Obsolete Superstitions

Obsolete Superstitions

Author: Doug Sharp
Subject: Politics
Date: 1/1/2000

Most of the arguments that are used by evolutionists to prove their theory have scientific refutations that have been long been spelled out by creationists. Currently these evolutionist arguments are still in use in many public schools, in textbooks, and in the scientific literature. To present them uncritically in the classroom without exposing children to an opportunity to hear the other side is a form of indoctrination, and we believe that it is morally wrong to do so. We believe that this is a religious issue and a hypocritical misuse of the separation of church and state. The implications of mega evolution, the idea of molecules evolving to man, have value only as an apologetic for atheism, as an argument against the veracity of the Bible.

I would challenge an evolutionist to come up with an evolutionist prediction that results in a useful scientific principle, technique, or technology that does not have an equivalent and corresponding creationist explanation.

I declare the following evolutionist arguments to be obsolete and the equivalent of a superstition. These should not be taught in the classroom uncritically. Even more offensive is the teacher who openly challenges the faith of a Christian and uses his/her authority in a classroom to “evangelize” the student to believe the atheist position, sometimes with pressures of lowered grades and humiliation. A student who is put in this position should have a right to complain if it offends his Christian faith.

Obsolete Arguments:

  1. Embryonic Recapitulation. This is the idea that the stages of evolution appear in the development of the embryo. This is patently false.
  2. Vestigial Organs. This is the belief that certain organs have lost their original use and are a vestige of an evolutionary past. We are looking for evidence that new features are being created by evolution, not the loss of features. It does not follow that addition to the gene pool occurs directly as a result of subtraction.
  3. Peppered Moths. This is the belief that changes in the population of the peppered moth demonstrates evolution. However, no new species emerge. The numbers change, not the physiology.
  4. The Horse Series. Fossils, lined up like ducks in a row, give the false impression that one came from the other.
  5. Successive Forests. This is the idea that strata that show fossil trees buried in successive layers show that successive forests grew over a long period of time. Stephen Austin’s floating log mat theory of the flood shows how these layers could be formed quickly and catastrophically.
  6. Primordial Soup. There is so much wrong with the concept of life evolving from non-life that it would take volumes of books to contain it. One such volume is “The Mystery of Life’s Origin” by Thaxton, Bradley, and Olsen. Also see Revolution Against Evolution chapter 6.
  7. Java Man, Neanderthal Man, Peking Man, Piltdown Man, Cro-Magnon Man, etc. Please present these and tell the WHOLE sordid story about each one. Marvin Lubenow’s book “Bones of Contention” is a good source of information.
  8. Mutations cause increase in information. There is no evidence that this is the case. Genetic information is either transferred or copied from another source, or it is destroyed by mutation. This is the case with bacterial resistance and other so-called evidences of evolution.
  9. The Scopes Trial. If you are a teacher, please do not show the misleading movie “Inherit the Wind” in your class.
  10. “Given Enough Time, Anything Can Happen.” This can be shown to be mathematically false. Spetner’s book “Not By Chance” has one of the best treatments of this subject.
  11. Similar Design (Homology) Proves Common Origin. This is true whether it comes from the hand of the Creator or descended through evolution.

It is not the purpose of this article to go into detail about each one of these obsolete superstitions of evolution. More detailed information about each one can be found elsewhere on this web site. Instead, my point is that teachers present these arguments to unsuspecting students who do not have the chance to hear the other side. This is a deliberate attempt to erode a student’s Christian foundation, and that makes it a religious, not scientific issue. I don’t care if some Christians attempt to incorporate evolutionary beliefs into their faith. If an atheist uses evolution to attack Christianity, then teaching it is atheistic propaganda.

If you are a student, and you have been subjected to these arguments as proof of evolution, you have not heard the other side and you have been pressured to believe it, tell us your story. We would like to gather further evidence that the main use of evolution is to damage the faith of Christians.

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