high in fiber.

c). Is it possible for Noah and his family to have cared for so many animals?

Yes! Actual manpower studies prove that 8 people could have fed, watered, and disposed the manure of 16,000 animals.

d). Wouldn’t the hay on the Ark for elephants, etc., have taken up too much room?

No. Most of the hay could have been replaced by denser, grain-based feeds, and the hay could have been compressed through the exertion of only modest amounts of pressure.

e). How could salt-intolerant and salt-requiring fish have survived the Flood at the same time?

There are concentrations of salt in water which are compatible with the survival of BOTH marine and freshwater fish.

f). Wasn’t the genetic diversity of the animals released from the Ark too small?

No. A single pair of animals has most of the ESSENTIAL genetic diversity of the entire parent population.

g). Was there enough room for all the animals on the Ark?

Yes, with room to spare. (based upon laboratory-animal housing standards).

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