The Revolution Against Evolution: Beliefs, Views, Purpose and Mission

The Revolution Against Evolution

Beliefs, Views, Purpose and Mission

Mission Statement

The Revolution Against Evolution is an organization dedicated to restoring the truth of God’s word, the Bible. We believe that an understanding of Genesis is a foundation to the Christian faith. Our mission is to strengthen faith in God by educating people in the scientific arguments that defend the Bible as God’s word.


The scope of our group’s discussions encompasses subjects such as history, philosophy, anthropology, medicine, biology, geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and almost any other subject that might touch the creation-evolution issue.

Vehicle For Communication

The Revolution Against Evolution TV Show airs weekly on public access cable TV in Lansing, Grand Rapids and Jackson, Michigan. We are looking for additional sites willing to sponsor our show in their city. We offer seminars, books and articles, and RAE Adventures where we travel to various sites of interest.

Statement of Belief

  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired written word of God, and that it should be interpreted in a straightforward manner. We believe that all of its assertions are scientifically true in all of the original manuscripts. This means that Genesis is a factual presentation of history.
  • We believe that creation account in Genesis represents six 24 hour days of creation (as opposed to the “Day Age Theory”), that there are no gaps of long periods of time (such as proposed between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 with the “Gap Theory”). We believe that the chronology of the Bible is true and that it represents a young date for the creation of the earth.
  • We believe that the Great Flood of Genesis was world wide in scope. This flood was a major geologic event that split continents, created miles of layers of strata, buried and fossilized animals in the rock creating the geologic features we see today.
  • Following the Great Flood of Noah, a period of time occurred where a combination of warm oceans and cold barren continents created conditions for glaciers of ice to pile up on the northern areas of the continents. This also was the time where many other catastrophic geologic events occurred such as draining of massive lakes (the Grand Canyon), and the formation of glacial kettles, moraines, eskers, and other features.
  • We believe the age of the dinosaurs occurred before the flood, where conditions were such that man lived to be more than 900 years old. We know that as reptiles age, they continue to grow; they don’t stop growing. This explains their great size. After the flood, conditions were such that they gradually died out.
  • We are an organization of Christian men and women of science who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The account of Adam and Eve and their subsequent fall into sin is essential for our belief in the necessity for a Savior for everyone.
  • We believe that cave men were ordinary men that lived in caves (like cave men today). The concept that some people are more primitive than others is racist and offensive. Fossil man found in caves were probably hunters and outcasts of the society of the time after Noah’s flood. We believe that civilization existed from the beginning and did not evolve.
  • We believe that what is often represented as biological evolution does not demonstrate a change from simple to complex, rather the changes are in a state of devolution.
  • We believe that for a good education to take place, both sides of the creation-evolution issue should be taught as a part of a science curriculum. There should be room in the public school for teachers to speak their mind on either side. A good teacher would offer a balanced approach, but teachers should not be hindered from voicing their opinions, whether favoring creation or evolution. To balance this, parents and students should have the option to choose their teachers and/or schools. This would be true academic freedom. The current situation favors the teaching of evolution only, and Christians feel that this is offensive to their beliefs.
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