Time Upside Down Contents

Dr. Erich von Fange Ph.D.


1. Once Upon a Time7. Elephants and Llamas
2. Time Upside Down8. Footprints Tell Tales
3. Surtsey Island Shouldn‘t Be9. What Ailed Old Neanderthal Man?
4. Upside Down Formations That Can’t Be10. Conclusion
5. Bristlecone Pines Tell on C14
6. Odd Things in Wrong Places

TO THE READERThis book is an outgrowth of a curious reading adventure for more than 25 years. The author has read deeply into just about all sides of a very complex story – the respectable books, texts, and journals; the works of evolutionists and creationists; the uniformitarians and the catastrophists; mythologists, historians, geologists, archaeologists, and astronomers; the hollow earth theorists, the flying saucer fans, the gods-from-outer-space writers, and the proponents of Mu and Atlantis. This reading was not done out of gullibility, but rather to see just what various views and theories rested on. To a remarkable degree, it may now be said, any of the above may use the same facts to bolster any theory. In this book, however, the facts, the clues, the anomalies, are removed from the views and theories woven about them and are here examined in a new light. We want to explore how reported facts, and anomalies as well, fit into belief systems, especially belief in a young, created earth as contrasted with a belief in evolution.

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