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The Broken Clocks of Deep Time 10/22/2020 853 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Charlie Wolcott Evolutionists use radiometric dating methods to justify their claims of deep time. But are the results accurate? Charlie Wolcott explains the assumptions of radiometric dating and analyzes the exponential decay function which is the primary equation that is used to derive the age of the earth and the rock layers in the geologic column. The assumptions with the decay equation are:
1. Known initial amount of parent isotope
2. Known initial amount of daughter isotope
3. Constant decay rate (nothing can alter the rate of decay)
4. Closed system (can’t have isotopes leaching in or out)
5. Homogeneity (uniform distribution).
There are problems with each of these assumptions. For example, the rate of decay is something that the laboratory only measures for 30 minutes of a half-life, which for Uranium 238 is 0.0000000000000127%. There is no way that this verifies that the decay rate over 4.5 billion years is constant. The initial amounts of parent and daughter elements are assumed, not measured. And differential leaching of isotopes is a real possibility. Charlie shows that radiometric dating isn’t scientific, but agenda driven, and proposes several tests that can be done to show that.
Challenges in Distributing Aid in South Sudan 10/18/2020 852 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan and Teresa Janzen Dan and Teresa Janzen are missionaries to the country of South Sudan. In our interview with them, they talk about the extreme conditions in the country that make it difficult to help the people, and the efforts of non-government charitable organizations to bring relief are often fraught with misconceptions and political agendas that make it difficult for the aid to reach the people who need it the most. Dan and Teresa talk about Christian-based teaching that causes people to learn how to plant crops, farm, and create income rather than moving to the cities where aid is handed out but there is no human dignity or future.
The Twilight of Atheism 10/9/2020 851 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Mike Nolan Mike Nolan explains that atheism has been out of fashion for quite some time, and though Christians have recently been addressing the arguments of pure atheism successfully, the scenario has shifted quite a bit. The current environment is a mixture of postmodernism, paganism, cults, and other forms of rebellion against God though in many forms appearing like spirituality. Mike takes us on a discovery of the history of atheism starting with the French philosophers who were seeking to divest themselves of the monarchy who held dual political and ecclesiastical power. They figured that the church was devoid of the truth, and they sought to replace it with a morality that was based upon scientific and practical reasoning. This led to the geology of Hutton and Lyell, Marxism and Darwinism. It is obvious now that the science no longer supports these systems of reasoning, but that leads to a different strategy of questioning the existence of truth, adoption of different gods, and defining spirituality in terms palatable to those who aren’t very interested in following the God of the Bible. Understanding these new complications adds to the challenge of addressing today’s worldviews.
How I Found God in Quantum Chemistry Class 10/2/2020 850 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Mike Nolan Dr. Mike Nolan describes his experiences in graduate school that started him on a search for an explanation for what he saw in all of the complex rules and equations he learned in quantum chemistry class. There, he was compelled to understand principles like Schroedinger’s equation that defined the wave orbital structure of electrons about the nucleus of an atom. He deduced that the world is governed by these interrelated rules, and they must have come from some higher intelligence that would have assembled it. He decided to revisit the Bible and found that the message it delivers was quite different from the storybook tales he heard as a boy in Sunday School. The Bible describes real people with flaws, faults and sins that lead to consequences, and he found that the God of the Bible not only provides a remedy for this but also reasonable explanation for the orderly nature of the world we see around us.
New Medical Breakthroughs with the MRI 9/25/2020 849 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Raymond Damadian Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI, explains the new technology of the Stand-Up MRI produced exclusively by his company FONAR, and the research that this enables. He believes that he has discovered the cause of the family of brain diseases that include Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). With the Stand-Up MRI, it is possible to scan a person in any position and not only take high-resolution scans, but actually take MRI movies as fluid flows in the body. His research, conducted with chiropractor Dr. Scott Rosa, identifies the formation of lesions in the brain caused by the backup of cerebral spinal fluid. Misalignment of the top two vertebra in the spine restricts the flow of this fluid. Like the circulatory system and lymphatic system, 32 quarts of this liquid flows from the brain to the bottom of the spinal cord and back every day. Injuries to this part of the spinal column causing misalignment can be corrected by a specialized chiropractic adjustment. It is possible to measure the amount of restricted flow, identify the misalignment, and detect the progress of healing through MRI scans. Multiple directed MRI scans are now being used to monitor the progress of cancer treatment and discover if the treatment being used is effective. This technology is attractive to investors. FONAR holds all of the patents.
Why the Inventor of the MRI Believes in the Creator of the Bible 10/8/2020 848 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer with Dr. Raymond Damadian Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI, explains where his faith in the God of the Bible comes from. He credits Billy Graham for causing him to make his decision of faith, but it was his scientific mind that caused him to firmly decide that the origin of life by evolution does not make sense. He finds that it is incredible that people believe that intelligence found even in slime molds is what is ultimately responsible for the intelligence found in human beings.What transpired to cause the 400 cc brain size of a chimp to increase to the average size of the human brain at 1260 cc? He also explains that the current technology of the FONAR MRI built by his company is superior to most MRI scanners currently used in hospitals. The Stand-Up MRI as it is called, uses a new magnet technology that does not require it to be supercooled. Therefore it is less bulky and can scan a person in any position. It also take MRI movies of tissue and flow of fluid. It is being used to diagnose brain disease as well as cancer. This new technology is not available in Michigan yet, but it is an amazing opportunity for investors who want to make a difference in health care.
Amazing Turkey Hunting Stories 9/10/2020 847 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Steve Sharp Getting out in the woods and being still while hunting makes some special memories and provides opportunities to learn lessons, hear from God, and listen to nature wake up as the first light of day begins to peek over the horizon. Steve Sharp tells several funny experiences he has had while hunting and what it is like to take his children and grandchildren out into the woods.
The Success of the Wild Turkey in Michigan 9/10/2020 846 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Steve Sharp Steve Sharp talks about the success of the reintroduction of the wild turkey in Michigan in 1954 and how the habitat has changed after the lumbering days. It went from pine forest that was lumbered to grasslands that were good for quail and pheasant, scrub brush that was good for woodcock and as the forest matured, it provided habitat for wild turkey. He demonstrates the difference between spring and fall turkey hunting and which calls are appropriate for either season. He also describes a little bit about the different species of turkey and some of the unique anatomical features.
A Solution For Seeing Stars 9/3/2020 845 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, David and Ann Harris David Harris was one of the very first creationists who proposed a model why we are able to see stars that were millions of light-years away. In 1978, he published his model in the Creation Research Society Quarterly, and several other creationists got on the bandwagon and started to propose their own models. David’s model had light from distant stars traveling at an infinite light speed, but at the time of the fall of man, it created an impedance that slowed down the speed of light as it approached the earth. Earlier, creationists such as Henry M. Morris proposed a model of light created in transit. When we interviewed Dr. D. Russell Humphreys, he said that the model David Harris proposed inspired him to develop his own white-hole cosmology, which solves the issue using the general theory of relativity to propose that time runs at different rates in the universe. Other scientists such as Jason Lisle and Steve Miller propose variations of David’s idea. Steve Miller believes that we are seeing the universe in near-real time. Jason Lisle proposes a variation of that concept. His model is called the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention.
God: The Master Artist 8/29/2020 844 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer You can view the beauty of God’s Creation, or you can see the scum. It’s all a matter of perspective. Art is imitating God’s creation in all of its glory. There are elements of color, proportion, symmetry, perspective, emotion, connection, complexity and personality all tied up in art. What makes up good art? Artists don’t agree and usually cannot come up with anything, yet you know it when you see it. Is it all a matter of personal experience or preference? Classical art often reflected what you knew was truth, beauty and happiness, and it was usually done in the name of Jesus. Now, secular art isn’t like that, and since the classical time there has been a rebellion against the church and representational art. I call it art entropy: the devolution of art. Without meaning, art becomes an emotional expression, often that of chaos, confusion and nihilism. But Christian art counters that, and should reflect the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.
Why Believe in Evolution Against All Odds? 8/21/2020 843 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Many examples exist that show that the chances of evolution producing life are so remote that it defies all of logic. Yet people believe in evolution, and they do so in many cases with evangelistic fervor. Why is this the case? If you dump a jigsaw puzzle onto the floor, what are the chances of it coming together completely assembled? Why does your finger grow to a certain optimum length and then just stop, perfectly proportioned to do its job? How did the dolphin’s nose move to the back of his head? Evolution is attractive, though, because it provides a perfect excuse for poor behavior. A lot of people are angry with God, and blame him for the consequences that occur when they disobey His laws and rebel against Him. They really don’t want Him in their life, so evolution is a convenient reason for their rejection of Him.
Dark Matter: MOND, MACHOS or WIMPS? 8/13/2020 842 Doug Sharp, Derek Marshall Derek Marshall discusses the case for Dark Matter in the universe as he reviews Dr. Danny Faulkner’s article in the Answers Research Journal. Within the biblical creation movement, there is much resistance to the possibility of dark matter. One reason is that the motions of galaxies within clusters have been used as evidence of recent origin. But Danny makes the case for the existence of dark matter and discusses three different theories for how it operates: MOND, MACHOS and WIMPS. MOND is Modified Newtonian Dynamics, suggesting that our understanding of classical Newtonian gravity is incomplete. MACHOS are Massive Compact Halo Objects, such as black holes, white dwarfs, brown dwarfs and planets. WIMPS stands for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles. All are dependent upon interpretations of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, and the data doesn’t quite fit any of these explanations, so we are left with additional mysteries to solve.
Is the Intestine an Example of Poor Design? 7/10/2020 841 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jerry Bergman Jerry Bergman is the author of over 60 books, and two of his new outstanding volumes are called Poor Design and Useless Organs. These books are the result of over 50 years of research into these outmoded arguments by evolutionists, and each of the examples that have been brought out have been answered, showing the purpose of the design of each structure in the human body. The fact that some show overdesign and redundancy is not an argument against design. They argue that the intestines are vestiges of when we walked on all fours and that some of the troubles we have are the result of random design. That is far from being the case.
Fuite de l’Absolu 7/2/2020 840 Paul Gosselin, Kerby Rials L’Occident est à l’heure des confrontations. Confrontations extérieures comme celle avec l’islam, qui fait entendre sa voix sur la scène internationale, et confrontations intérieures, où des concepts sociaux et moraux millénaires sont contestés, marginalisés ou redéfinis. Au milieu de cette crise, l’Occident tente de redéfinir son identité. L’anthropologue sur le terrain, est guidé par le principe que chaque
culture s’enracine dans une vision du monde qui forme et influence non seulement ses rites et ses mythes mais aussi son système éthique, ses moyens d’expression culturels, sa science, son système politique et juridique. Si un système idéologico-religieux constitue alors l’infrastructure de toute civilisation, il est utile de poser la question : qu’est-ce qui constitue la religion de l’Occident au XXIe siècle? Quelles sont ses institutions, ses rites, ses mythes d’origine, ses apôtres, ses fidèles, ses
initiations ? Si, autrefois, la morale était établie par des autorités religieuses traditionnelles, qui remplace ces acteurs dans le contexte postmoderne? Quelle sera leur influence sur les questions de l’heure en santé en biotechnologies, dans le rapport de l’homme avec l’équilibre planétaire, l’environnement et la faune, ou par rapport à la place de l’intelligence artificielle ? Fuite de l’Absolu tente donc d’examiner ces questions, plus ou moins licites, pour regarder au coeur de notre génération. Qu’y trouverons-nous?
Fuite de l’Absolu est un livre destiné aussi bien à un public avisé qu’au grand public qui cherche à comprendre quelle est la source des valeurs véhiculées par notre société. Cet ouvrage est une analyse qui décape les discours dominants de l’heure, exposant leurs fondements.
Flight from the Absolute 7/2/2020 839 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Paul Gosselin, Kerby Rials Writing both in French and English, Paul Gosselin is an independent researcher specializing in ideologies, belief systems and religions. He holds a Masters in Social Anthropology and is the author of the French book, Hors du ghetto (on culture and the arts). His Flight From the Absolute series involved years of investigation into Western ideologies and belief systems, in particular, postmodernism. Gosselin has been known to make his own pizza and boeuf braisé from time to time… He has lived in Nova Scotia, California, Vancouver Island, Hull QC and currently resides in Quebec City. Paul discusses on Revolution Against Evolution the puzzle of postmodernism as the predominant philosophy in our culture. It has no rational basis, as it is a rejection of the Enlightenment concept of science as Truth as well as the Christianity as a basis for morality. It is a self-centered religion where truth is relative to a person’s whims and emotions.
The Importance of the Creation Message in India 6/27/2020 838 Douglas Sharp, Rich Geer, Kancherla Sirish This is an interview with Kancherla Sirish, a school teacher in India who describes the importance of the Biblical message of creation to Christianity in India. Christians form a very small minority in India, and face some unique challenges in their culture in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ. The majority of people in India are Hindu, and another minority religion is Islam. Hindus serve many different gods, and to them Jesus Christ is just one other god to add to the pantheon of gods they serve. In addition, they believe that theirs is the oldest religion going back many eons in time, and to them the evolutionary worldview is compatible with their Hindu religion. Sirish is instead teaching the Biblical model of creation and found support and comfort in the Revolution Against Evolution book that was sent to him in 2004.
Life is in the Blood 6/19/2020 837 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The circulatory system is one of many interdependent systems that comprise life in the body. Along with the circulatory system, you have the respiratory system, digestive system, lymphatic system, skeletal system, integumentary system, each of which cannot exist without the others in place. If you were to construct the circulatory system from scratch, where would you start. The capillaries? Without the heart, lungs, blood vessels, red blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets, nothing would work. The implications of the blood in relation to scripture is also discussed.
Grand Canyon Geology 6/12/2020 836 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer We have made quite a number of trips to the Grand Canyon since the first one in 1999, but there are always new things to learn. There are two competing creationist models for the formation of the Grand Canyon, but they are quite similar. Dr. Stephen Austin proposed a breached dam that came from post flood lakes behind the canyon in the Navajo land. Michael Oard believes that sheet runoff after the flood caused a channel to be carved through the mountain. At the great unconformity near the bottom of the canyon, the bottom layers are tilted, then planed off smooth, and new layers deposited on top. The Devonian Temple Butte formation appears in some places, but in one place on the North Kaibab Trail, it is missing and the layers above and below are interbedded. In Sedona, the layers that appear at the Grand Canyon are 1,000 feet lower and the Schnebly Hill formation that forms the red rocks there is missing at the Grand Canyon. All of these anomalies are better explained in a catastrophic world-wide flood model.
Creation Tours in Secular Museums 6/5/2020 835 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Steven Craig Policastro Steven Craig Policastro is president of the International Association for Creation, and he is organizing local creation groups to provide tours of local state and national museums from a creation perspective. This is becoming a very successful use of the educational materials provided to us through our tax dollars, and though our point of view differs from what is normally presented in these museums, he has not received much opposition to his tours. He has, however, prepared a statement that he will give to people who challenge his right to do so.
Carved in Stone by Timothy Clarey – A Book Review 5/30/2020 834 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Carved in Stone is Timothy Clarey’s March 2020 book release, and it is a massive, beautiful work outlining his case for Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, also known as CPT. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics is one of several creationist flood models that we describe in our updated book Revolution Against Evolution, and in our recently released version, we discuss CPT along with the hydroplate model, vertical tectonics, meteorite bombardment, the water vapor canopy theory, and the curious mention in Genesis of the division in the days of Peleg. All of these are discussed in Timothy’s book and is well worth the investment to read.
Revolution Against Evolution Fourth Edition 2020 5/24/2020 833 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer If you want an easy-to-read general purpose creationist book you can give to high school students that is up to date and explains the highlights of God’s creation, get this book Revolution Against Evolution. In 1986, the first edition of Revolution Against Evolution was published and 2,500 copies were distributed, though it was initially designed for a Bible Training Institute class. It was reprinted in 1993 and in 2013 it was updated and made into an e-book. Now, we have re-edited this book and brought it up to date with the current creationist research. Most of the arguments presented in the original book remain effective, and speculations originally made have been confirmed with more thorough research and visits to the sites mentioned in the original. The new version will sell for $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping and the chapter titles are:
Order from Disorder
Historical Geology and Fault-Finding
Early Man
Animals that Could not have Evolved
Proteins, DNA and the Cell
Which Model is Best?
The Stars and Planets
Evidence Versus Myths
Issues and Answers
Amazing Design in Plants 5/14/2020 832 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Grady McMurtry Dr. Grady McMurtry shares his story of inquiry into truth as a scientist that led him from a belief in evolution as a teacher to discover the truth of Christianity. He then questioned evolution and found it a house of cards. Dr. Grady talks about unique design in plants and how they are interdependent upon insects for pollination. We talked about the dinosaur tree, the Wollemi Pine, that was abundant during the time of the dinosaurs, yet was found in Australia and grows in various places today. Design involves mathematics and Derek Marshall explains how plants exhibit the creation function spiral, the fibronacci series, and the golden ratio. God’s design is exhibited in full and partial metamorphosis where a caterpiller turns to jelly in a chrysalis and emerges as a moth or butterfly. A challenge to evolution is for a synthetic chemist to produce a pill that you plant in the ground, absorbs nutrients and grows to be a plant where it produces seeds like it.
How Evolution Destroys the Church 5/5/2020 831 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The mission of the Revolution Against Evolution is to remove the stumbling blocks that hinders faith in Jesus Christ and the church. In this show, we investigate the origins of the theory of evolution beginning with Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin, and how the simple layout of a theory that is contrary to the Biblical record hoodwinked the church into believing that in order to be scientific, theologians needed to abandon the Biblical story of the beginning. But, as Luther Townsend pointed out more that 100 years ago, “The Bible doesn’t have to apologize if it is not in harmony with error.”
Assignment: Create Artificial Life 4/28/2020 830 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer If you were given an assignment as an engineer to create a living cell or any kind of organism or machine that emulates life, what would you need to do? Doug explains the chemistry that is behind life and looks at the barriers that scientists would need to ascend in order for its synthesis. The chemistry of proteins is just one of many complex processes that are beyond explanation. Amino acids, when they are synthesized, are produced in equal amounts of left-handed and right-handed isomers, but life only uses the left-handed variety. Since a protein averages over 400 amino acids in length, the odds of a protein being formed by chance is one in 10 with 123 zeros after it. This is like a snail moving the entire earth one molecule at a time one millimeter in a million years to the other side of the known universe and back, in a race with a protein factory producing random proteins at a rate of 400 tons a second. By the time a usable protein is produced, the entire known universe would be filled with proteins from the protein factory, and only one would be usable in life. This is only the beginning of problems for origin of life scenarios.
What Must I Do to be Saved? 4/25/2020 829 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall The question “What Must I Do to be Saved?” is the question of the ages. Each of us needs to ask ourselves if we are prepared for what lies ahead after we die. The atheist claims that death is the end and that is what we need to settle for. But for the Christian, there is a hope that we have that there is a life beyond death. Either Jesus is who He says he is, or he isn’t, and either we accept Him or reject Him. Three out of four of these possibilities are losers. If Jesus is who He says He is and we accept Him, we have eternal hope of life in heaven.
Wildlife in South Africa 4/18/2020 828 Doug Sharp Rich Geer Joshua Gilbert Hennie Mouton This is an on-line reunion of our friends who hosted us in South Africa. In 2005 and 2012, Doug and Rich visited Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion and Durban. The trips included Kruger National Park, Sterkfontein Caves, Elephant Sanctuary, Rhino and Lion Park, and the Dlinza Forest in Eshowe.
Time is Short – A Tribute to Dave Page 4/2/2020 827 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials Evidence is that time is short, not only for those of us who have reached retirement age, but for all of us. A faithful member of the Revolution Against Evolution TV crew, Dave Page, passed into eternity recently, and this gives us all cause to consider our own mortality and where we are going. With the corona virus pandemic bringing chaos to the world, this brings us back to the basics and we need to consider how God made us,and what His purpose is for us on the earth. That is to resolve just one question. Do we still want to pursue our own way, or do we want to accept Him as Lord and follow His ways? Do we want to believe His word in Psalm 91 where He offers protection from pestilence and plague? There are two possibilities why sickness and disease exist. One is that viruses and bacteria were originally created for major functions in life, but some of them have been corrupted by mutations. The other is that at times God allows plague in order to call our attention to areas we need to correct. Our body is made up of a four-dimensional computer code that manufactures all of the components needed for living and we cannot explain its existence without appealing to a supernatural intelligence that created it. We also need to be aware of the danger of the enemy of our soul who is able to manipulate God’s creation to create disease.
Gentleness 3/11/2020 826 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Gentleness is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and without the Holy Spirit, these characteristics are contrary to human nature. Atheistic and pagan cultures do not exhibit gentleness. Philosophies such as fascism and communism that embrace Darwinism are devoid of gentleness. Gentleness = love + joy + peace + meekness. It is not talked about a lot even in Christian sermons and teachings. In II Samuel 22:36 and Psalm 18:35, David credits gentleness in making him great. In these discourses, he attributes all of the advantages that the Lord had given him in becoming king. Gentleness means that you are totally transparent and vulnerable. You are meek, with nothing to lose. It is a position of strength, abundance and unlimited supply where you can afford to administer mercy, grace and compassion for other people. In II Corinthians 10:1, gentleness brings boldness. A gentle person speaks evil of no man, no brawlers, and showing meekness and humilty toward all men. A gentle person shows wisdom, being peacable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality or hypocrisy. The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. Against such there is no law.
Peace 3/5/2020 825 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Peace is a tremendous advantage in being a Christian. It is knowing that the Bible is internally consistent. Peace is an eternal perspective, knowing that God is in control, that we are a child of the King and our ultimate destination is heaven. Think of moments that encourage peace, like your times on a still lake with the mist rising up, a walk in the woods and listening to the birds singing their songs. Pursue them more frequently. Evolution cannot explain peace. It is opposite of the survival of the fittest. Altruism, giving, speaking encouraging words and blessing other people all bring peace and depend upong God as our supply, enough where we can share with others. Peace is allowing the Lord to fight for you, holding your peace in the midst of strife. Jesus became our peace offering. If someone smashes your car and you decide to forgive them, who pays for the repair? You do. That’s what Jesus did. He took the penalty for the damage you have done with sin. Who brings peace? The Holy Spirit. Enemies of peace: confusion, anger, bitterness, accusation, envy, jealousy, unforgiveness, replay, selfishness, fear, guilt, shame, lying and hatred. If you want peace, purge yourself of these. If you find that difficult, ask God for help.
God’s Creation is Pure Joy! 2/13/2020 824 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer You could call it unscientific, but encounters with God often occur when we enter into a place of pure beauty and solitude with nothing but silent still waters and the wildlife surrounding us. Such times yield moments of pure joy, and as we allow God to speak to us through His creation, we become renewed. We reflect on our past experiences where we seize the moments when we encounter beautiful views, serene moments and inspirational observations. For Doug it was a garden of Eden experience in Kauai and northern Michigan, for Rich, his Grand Canyon experience and Glacier National Park.
Masoretic Text versus Septuagint 2/5/2020 823 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jeff Conklin,Derek Marshall Those who believe in the Biblical chronology in the Old Testament piece can together a timeline from the beginning in Genesis to the birth of Christ, and depending upon the original manuscripts used, different results are reached. The challenge is to determine which text may have been corrupted or changed, and the reasons why. Most Protestants rely on the Masoretic text as the authority, but some argue that the Septuagint dates solve some problems, especially with reconciling with secular Egyptian chronology. These issues are discussed in this program.
Supernatural – But Not God 1/28/2020 822 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich recount events in their lives where accounts of the supernatural impacted their lives negatively, causing fear and doubt. But when they encountered Christ in their lives and received explanations for the supernatural, that fear dissipated with the realization that God is powerful enough to defeat these supernatural forces. Fascination with the occult pervades our society and it starts innocently even with children’s stories, but in many cases overcomes a person to where their life is significantly disrupted. Evolution’s role in this is explained.
Thermodynamics and Genetic Entropy 1/22/2020 821 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall The second law of thermodynamics prevents the creation of perpetual motion machines and it is also a major complication for the theory of evolution. Dr. John Sanford points out that there is an additional layer on top of that he calls “genetic entropy” where the loss of information due to harmful mutations leads to a limit on the time life can continue to exist. At the rate of 300 deleterious mutations per generation it caused Dr. Kondrashov to ask the question, “Why aren’t we dead 100 times over?” Unless an energy conversion mechanism exists, the sun’s energy speeds up entropy and cannot become a driving force for evolution.
Transition Trouble: Cold-Blooded to Warm-Blooded 1/15/2020 820 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Many features of life either exist or they don’t. A cold-blooded creature like a frog is far different from a warm-blooded animal like a giraffe. Some time in a supposed evolutionary development a cold-blooded reptile switched over to being warm-blooded. Other examples: non-life to life, gills to lungs, non-flying to flying, mammals to whales, and special valves in the neck of the giraffe.
Did God Use 200-bit Encryption When Creating Life? 1/9/2020 819 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall Derek Marshall explains that there is evidence of design in that the biological molecules of earth are formed from 5-6 elements from the 3rd period of the periodic table creating a digital combination lock, a form of encryption. The chemical space created by this encryption is a possible 10 to the 60th power of possible organic compounds under 500 Daltons. Derek’s model shows that generation of the larger amino acids of the 20 that are used by life are not probable under origin of life experiments.
The Great Freeze After the Flood 12/16/2019 818 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials The Ice Age is postulated to have occurred shortly after Noah’s flood, caused by weather patterns set up from warm oceans after the flood piling up snow in the interiors of the continents but causing temperate climates at the edges of the continents. Climate changes occurring while the earth was drying out accounts for features of geomorphology like drumlins, kames, eskers, moraines to be left behind by glaciation.
The Cambrian Explosion 12/11/2019 817 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials About 75% of the geologic column (according to evolution) is Precambrian, the layers of rock devoid of fossils. Then, at the Cambrian, fully formed creatures appear in the fossil record. This baffles evolutionists and the problem of explaining the layers of rock, many of which are not in the order in which evolutionists expect, has the burden of proof placed in those who believe in deep time.
Neuropathy – Is a Cure Possible? 12/5/2019 816 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault Neuropathy is a disease of the nerves causing numbness, pain and various symptoms in the extremities. Usually, once a person is diagnosed with neuropathy, doctors will tell their patients that there is no real cure, and the only treatment they offer is to manage their symptoms and pain. Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault disagrees, and has found that by managing lifestyle choices and choosing wellness that the effects of neuropathy can be reversed.
The Deep Time Deception by Michael Oard 11/27/2019 815 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Michael Oard is one of the most prolific geology writers within the Creation movement. His book The Deep Time Deception is an excellent overview of the biblical perspective on geology and explains how geological evidence derived from the evolutionist’s own research fits the young earth model better than the concept of deep time: millions of years.
Operation 11/22/2019 814 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A funny song aired on the radio expressed how much the singer’s life would be better after he’s had his operation. Often people think God has made a mistake and the cure is surgery to “improve” the human body. We know that surgeries are needed to help get our body rid of a disease, but it isn’t possible to add new features or correct what some perceive as design flaws in the body. We can also ask that question about other living systems. Can we put wings on a dolphin? Can we redesign a pomegranate? Should we cut off our fingernails because they are part of our evolutionary past?
Do We Pay a Price for Walking Upright? 11/14/2019 813 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault examines the claim that the spine is poorly designed because we are still recovering from the evolutionary development where man is walking upright. This is a review of the first chapter of the book Poor Design by Dr. Jerry Bergman. As a chiropractor, Dr. Jean-Guy takes advantage of the spine’s functionality where it heals itself, and to claim it is poorly designed is irresponsible.
The Amazing Circulatory System 11/7/2019 811 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Circulatory System is one of about a dozen different systems in the body that cannot work independently of the others. The respiratory system, nervous system, muscular system, lymphatic system and others all interconnect intricately with the circulatory system and if one part fails, the others cannot function. At birth, God designed the baby’s circulatory system to disconnect from the placenta and instantly kick start into new life. This is evidence for design.
Big Lies Shouldn’t be that Hard to Detect 10/31/2019 810 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jeff Conklin, Derek Marshal Sometimes, the bigger the lie, the easier it is to miss. That was the case with the Piltdown Man, where a human skull cap was matched with an ape’s jaw and planted for someone to find. That fooled experts for 40 years. The Miller-Urey experiment was the big headline that suggested that life could be created in the test tube. But the experiment was a failure. These lies can be perpetuated by having a headline that says one thing but the details of a study show exactly the opposite.
Atheism and the Origin of Life 10/30/2019 809 Helmut Welke This presentation was a part of the Truth Conference in Naperville, Illinois. A number of prominent atheists, when confronted with the task of explaining the origin of life, have come to admit that the problem is so insurmountable that the conclusion of an intelligent designer is unavoidable.
Was Lucy an Ape or Man? 10/26/2019 808 Helmut Welke Helmut Welke traces the history of the story of human evolution as it is presented in modern media and textbooks.The story of Lucy, the australopithecus, is an example of the type of fraudent evidence that is used to prove human evolution. Today’s evidence, now admitted by evolutionists, shows two distinct divisions: apes and human. There is no direct lineage between the two.
Planet of the Apes or Created in the Image of God? 10/26/2019 807 Helmut Welke Helmut Welke traces the history of the story of human evolution as it is presented in modern media and textbooks. This story is corrupted with fakes, frauds, misinterpretations, and composites such as Piltown Man, Java Man, Nebraska Man, Ramapithecus, Lucy, Ida, Ardi and others. The evidence, now admitted by evolutionists, shows two distinct divisions: apes and human. There is no direct lineage between the two.
The Attraction of Theistic Evolution 10/16/2019 806 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jeff Conklin It seems like adopting theistic evolution as a Christian worldview is the ideal way to be accepted in the scientific world as well as being able to embrace Christianity. However, the problems with doing so become apparent when both the science and theology involved are examined more closely.
Is Man a Product of His Own Environment? 10/10/2019 805 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Dan Janzen, as a missionary in South Sudan, observes that non-government agencies such as relief organizations, however well-intentioned, can intensify problems in a developing country by giving handouts. They believe that trying to improve the environment will result in a natural tendency toward the good. The opposite is true, people become dependent upon the relief efforts and become lazy, unable to extricate themselves out of theis dependent mode. This is another evolutionary mindset that has gone wrong.
Origin of Feces 10/5/2019 804 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer with Harold Johnson Harold Johnson brings the dinosaur fossils he found while working as a search and rescue deputy sheriff in Grand Junction, Colorado. Fossilized dinosaur dung is called coprolite, and his chunk is quite large. He also has dinosaur skin and a fossil tooth. The explanation for dinosaurs from a biblical perspective is discussed.
The Witch Trials of the Holy Roman Empire 9/25/2019 803 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer During the Little Ice Age in the 1600’s and 1700’s the population of Germany was looking to the Prince Bishops who presided over Bamberg and Wurzburg for answers why disease famine and crop failure was occurring. They finally decided that witchcraft was responsible, and demanded that they do something. This created a mass hysteria where people were tortured to confess to witchcraft and told to name others who were involved. Almost 1,000 people in these two cities were tortured, beheaded and burned at the stake. This is an example of theology gone wrong.
How Do You Measure and Define Beauty? 9/4/2019 802 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Beauty is a spiritual quality, and it is something that is difficult to measure and define scientifically. Some of the limitations of science are in the areas where the spiritual is dominant such as in the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. Beauty is often measured using the Golden Ratio where the porportion of sizes seem to fit a pattern. Symmetry, perspective, color also appeal to the eye, but most often when the surroundings mimic the natural world, there is beauty.
What Happens Inside the Chrysalis? 8/29/2019 801 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The life cycle of the butterfly goes through four stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and adult. The origin of this seemingly Rube Goldberg process is inexplicable from an evolutionary scenario. Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar turns into a jelly of undifferentiated cells. Then, they all begin to diversify and assume their role as parts of the adult butterfly.
Feathered Dinosaurs 8/15/2019 800 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Claims of fossil finds with feather imprints on dinosaurs have been investigated by several scientists whose detailed studies concluded that the fibers found were that of collagen. Other scientists dispute this, including some creationists who point out that even if dinosaurs with feathers are found, that is not conclusive evidences that birds evolved from reptiles. They just would be another created baramin or kind.
Tonsils 8/7/2019 799 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Ever since Darwin declared the tonsils to be a rudimentary or useless organ, doctors have routinely removed them as a preventive measure against colds. In the 1930’s to 1950’s, half of all children had that procedure done as a matter of course. But now the removal of tonsils is associated with all kinds of risks and diseases and nowadays the medical community discourages the removal of tonsils except only in extreme emergencies.
4.7 Billion Years is Not Enough Time to Create Life 8/1/2019 798 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall Derek Marshall discovers a new perspective on the origin of life experiments where he reviews the results and finds that the amino acids of higher molecular weight and complexity were not found. He finds a reason for this and explains that this in of itself is reason to believe that evolution of life from non-life is impossible within the deep time constraints evolutionists give.
Is the Appendix Useless? 7/13/2019 797 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer One of the central claims of evolution is that as life went through its progression of development, some of the organs and features began to lose their original function and became vestiges of their original purpose. The appendix is one of these that in the past was considered to be such, but now the functions are known. Jerry Bergman’s book “Useless Organs: The Rise and Fall of a Central Claim of Evolution” shows that this argument has fallen by the wayside with the discovery of the functions of all organs that were once considered vestigial.
The Left Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve: a Poor Design? 5/25/2019 796 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The left recurrent laryngeal nerve proceeds from the brain down the spine, goes around the aorta and then is routed back up to the larynx. This is cited as an example of poor design by Richard Dawkins and was one of the things that convinced him that living things are just a collection of evolutionary mistakes. But I issue a challenge to Dawkins to surgically reroute this nerve, shorten it and as a result improve a person’s speech and voice.
The Human Eye: A Poor Design? 5/22/2019 795 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The claim made by evolutionists that the eye is poorly designed is irresponsible, and reflects a lack of understanding of basic biology. Their argument is that the retina is backwards of what is expected with the photoreceptors pointing away from the source of light. But if you examine closely what actually goes on in the eye, the photoreceptors are in a spot where cells are replaced rapidly, and need to be near the blood vessels where nutrients are supplied and waste cells are carried away. If they were in the place evolutionists say they should be, light would be blocked by the red blood cells. These claims are a deception and need to be exposed.
Whale Evolution Sinks to a New Low 5/17/2019 794 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A new fossil found in Peru called Peregocetus is much more like an otter than a whale. It is interesting that in an attempt to prove evolution, paleontologists line up fossil creatures in a sequence much like aligning silverware in a sequence from forks to spoons. The incredible number of changes needed to evolve a whale from a land mammal defies credibility.
Michigan’s Geology from a Creationist Perspective 5/9/2019 793 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Michigan’s Geology tells a story of how sediment was laid down during the flood of Noah in a circular pattern in a basin. It was sheared off with flood runoff and then glaciated. The idea of uniformitarianism was used by Charles Lyell to estimate the age of the Niagara Falls by extrapolating the rate of erosion found in the present to come up with a time scale. This time scale is disproven by historical records, yet it is used as a foundation for evolutionary age estimates.
The Tree of Life: The 7-day Creation and Fibonacci 4/25/2019 792 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall Derek Marshall shows that the Bible exhibits the use of fibonacci numbers and that is also reflected in life. The fibonacci series is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, 233, (377) and each number adds to the previous to get the next number. This pattern is found throughout life and in the orders given by God to build the ark and the temple. Dr. Don DeYoung shows the use of the fibonacci series in the way leaves are arranged on trees in a Math Matters article.
The Western Book of the Dead 4/18/2019 791 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer In 1970, a little tract was published by Inter-Varsity Press called the Western Book of the Dead. It was a parody of postmodern culture brought about by the assumptions of evolution where nothing became something, life came from chemicals and that man resulted. It also assumed that the rumor of God and His son was an invention of man. The results are that love becomes meaningless and culture dies. Man ceases to be man, and instead becomes the most terrifying animal on the face of the earth.
Walking in the Spirit or Walking in the Weird 3/27/2019 790 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how should they operate in the body of Christ? This is a subject where there is a lot of confusion and various opinions, but what does the word of God say? Did they cease with the apostles, or do they still operate today? What does this do with creation and evolution?
A Thousand Gods to Choose From 3/20/2019 789 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Upon realizing that the arguments about abiogenesis that creationists are making are effective, and that it is not possible for life to come from non-life, an atheist asks the question: “There are a thousand gods to choose from. Which one do you choose?” Origin of life experiements lead to deism. But beyond that, what is there that leads you to Christ specifically? These answers are crystal clear from the Bible.
Vestigial Organs are Fully Functional 3/16/2019 788 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Dr. Jerry Bergman is updating his book about vestigial organs, the concept that there are organs evolution left behind in its development that are no longer useful. Around 1900, there was a list of 180 such organs that were considered vestigial. Now, due to modern research, there are none left. All are functional and those functions are known.
Genealogy Back to Noah 3/9/2019 787 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Modern genetic DNA studies show that it is possible to show that all of mankind is descended from one family. Genetic information from 23 and Me and reveals insights into Doug’s family and Robert Carter’s theory about the origin of mankind from Noah is discussed.
Art That Reflects a Lost Culture 4/12/2019 786 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A visit to a modern art museum in Arizona prompts a reaction from Doug. Where’s the art? The entrance is like descending into a dungeon, and it was difficult to differentiate between what was art or a political statement. This is a reflection of a lost postmodern culture that has no reference to beauty, truth, purpose and meaning. You can trace this back to the “enlightenment” and the rejection of the bible as authority. Modern art today is contaminated with Darwinian bloodstains.
DeBunked! 3/7/2019 775 Doug Sharp and Carl Kerby Carl Kerby has a ministry called Reasons for Hope, and he also has his testimony in the book Persuaded by the Evidence. Carl relates his story how he spent years in church but never understood the plan of salvation. Finally, after attending a Lowell Lundstrom crusade, he received a simple gospel message and his life was radically transformed. He is traveling the United States delivering short lively DeBunked messages in his DeBunked VW van and on the Internet. This one is about truth and relativism.
Petroglyphs 2/28/2019 774 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Petroglyphs, pictographs, ruins, ancient carvings and artwork depict creatures that resemble dinosaurs. We say that the dragons of mythology are the dinosaurs of science, and the preponderance of art from the ancients documents this.
Would it had been Better if I had Never Been Born? 2/20/2019 773 Doug Sharp, Jeff Conklin A Christian posted this question on his FaceBook site wondering, with all of the evil in the world, and with abortion causing lives to cease right at the start, if for many it might be better if they had never been born. That raises questions why God would create or allow such a condition to exist in this world.
Incredible Edible Weeds 2/15/2019 772 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer While we were demonstrating the incredible design of the filaree seed and the wild oat seed at a conference, a farmer came up and said, “You know, these are weeds!” That presented the question, why would God create “weeds” with such unique design features? That led to a little research into plants that are considered to be weeds, but actually are good for you and have medicinal properties. These include pigweed, kudzu, stinging nettles, milk thistle and burdock. All of these have incredible design features and have God-given beneficial properties.
Censoring the Darwin Skeptics 1/16/2019 771 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Censoring the Darwin Skeptics is the third book in a series of book that talk about discrimination against those who challenge the mainline Darwinian point of view taught in the universities and promoted in the government schools. Censorship occurs in libraries, bookstores and publishing. Academia enforces the Darwinian doctrine with denying a forum, using media control, denial of tenure, grants, research results and internet usage. Dr. Bergman documents specific cases where this has occurred, and the results are discussed.
Evidence for a Young World 12/20/2018 770 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall 90% of the earth’s processes yield dates that are far too young for evolution to have occurred. Dr. D. Russell Humphreys has documented these in his presentations and on-line articles for your consideration. They include galaxies winding up too fast, too few nebulae in the visible universe, too much mud flow into the sea floor, decay of DNA and other biological matter, magnetic field decay and over 100 others.
Animals that Could not Have Evolved 12/13/2018 769 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp dives into his old Revolution Against Evolution book to review some of his arguments to see if they still hold up after over 30 years. He examines the linked entities of creatures where interdependence between them prevent their evolution. The linkological evaluation of the frog in the original book stills holds up as an example of over 30 characteristics that depend upon each other.
The Reverse Placebo Effect 12/7/2018 768 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Eating well, thinking well and moving well are all part of what creates good health. 50% of that in my mind is thinking well. If we harbor bitterness, unforgiveness, envy, jealousy, and fear, our negative thoughts affect our emotions and our health. The reverse placebo effect is where if you believe something is bad for you, it may cause a reaction consistent with your beliefs. When we interviewed Dr. John Sanford and talked with him afterward, he thinks that many allergies to certain foods are caused by this.
Origin Truth Conference Panel Discussion 12/6/2018 767 Welke, Sanford, Humphreys, Borger The four speakers at the Origin Truth Conference at North Carolina State University on November 10, 2018 convene after the conference to answer questions about cosmology, genetics and creation evangelism in the next generation.
The Baranome Hypothesis 12/1/2018 766 Dr. Peter Borger Dr. Peter Borger goes in depth into the genetic code and how it works, and explains the history of classification of organisms. He outlines a creationist classification system he calls “Baranomes” where classification is based upon descent from original created kinds, as they came off Noah’s Ark.
The Illusion of Common Descent 11/27/2018 765 Peter Borger Peter Borger is a geneticist who was born in the Netherlands and lives in Germany. His research is about the comparison of the genetic code between chimps and human beings, and how our understanding of the differences show that there is no possibility of common descent between them.
Contested Bones 11/26/2018 764 Dr. John Sanford One of the biggest reasons people give why they believe in evolution are the evidence from fossil man. Dr. John Sanford takes on this problem in his new book Contested Bones. He shows that the fossils purported to be ape-men are either inbred degenerative humans, mixtures of ape and human bones, or extinct apes.
Planetary Magnetic Fields 11/22/2018 763 Dr. D. Russell Humphreys Dr. D. Russell Humphreys predicted the strength of the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune based upon his theory that God created the earth and planets of the solar system from water where all of the hydrogen atoms were lined up, and then decayed in strength from there. His predictions were right on, whereas the dynamo theorists fail in their predictions.
Down, Not Up: The Problem of Genetic Entropy 11/23/2018 762 Dr. John Sanford Dr. John Sanford is the inventor of the Gene Gun. The gene gun method is a method used for genetically modifying plants. With the use of a gene gun, the gene gun method delivers extra DNA directly into a plant’s nucleus. The method is also commonly called particle acceleration or microprojectile bombardment. Dr. Sanford has determined that the genetic code is deteriorating at a rate of 300 mutations per generation. He describes that this is opposite of the expectation of evolution and that natural selection cannot correct this problem. But the answer is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Origins Truth Conference at North Carolina State 11/20/2018 761 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer The Origins Truth Conference at North Carolina State on 11/10/2018 featured Dr. John Sanford, inventor of the gene gun, giving talks about Genetic Entropy and Contested Bones. Also Dr. D. Russell Humphreys gave a talk about Planetary Magnetic Fields and Peter Borger talked about the Illusion of Natural Selection and Baranomes. The hosts were Helmut Welke of Creation Summit and Dan Reynolds of the Triangle Association of Science and Creation.
Darwin Revisited 11/13/2018 760 Doug Sharp and Peter Borger Peter Borger is the author of Darwin Revisited, and his research caused him to realize that the concept of natural selection is an illusion. He discusses how experiments with mice where they knock out genes to see what they do show that tremendous redundancy exists in the genome. The phenotype still works though the gene has been removed. He rejects Darwinian evolution and believes that the evidence points to all of the genetic code being created in the beginning.
Why We’re Creationists 11/12/2018 759 Rich Geer, Derek Marshall, Jeff Conklin Derek Marshall and Jeff Conklin share their personal stories what led them to the Creationist point of view and the evidence that God provided them that helped them to come to faith in Christ.
Visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter 11/1/2018 758 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer and Sue Langham The RAE Adventure to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter inspires many observations about how we view the events of Noah’s flood, the pre-flood world, and how Noah built a ship that was able to preserve life in that cataclysm. Sue Langham shares her experiences and how to visit the two museums.
How Long Did it Take to Build Noah’s Ark? 10/24/2018 757 Doug Sharp, Derek Marshall, Sue Langham Sue Langham gives an account of her visit to the Ark Encounter. From his research, Derek Marshall estimates that the building of the Ark would have been over a very short period of 46 days based upon how fast a wood frame structure could be built with a lot of faith, help and miracles. He cites clues from scripture to support his idea. Tradition has it that it took 120 years. ICR estimates 60 years, Answers in Genesis 55-75 years, yet they built their replica in 2 years. Derek suggests that Noah would have been in a real hurry to build it with God’s help.
The Baggage We Left Behind in Europe 10/19/2018 756 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials Doug Sharp visited Europe on a Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Kerby Rials is a former missionary to Belgium, and they discuss the trappings of the state church and why many of the customs and traditions of that institution were left behind when the Pilgrims came to America. The church in Europe is asleep and almost dead and the reasons why are discussed.
Critiquing the RNA World Hypothesis 9/12/2018 755 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The RNA World is a hypothesis of the origin of life starting with RNA and building the components of life around it. But if you study the process that is needed to build the RNA molecule there is a series of nineteen different obstacles that must be overcome.
Glaciers, Mammoths and Mastodons 9/7/2018 754 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Northern Michigan provides an excellent picture of the type of landforms that were caused by a period of glaciation that occurred a short time after Noah’s flood. Creation scientists have modeled the weather pattern that would have produced the glaciers. Mammoths and mastodons were warm-weather creatures that lived in the areas near the warm oceans, but a weather pattern produced the climate that piled tons of snow on the interior lands, producing the glaciers. That is why quick-frozen mammoths were found in Siberia and northern Canada.
When is Science not Scientific? 8/23/2018 753 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Science suffers from a definition problem, and many times people cannot tell the difference between empirical science and forensic science. Empirical science is where you set up the conditions in the present where you can control all of the starting assumptions. But with forensic science, everything happened in the past and you are left with clues as to what happened, but you cannot control those starting parameters. That is where evolution has a problem.
Definition of Evolution 8/8/2018 752 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer One of the problems in the creation-evolution debate is defining the terms. Evolution has many different meanings to many different people, and often evidence for micro-evolution is extrapolated to mega-evolution in the minds of people before they have a chance to think it through.
Seventh-Grade Peer Pressure 8/2/2018 751 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer One of the most difficult times in a child’s life is the time that they enter junior high school. Their bodies are changing, they are full of emotions, and there is a desire to separate from their parents and become more independent. This is the time when critical decisions concerning faith in God are made, and the experiences they have with family and the church will influence the rest of their life.
Is there a Sugar Conspiracy? 6/29/2018 750 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault, a chiropractor who combines his practice with nutrition, talks about the problem with food being processed with sugar, and the fact that our culture is oriented where sugar is a reward and given as a sign of love. He also talks about sugar substitutes that are harmful to the body. The recommendation is to use natural products like honey, maple sugar, coconut sugar, or stevia.
Does Eating Fat Make You Fat? 6/29/2018 749 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault Since the 1980’s, the national health standards have promoted what is called the food pyramid, which tells us that sugars and fats should be eaten sparingly, if at all. Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault is a chiropractor who is also a nutrition expert, and though he agrees with sugar being bad for you, recent studies have shown that avoidance of fat is a problem. Consumption of good fats is essential for the production of hormones and it helps to lose weight. The culprit is trans-fatty acids found in mass-produced foods.
90% of All Species Have a Recent Origin 6/21/2018 748 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Nine out of ten species alive today have arisen in the last 200,000 years, according to a new genetic study. This research looked at select portions of DNA from 100,000 different species, and researchers found a telltale sign showing that almost all the animals emerged about the same time as humans. Not only that, the study also found (rather unexpectedly for evolutionists) species have very clear genetic boundaries, and nothing much in between.
The Periodic Table Found in Solomon’s Molten Sea 6/17/2018 747 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall The dimensions of the molten sea found in Solomon’s temple have often been a bit of controversy among skeptics of the bible who point out that the diameter and circumference don’t quite accurately reflect pi. In addition one account talks about the volume being 2,000 baths, and another 3,000. Derek Marshall solves these issues and observes that the dimensions of each of the parts of the molten sea reflect God’s design in the periodic table of elements.
Top Ten Questions to Ask a Christian 6/6/2018 746 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Here are the top ten questions to ask a Christian: 1. Are you ready always to give an answer to every man who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear? I Peter 3:15
2. Do you have a good conscience? I Peter 3:16
3. Have you set aside your other gods? (pet demons)
4. Is your life different than those who live in the world around you?
5. Have you found the purpose God created for you?
6. Are you doing it faithfully?
7. Are you taking care of your temple as a witness toward others?
8. Have you written down your goals?
9. Is your life filled with peace?
10. Do others see Christ shine through you?
Top Ten Questions to Ask an Atheist 5/31/2018 745 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer If you were to ask ten questions of an atheist, what would they be? Doug and Rich gives a list of the top ten questions that an atheist would find it tough to answer.
Europe and Creation Science 5/24/2018 744 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials Kerby Rials is a missionary who has established a church in Belgium. He relates what it is like to talk about the Christian faith to people in Europe and why the message of the gospel is not being heard there. They are establishing a Christian cable channel in Belgium and one of the keys is to have materials about Creation Science in French.
Geology of Sedona 5/3/2018 743 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Guy Forsythe of Crying Rocks conducts a tour on a trail to Lizard Head in Sedona where some unusual parabolic folds and siesmites provide evidence for these features being formed by water action.
The Greatest Showman 4/26/2018 742 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Greatest Showman is a movie about P. T. Barnum. The interest here concerning the theory of evolution is the treatment of those who were “freaks” and played a role in his sideshow. There was a good and bad side to this, and a Christian perspective is discussed.
Why Do We Wear Clothing? 3/28/2018 740 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jeff Conklin Jeff Conklin explores the various evolutionary explanations why we wear clothing and compares these explanations to the Biblical model of how God clothed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
How to Detect Lies 2/28/2018 738 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer This program talks about scientific lies, philosophical lies, biological lies and what we can do to detect them. Often a scientific lie will start out with the wrong assumptions and though all of the science that follows is correct, because the assumption is wrong the conclusion is wrong. There is a spiritual lie detector called discernment that is a gift from God, and it takes a spiritual perspective to be able to use this gift.
Lies We are Tempted to Believe 2/15/2018 737 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer What is the origin of lying, and why are we tempted to believe lies? This program explores some of the major lies that are found in evolutionary theory, and what we can do to detect them.
Theistic Evolution and Salvation 2/10/2018 736 Jeff Conklin, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Jeff Conklin describes the complicated issues concerning the idea of theistic evolution. That idea introduces problems that directly contradicts the plan of salvation. One can hold this position and still be a Christian, yet they cannot do so and be completely consistent with their own faith.
Over-Complicating Salvation 2/1/2018 735 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer It is important to precisely understand the plan of salvation and refrain from adding to it or subtracting from it. The book of Romans gives us a clear understanding of what the plan of salvation is and how a person can receive it.
Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries 1/26/2018 734 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The latest book by Dr. Jerry Bergman, Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries may be the most important book he has written to date. Dr. Bergman is the author of over 40 books on the creation-evolution issue, and with this book he exposes not only a history of problems with people faking evidence, but perhaps a more fundamental flaw in science where ideology drives the evidence, and not the other way around.
The first chapter deals with the problem I recognized years ago when I was first studying science, that evolution is going in reverse of expectations. Rather than showing an increase in complexity caused by mutations, it actually produces the reverse effect by producing harmful or an accumulation of near neutral mutations that eventually causes harm. It is extremely difficult to cite a case where a new feature or functionality is produced by a mutation without providing a corresponding or offsetting negative effect. At the Altenberg 16 Conference, the presenters admitted that “the theory of evolution which is taught in the classrooms today is inadequate for explaining our existence.”
Science, especially in the speculative field of evolution and paleontology, is fraught with the problem of fraud and forgery. Examples are, Bathybius Hackelii and Eozoon, eoliths, forgeries by Charles Dawson and Viswat Git Gupta, and the human facial angle blunder.
On almost every page of Jerry’s latest book, I learned something new, including an entire chapter on Francis Galton’s attempt to use fingerprinting as a proof for evolution, but he never got the results he expected.
Then many of the more famous blunders are discussed, the Ancon sheep blunder, Haeckel’s biogenic law (ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny), the sexual selection myth of the peacock, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, ape-to-human progression, the attempt to interbreed apes and humans, an excellent history of Java Man, atavisms and the Chinese bird-dinosaur forgeries.
He ends his book with a discussion of why fraud exists in science today. Science is much more interested in promoting an agenda rather than finding truth, and if a student wants to survive in school and remain in academia, he needs to produce results that support the prevailing paradigm and not challenge it. So if years of research on a project brings evidence that contradicts evolution, often the results are misreported, fudged or ignored in order to get the desired grade, get a grant or a prestigious teaching position.
This book should be required reading for students who are preparing to enter college, and for those who really question if what they are being taught actually stand up to factual evidence.
Biblical Responsibility and Extreme Environmentalism 12/7/2017 733 Dan Janzen with Doug Sharp and Rich Geer On of the first commands given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was the responsibility to take dominion of the resources that God placed in the garden. That is why Christians should take seriously the responsibility to care for the environment. That is in contrast to what extreme environmentalists propose, and many of the things they fight for are irresponsible and cause much more harm than good.
Building a Protein Synthesis Machine 11/2/2017 732 Derek Marshall, Doug Sharp Derek Marshall explains from an electrical engineering point of view what it takes to build and program a chemical processing machine to make proteins to specification. This is compared to the complex system that life uses, and it is compelling proof for intelligent design.
South Sudan Education Opportunity 11/30/2017 724 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan and Teresa Janzen Dan and Teresa Janzen are operating a school in South Sudan, and are teaching the students practical principles they can apply in their lives from a Biblical point of view. Dan is an agriculture specialist and is helping the students to learn farming skills. The opportunity to build an up-to-date curriculum from scratch is part of what we are doing at RAE.ORG.
The Persian Empire 12/18/2017 723 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer After Israel and Judah went into the Babylonian captivity, they were eventually liberated by Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire. The list of Persian kings was not recorded correctly by Ptolemy, and some chronologers used his dates and were 150 years off. New research shows that the timeline is shorter.
The Last Kings of Israel Timeline #7 12/17/2017 722 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer After the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel, all that was left was the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin. The timeline of the Old Testament is also consistent during this period, giving dates for the reigns of these kings until the time of the Babylonian captivity.
The First Kings of Israel: Timeline #6 11/24/2017 721 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich Geer describes the chronology of the first kings of Israel, starting with Saul, whose reign needed to be pieced together with clues from various sources in the Old and New Testaments. He then talks about the reigns of the kings that followed up to the end of the Northern Kingdom.
The Judges: Timeline #5 11/16/2017 720 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Old Testament timeline is interesting to analyze concerning the time of the Judges, where you need to rely on clues from various sources in the Bible to figure out how it all ties together.
Abraham to Moses:Timeline #4 11/9/2017 719 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer There is a continuous timeline outlined accurately in the Bible from Adam to Jesus. We can be assured of the inspiration of the Holy Bible because the consistency of this timeline. One of the issues in tracing the genealogy of Jesus was the time between Abraham and Moses, with the time of captivity in Egypt is in question and does not match secular chronolgy. Rich explains this problem and how it is solved in the scriptures by the most reputable historians.
Noah to Abram: Timeline #3 9/28/2017 718 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The timeline from Noah to Abram is one that is most specifically spelled out concerning ages of the individual patriarchs. There is only one puzzle that was solved by the chronologers concerning the birth of Abram to Terah. The ancients live a long time, but their life spans declined rapidly after the flood. Noah lived to the time of Abram.
Noah:Timeline #2 9/14/2017 717 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The life of Noah is very important in understanding the timeline of Biblical chronology. Noah’s life represents 1/6 of human history since Adam, and understanding how he fits into the scheme of things helps us know why Jesus came to redeem us.
Adam to Noah: Timeline #1 8/30/2017 716 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich Geer’s research concerning the timeline of the Old Testament gives a recent date for the events of creation in the Bible. This video discusses the timeline from Adam to Noah and why it is important.
Fossil Forensics 8/23/2017 715 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Forensics is the branch of science that uses evidence found in the present to speculate upon what might have happened in the past. Like the investigation of a crime scene, the further in time back the occurrence took place, the less evidence of the event is likely to remain. Evolution is a speculation of what happened millions of years ago based upon fossils found in the present. Jerry Bergman starts his evaluation of fossils based upon two complex features commonly found: teeth and feathers.
The Miracle of the Atlas 8/10/2017 714 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The atlas is the top vertebra of the spine, and research by Dr. Damadian and Dr. Rosa is showing that misalignment of the atlas blocking the flow of cerebral spinal fluid can manifest itself in various forms of brain disease. Carol Geer’s case is that her atlas was 18 degrees out of alignment and the fluid was backed up in her brain causing her brain ventricles to swell up and cause her to be a quadriplegic. After Dr. Rosa reset her atlas, we are tracking her progress toward recovery.
A New Brain Disease Breakthrough? 8/5/2017 713 Dr. Scott Rosa, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer An interview with Dr. Scott Rosa who is doing cutting edge brain disease research with Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI. He is finding that restriction of the cerebral spinal fluid when the top axial vertebra is rotated is the cause of multiple brain diseases such as Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Alzheimers and autism. After a week of doing a special chiropractic adjustment on Carol who is Doug’s sister and Rich’s wife, she is showing signs of recovery from quadriplegia.
Christianity, Islam and Atheism in the Middle East 7/12/2017 711 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer with Paul Thompson Paul Thompson spent a year teaching English as a second language in the Middle East, and shares with us his observations about the political and religious climate where he traveled.
Why Should Christians be Concerned About Evolution? 6/28/2017 710 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jeff Conklin Jeff Conklin talks about the negative effect of evolution on the basic doctrines of Christianity. Was there a literal Adam and Eve? If they were simply myths or legend, and if the first eleven chapters of Genesis are questionable, how can we explain the goodness of God, the origin of sin and death and the need for Jesus Christ the savior? Jesus himself believed in the historical fact of the fall of Adam, and that is why he came to redeem us. Evolution erodes the foundation of the Christian faith.
Neanderthal and Chain Maille Armor 6/24/2017 709 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A reference in the book Revolution Against Evolution concerning the finding of Neanderthal buried alongside chain maille armor and spear points was challenged by evolutionists about 20 years ago. Doug Sharp revisits the story of tracing the citation back to its original reference and the implications of the story.
Evolution’s Regression Test 6/14/2017 708 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Derek Marshall Derek Marshall takes his experience with programming machine tools and applies it to the problem of creating evolution’s genetic engineering software. He shows that evolution is scientifically impossible, statistically impossible, mathematically impossible and logically impossible.
Wilberforce’s Review 6/8/2017 707 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Samuel Wilberforce was the bishop of Winchester in England, son of William Wilberforce, the man who was responsible for ending the slave trade in England. Samuel was famous for debating Thomas Huxley concerning Darwin’s theory of evolution, and his written review of Darwin’s work in 1860 is the subject of this show.
The Fuegans and Captain FitzRoy   706 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The spring 2017 issue of Creation Matters has two articles about the history of the voyage of the Beagle. The first one is about the missionary efforts to the people of Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn, and the second is about Captain FitzRoy of the Beagle, his relationship to Darwin and his ultimate opposition to evolution.
Four Stages of Human Evolution Taught in 6th Grade 5/22/2017 705 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer This is a review of how the evolutionary tree of life has changed since Darwin’s theory was first published and what is currently taught in the 6th grade in public schools.
Differences Between Apes and Humans 5/11/2017 704 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer In their book, Human Evolution Taught in the Public Schools, the first chapter describes the 12 major differences between apes and humans and how the claim that they are 98% similar is totally bogus.
Are we 98 Percent Chimp? 4/26/2017 703 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A team of researchers found that the number one question high school students have about evolution is the idea humans evolved from chimps. In their book Debunking Human Evolution Taught in the Public Schools, one of the chapters deals with the notion that the human and chimp genomes are similar by 98%. This is totally untrue, and we discuss where that idea comes from and why it is a lie.
Does Water Flow Uphill? 4/21/2017 702 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Many ideas have been proposed for the formation of the Grand Canyon, but the physical impossibility of water flowing uphill causes us to question the idea that the Colorado River cut the canyon over millions of years. If you leave the Grand Canyon South Rim toward Cameron, you descend in elevation thousands of feet. A catastrophic flood is a better explanation.
Existentialism 4/13/2017 701 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Existentialism is a philosophy that originated in the early nineteenth century with the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. This philosophy defined truth that is relative to the individual and places an emphasis on free choice. Other existentialists have taken this to its ultimate conclusion and framed it within an atheistic worldview. Various versions of existentialism are discussed and the negative fruits that are born as a result.
Mayan Ruins 3/29/2017 700 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer On two separate trips Doug Sharp and Rich Geer explore Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and find parallels with the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel.
Rocks to People? 3/23/2017 699 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A barrage of gaps and missing explanations in evolution is listed in this program about the origin of life. The gaps are non-life to life, amino acids to proteins, nucleotides and sugars to DNA, the origin of RNA, cellular components, then from single celled organisms to multiple cells. The problems continue all the way up in the evolutionary sequence to people.
Defining Morality in an Age of Confusion 3/10/2017 698 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer In his book “How Darwinism Corrodes Morality” Dr. Jerry Bergman identifies Darwin disciples who screwed up the world with their writings to the point where in contemporary society, it is difficult for people even to know what a moral perspective is. That is why a biblical foundation for morality is so important, and also why a relationship with God is essential to help us when we don’t know what is right and what is wrong.
How Darwinism Corrodes Morality 3/3/2017 697 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer This is the title of Jerry Bergman’s new book “How Darwinism Corrodes Morality.” He explains how the theory of evolution leads to sexual perversion, eugenics, abortion, euthanasia, war and death. There are several biographies of people whose writings screwed up the world with their immoral philosophies, and how each of them were dependent upon Darwin’s teachings.
The Craniocervical Syndrome 2/22/2017 696 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The FONAR upright MRI with the capability of scanning in any position and producing MRI movies has revealed a syndrome caused by misalignment of the cervical vertebrae where cerebrospinal fluid backs up in the brain and forms lesions. This is the condition of Carol Geer, sister of Doug Sharp and wife of Rich Geer. The diagnosis is hydrocephalus, which is water on the brain and is causing her to be paralyzed. The hope is that correction of this condition using a chiropractic technique may restore Carol’s health.
Volcanoes 2/20/2017 695 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Creationists have about five different theories that model what might have occurred during Noah’s flood, and many of them involve the expansion of the continents and creation of the basalt sea floor as the result. We explore the world of volcanoes and the evidence of science and creation.
Dr. Damadian’s Story 2/17/2017 694 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Raymond Damadian Dr. Raymond Damadian recalls the history of his family’s escape from the Armenian holocaust and how he was raised in a Christian family. That background provided the means for him to win a scholarship and pursue research that led up to the discovery of the chemical processes in life that gave birth to the ideas that led to the invention of the MRI.
Carol’s Diagnosis 2/15/2017 693 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Raymond Damadian Rich Geer’s wife Carol, Doug Sharp’s sister, has been unable to walk, talk or care for herself for 11 1/2 years after an accident with anesthesia in a hospital that left her in that conditions. For that time, she had been diagnosed with anoxic brain damage. When we interviewed Dr. Damadian last August, he told us about the brain research he’s doing and invited us to bring Carol to him. He scanned her with his upright MRI and found hydrocephalus caused by blockage of the cerebral spinal fluid at the cervical area. He believes there is hope for her recovery.
The Futility of Skepticism 1/24/2017 692 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer I Peter 3 says that in the last days there will be scoffers who walk after their own lusts who say “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation. This is the doctrine of uniformitarianism that provides the foundation for evolution.
The Goodness of God Refutes Atheism 1/12/2017 691 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer People often become atheists because they become disillusioned with God when they see so much evil in the world. But that is because of their focus. Much of what is good in this world is taken for granted. When our perspective looks for what is good in this world rather than concentrating on what’s wrong, God shows Himself.
Chichen Itza 1/7/2017 690 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Mayan-Toltec ruins at Chichen Itza are an example of a civilization that was technologically advanced with accurate astronomical observations, yet had a fearful religion that involved multiple gods and human sacrifice. This is reminiscent of what occurred at the Tower of Babel, and compares to many world-wide pagan religions that feared the signs of the heavens and did what they thought would appease the gods.
A Brazilian Pastor Looks to the Skies 1/5/2017 689 Doug Sharp, Eduardo Baldaci Eduardo Baldaci is a Brazilian pastor who has a church in Orlando Florida where he teaches the word of God in Portuguese. He also has a love for astronomy and uses his teaching about the creation of the universe and solar system to show people God’s glory in the heavens.
Evolution and Phlogiston 12/12/2016 688 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A sincere effort to explain the chemistry of fire from the 17th to the 19th century was the theory of Phlogiston. As new scientific facts were finally revealed by Antoine Lavoisier, the theory was disproven, but it still hung around doggedly in various forms for decades because scientists were taught differently. We can compare this with the way the theory of evolution still remains despite the evidence against it.
Is the Canopy Theory Still Viable? 11/30/2016 687 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Most of the early creationist books and literature explained the origin of the waters for Noah’s flood to have come from a water vapor canopy that surrounded the earth. In the late 1990’s Dr. Henry M. Morris commissioned atmosphere scientist Dr. Larry Vardiman to explore this idea by creating computer model simulations. These models showed that if enough water to produce a flood existed in a vapor canopy, it would create a heat problem because of the greenhouse effect. The canopy model is still debated among creationists.
Is Agnosticism a Safe Position to Take? 11/30/2016 686 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A blogger who was raised Christian was facing challenges to his faith in college in his science classes and was overwhelmed with the multitude of questions raised as a result. He wondered if the safest position to take was that of an agnostic.
Mechanical Honeybees 11/19/2016 685 Derek Marshall with Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Derek Marshall speculates what kind of engineering it might take to create a hive of mechanical honeybees that would perform the duties of gathering nectar to make honey. He compared it to an air traffic control navigation problem with miniature hovercraft weighing 1/10 of an ounce.
Reasons People Reject Christianity 11/5/2016 684 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer There are many examples of things Christians may get caught doing that might cause a person to reject Christianity as a result. Ultimately every person is responsible to God to make that decision for themselves despite the actions of others.If a person finds themselves standing before God someday and they use the excuse that a Christian offended them and that’s the reason they rejected Him, how would that fly?
A Lesson from the Addo Elephants 10/28/2016 683 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Many years ago, elephants near the cape of South Africa were hunted to near extinction because the people in the area were having problems with them. In a place called Addo, the elephants retreated to a spot where it was almost impossible for them to be hunted. Eventually an area was set aside as a elephant park and fenced in. They were fed citrus fruit and the elephants would congregate in one area waiting for their daily feeding. But the elephants destroyed the habitat and the practice was ended in 1978. This shows that handouts with good motives sometimes have unintended consequences.
Two Families, Two Missions 10/23/2016 682 Barry and Bonnie Moeckel, Dan and Teresa Janzen Two missionary families describe their experiences in the Lord’s grace and leading in the assignments they have in Bible translation in Papua New Guinea and building a school in South Sudan.
Are all Religions Basically the Same? 10/21/2016 681 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer In the effort to appear “tolerant” many people make the statement that all religions are basically the same. The ten commandments, however, contradict that idea, and that explains why there is pressure to remove them from public display. The first three commandments, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me, thou shalt not make any graven images, and thou shalt not take the Lord God’s name in vain” point out the exclusive nature of Christianity. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life. No man can come to the Father except by me.”
Pernicious Insects? 10/10/2016 680 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Emerald ash borer, beech bark disease, pine tree blight, Dutch elm disease, chestnut blight. All have devastated our forests and we wonder if the plagues of Deuteronomy 28 are upon us. People ask why God allowed this in His creation. There are answers, but we may not like or understand them.
Gifted Mind 9/30/2016 679 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Raymond Damadian A review of the groundbreaking discoveries in brain disease research using the FONAR upright MRI and an interview with Dr. Raymond Damadian, the inventor. Dr. Damadian has a new book Gifted Mind. In 1969, magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) and similar technologies were just an idea in the visionary mind of a young Raymond Damadian. As a boy, he watched his grandmother die painfully from breast cancer, which would eventually play a role in his pursuit of a career in medical research and pioneering this amazing field.
Although in 1971 his concept of detecting tumors through MRIs was widely met with mocking skepticism, withing six years he became the first researcher to do a scan of a human, creating technology to reveal cancer within the human body. His life has been an incredible journey of discovery that will help you learn:
* How his concept for cancer detection was inspired and developed
* Why faith remains an integral part of his work
* Why he is a strong supporter of the creativity and freedom found in patents.
From resourcefully creating his discoveries on a shoestring budget to a battle with the business behemoth known as GE, learn how the exciting development of this technology led Dr. Damadian to a self-examination of this life and faith. Read this powerful biography and find out what driving force is at the heart of a man who can arguably be called one of the greatest minds in the past 50 years, and how his faith played a crucial role in his work!
Atheism is only Skin-Deep 9/24/2016 678 Kerby Rials, Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Kerby Rials is a missionary to Belgium, and he discusses the spiritual climate of Europe. It is interesting that there are atheist churches there that conduct weddings and funerals, but he observes that their atheism is only skin-deep. Deep down, according to Kerby, there are no real atheists. When times get tough, they pray.
The Miracle of the MRI 9/21/2016 677 Dr. Jerry Bergman, Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The story of Dr. Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI, is in several of the books that Dr. Jerry Bergman has written. Dr. Bergman recounts his relationship with Dr. Damadian and the story of his invention, and the discrimination he received from being denied the Nobel Prize. Current research with the MRI is in the area of brain disease, and new discoveries, revealed only through Dr. Damadian’s upright MRI technology offer new hope for patients of many different neurological diseases.
The MRI Experiments Part 2 9/18/2016 676 Dr. Raymond Damadian, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Dr. Raymond Damadian concludes this talk about the scientific experiments that led to the invention of the MRI and the patent fights that resulted.
The MRI Experiments 9/12/2016 675 Dr. Raymond Damadian, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Dr. Raymond Damadian describes the experiments that led up to the discoveries of the signals from cancer tissues that produced the first MRI, the Indomitable.
The Invention of the First MRI 9/9/2016 674 Dr. Raymond Damadian, Dr. Larry Minkoff Dr. Raymond Damadian talks about the invention of the first MRI and how he and his colleagues built the Indomitable. He talks about the miracle that occurred that brought about the first MRI machine. He also shares some of the exciting current research his company FONAR is doing with its new upright scanner. Special guest Dr. Larry Minkoff, the first person to receive a MRI scan.
The Creation Function 8/23/2016 673 Derek Marshall, Doug Sharp A mathematical pattern exists throughout scripture that matches a pattern found in nature and in the chemical elements.
Genetic Challenges to Neo-Darwinism 6/12/2016 671 Dr. Kevin Anderson Dr. Kevin Anderson explains the genetic reasons why universal common descent does not work.
Chimps, Gorillas, Humans and Homo naledi 5/30/2016 670 Dr. Charles Jackson Dr. Charles Jackson explains fossilization and the latest fossil that is supposedly ancestor to humans according to the evolutionists.
Echos of the Jurassic 5/26/2016 669 Dr. Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson explains the assumptions behind fossilization, radioisotope dating and what is behind the idea that life evolved over millions of years.
Stellar Evolution 5/25/2016 668 Dr. Charles Jackson Dr. Charles Jackson points out the problems in the story of stellar evolution.
Flood Erosion in Monument Valley 5/7/2016 667 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jon Iversen The geology of Petrified Forest, Canyon De Chelley, Monument Valley, the San Juan River, Valley of the Gods and Cedar Mesa are all a testimony of the sedimentation and erosion power of the great flood of Noah.
The Antichrist 5/23/2016 666 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer What is the spirit of antichrist mentioned in 1 John 3? Henry M. Morris speculated in his book “The Long War against God” that the reason Satan fell was that he believed his own lie that God didn’t create him, but that he evolved by chance. He opposes God because he wants to be like Him and we are in the midst of this battle.
Flood Stories 5/14/2016 665 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Native Americans have stories of a great flood that are very similar to the Biblical account of Noah’s flood. The flood stories of the Pima and Apache Indians were displayed in a museum near the Superstition Mountains.
Unusual Plants of the Bible 5/7/2016 664 David Oberpriller David Oberpriller gives several unique tours of Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona describing plants found in the Bible and how understanding the species helps us understand better what the scripture actually means.
God’s Mathematical Blueprint 4/16/2016 663 Derek Marshall, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Derek Marshall give a taste of his research that correlates a mathematical pattern found in scripture to a common design.
Can Evolution Explain Love? 4/9/2016 662 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The phenomenon of love is difficult to quantify scientifically and explain purely in terms of physics and chemistry. Love cannot be explained without exposing its spiritual dimension, and the Biblical scriptures reveal the nature of love.
Metals in the Period Table 4/2/2016 661 Derek Marshall, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer The heavier elements in the Periodic Table of the Elements continue a mathematical blueprint of creation based upon a logarithmic spiral.
Periodic Table of the Elements 3/28/2016 660 Derek Marshall, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer It shouldn’t be a surprise that throughout the scripture God followed a mathematical pattern when he created the universe. Derek Marshall reveals how this pattern applies to the Periodic Table of the Elements.
Weeds 3/26/2016 659 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Why is it that some of the most incredible designs in nature belong to plants that are normally considered to be weeds? Perhaps it is because we haven’t yet discovered their real purpose yet? The Fibronacci spiral is incorporated in the filaree seed which winds up and unwinds to screw itself into the ground. Wild oat seeds propagate while responding to heat and cold with feelers that rotate.
Pet Rattlesnakes 3/11/2016 658 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Do you keep rattlesnakes in your house as pets? Do you sleep with them, feed them, or play with them? That is what pet sins are like. God gives us grace when we don’t receive the consequences we deserve. But if we keep playing with our pet sins, we risk getting bitten.
The Janzen’s Journey to South Sudan 2/25/2016 657 Dan and Teresa Janzen, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer After making several trips to South Sudan, Dan and Teresa Janzen have decided to move there permanently and start a school.
Should a Christian go to War? 2/20/2016 656 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer This is an age-old question. War is an evil that has always been part of this world, and the question of how a Christian should deal with it has always been difficult. “Apparently I must shoot you,” declared Blaise Pascal in Pensees. “You live on the other side of the river, and my leader has a quarrel with your leader. Sorry, I must shoot you.” This seems senseless, and in perspective of heaven and hell, and God’s ultimate purpose, there is a paradox that a believer must resolve if he is compelled to go to war.
Origin of Disease 2/12/2016 655 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The existence of disease is often a stumbling block for people who want to believe in God. Doug and Rich discuss the origin of disease from a scientific and Biblical point of view and how that has changed over time.
Wacky Facts about the Solar System 2/6/2016 654 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Trans Neptune Objects, asteroids with moons, the new ninth planet, and unusual objects in the solar system all present problems for the evolutionary explanation for its origin.
Planetary Moons 1/20/2016 653 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer There are 182 known moons orbiting the planets in the solar system, and these objects present challenges to theories regarding the evolution of the solar system.
Food for Thought: Evolution of Food? 1/8/2016 652 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer In order for life to have evolved,what was the source of food that the original life would have used to sustain itself? This is a quandary that evolutionists have not begun to address.
The Role of Creation Evangelism 12/11/2015 651 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The message of Creation Evangelism seems to be important only to a percentage of Christians, and the reasons people become Christians vary. These reasons are explored in this program, We conclude that the role of Creation Evangelism is to remove the intellectual stumblingblocks to faith. Not everyone faces these issues.
The Master’s House 12/4/2015 650 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Master’s House was a street ministry in Lansing, Michigan that reached out to people on a one-on-one basis and did not resemble a traditional church. Doug and Rich share memories of some of the supernatural events that took place under God’s grace.
The Platypus Project 11/30/2015 649 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A challenge is made to a group of engineers to collaborate together to produce a duckbill platypus. Although it is really cheating, these engineers are allowed to borrow materials for this project from any living system. The triple constraints are time, cost and scope. Given unlimited time, money and resources, will these engineers succeed?
Creation and Armstrongism 11/18/2015 648 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer One of the earliest encounters Doug had with a preacher who talked about creation was Garner Ted Armstrong. His entertaining presentation of the evolution of the dolphin with his nose migrating to the back of his head rang true as being a good argument against evolution, and that began a series of events where Doug was eventually drawn into Armstrong’s strange doctrines. A mixed message of truth and wackiness is a subtle trap. Doug recounts how he eventually extricated himself without rejecting creation.
Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, Australopithecines 11/7/2015 647 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Answering the tough questions concerning fossil man. Rich has cast skulls of Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal and Australopithecines, and they are explained in the light of the biblical creation model.
Supernatural Gifts 11/2/2015 646 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer I Corinthians chapter 12 talks about gifts that are given to Christian believers that are supernatural in nature. Many of these are controversial, but they are also very iimportant to understand and when these are used properly in the body of Christ for ministry, they provide evidence for God’s direct hand in the affairs of men.
Evidence from Christian Virtue 10/28/2015 645 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Outward expression of the Christian faith exhibited by the fruits of the Spirit as listed in Galatians 5:22 are another dimension of evidence for the truth of Christianity. Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, faith, patience and self-control are poweful in their unique expression of the nature of Jesus Christ, and that trumps scientific theory.
Failed Evolutionary Predictions 10/24/2015 644 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Leading creation scientists compile a list of evolutionary predictions that have failed. Many of these predictions were made by Darwin himself, and they were foundational to his theory.
Truth Decay 10/7/2015 643 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Why are people who are otherwise very intelligent attracted to false worldviews and hold onto them? Using Jason Lisle’s book, the Ultimate Proof of God’s Creation, we obtain a list of fallacies and discuss why people fall into their trap.
Bioluminescence 10/7/2015 642 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer–PNFM A wide variety of unrelated species are able to emit light, and their ability to do so not only requires intelligent design but for dozens of different purposes. To imagine that this functionality arose independently in various species by evolutionary chance is incredible.
Rock Solid Answers about the Biblical Flood 9/25/2015 641 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The book Rock Solid Answers contains common questions raised by evolutionists about the biblical flood. Three of these are addressed in the first few chapters of this book. Did the flood waters rise above Mt. Everest? Would the flood had released poisonous amounts of mercury in the flood waters? Doesn’t caves take a long time to form?
Homo Nadeli 9/25/2015 640 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer It is September, in time for school to start, and time for National Geographic to reveal yet another exciting ape-man fossil. This one is named Homo nadeli and its discovery in a cave in South Africa is triggering a lot of new scientific research and speculation. The Creation Research Society is mounting a challenge to have it examined for soft tissue and to have it C-14 dated. That would establish it as young.
Symbiosis 9/20/2015 639 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Unrelated plants and animals challenge evolution because of symbiotic relationships.
H. G. Wells, Darwin and Science Fiction 9/5/2015 638 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer H. G. Wells was raised in the church, but under the tutor of Thomas Huxley and after reading Darwin, he abandoned Christianity, became an atheist and evolutionist. His influence caused many to fall away. Science Fiction also has an impact that needs to be considered.
Untangling the Models of Origins 8/29/2015 637 Dougl Sharp and Rich Geer From Atheistic Evolution to Biblical Young-Earth Creation there are a variety of origin models that have been proposed, and even within young-earth creation there are differences of opinions. Dr. Jerry Bergman has written an article describing the differences between these models helping us sort out which one is best.
The Tasmanian Genocide 8/21/2015 636 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Dr. Jerry Bergman’s book The Darwin Effect links the racist attitudes that existed in the world and show how Darwin’s theory validated them. The story of the elimination of the Tasmanian race reveals surprising links between the ideas of evolution and how it was used to justify genocide.
Creation Vacations 8/17/2015 635 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer For many years the Revolution Against Evolution has been traveling to various parts of the United States and other places to explore areas of interest to creationists. Geologic areas often do not fit the standard evolution model, and part of the fun is documenting these areas of interest.
The Pluto Probe 8/8/2015 634 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer An article by Dr. Danny Faulkner with Answers in Genesis explains the evidence that Pluto is young based upon the findings from the New Horizons probe to that outer planetoid.
Carbon-14 Dating Fossils 7/22/2015 632 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Evolutionists do not use the Carbon-14 dating method on dinosaur fossils because they believe that dinosaurs are too old to contain Carbon-14. Creation scientists Brian Thomas and Vance Nelson dated sixteen samples of fossils that are supposed to be millions of years old to see if they contain Carbon-14. All sixteen samples showed signficant quantities of C-14.
Dinosaur Peptide Preservation and Degradation 7/20/2015 631 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Is it possible for intact peptides, DNA, collagen and osteocytes to be preserved for 68 million years? The iDINO project investigates the fragile nature of biological material and eliminates the possibility that these materials could be preserved for deep time. The discovery of these materials in dinosaur bone indicates that these creatures could not have died out millions of years ago. Dinosaurs are young!
The iDINO Project 7/12/2015 630 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The summer issue of the Creation Research Society Quarterly is dedicated to the iDINO project, the effort to investigate the evidence for recent existence of dinosaurs based upon the finding of soft tissue in unfossilized dinosaur bone.
Has the Truth Been Twisted? 7/11/2015 629 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Recent events and court decisions in 2015 are going against long held assumptions of the Christian faith causing us to wonder if the very foundation of determining truth is being twisted to mean opposite of its original intention.
What if Darwin Never Published? 6/13/2015 628 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer How would the world be different if Darwin never published Origin of Species, Lyell, Principles of Geology, and if Paley’s Natural Theology won the battle of the minds in the nineteenth century? Is the progress of science being held back because evolutionary theories dominate?
The Copernicus Affair 6/10/2015 627 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer An article by Dr. Jerry Bergman in the Creation Research Society Quarterly dispels the idea that the church held back scientific progress by persecuting Copernicus concerning his heliocentric model. In fact, the pope at that time, Leo X, invited him to be part of a project to update the calendar.
Burrs in my Socks 5/22/2015 626 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Why did God allow thorns and thistles? Why is it that the plants that offer the clearest proof of design are also ones that are either weeds or their designs almost seem pernicious? The answer is surprising. God built these designs as part of the overall coding, knowing that there would be a fall.
Miracles are not Scientific 5/15/2015 625 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich talk about the problem of miracles. They do not fit in with the definition of science because they are not repeatable. That doesn’t mean that miracles do not occur. God is perfectly capable of operating outside of His self-imposed rules.
The Ostrich and other Ratites 5/12/2015 624 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Ostriches are among a number of flightless birds that are classifed together for that reason, but there is so many differences between them that it is a stretch of the imagination to construct an evolutionary ancestry.
Evolution: The 100-Year-Old Singing Frog 4/25/2015 623 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer An old 1955 Looney Tunes cartoon featured Michigan J Frog, the annoying frog found in the cornerstone of a building who would put on a top hat and sing for his discoverer, but would not sing for anyone else. The cartoon has become for us a symbol of what it takes to stretch the credibility of a paradigm beyond its breaking point, and for that reason it appears ridiculous. We point out how evolution is like that, and that we are asked to believe a paradigm that is far beyond the limits of credibility.
The Chemistry of Water 4/11/2015 622 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Water is one of the most abundant substances on earth and its chemistry is a major part of the special conditions necessary to produce life. The relationship of water to the chemical compounds that make up life is the subject of this show.
The Gates of Death 4/4/2015 621 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Bruce Sharp Job was confronted by God, “Have the gates of death been opened unto thee?” Death is a mystery just as much as life, and Doug talks about the death of his father Bruce Sharp, and the reassurance of life after death with Jesus Christ.
Pascal’s Wager 1/27/2015 620 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Blaise Pascal was a famous 17th century mathematician, inventor and genius. He was also a theologian and philosopher, and he is famous for his book Pensees and in that book he describes Pascal’s Wager, an often quoted argument that persuades you to consider trusting God based upon risk analysis.
Zion National Park 1/16/2015 619 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Ted Johnson Zion National Park interpreted through the creationist perspective.
The Bible’s Perspective on Sex 12/18/2014 618 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen There is an attempt by those who hold a postmodern worldview to push the boundaries of what is acceptable sexual behavior. If a biblical creationist foundation is rejected in favor of evolution, then the only standards for sexual behavior are limited by what a person thinks is right or wrong. The inconsistency of this position is exposed and the Bible standard is explained.
Panel Discussion at MSU Origin Summit 12/5/2014 617 Bergman, DeYoung, Jackson, Sanford, Malone Answering the tough questions concerning science and the Bible.
Summit Summary 12/2/2014 616 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer 1 The Origin Summit at MSU was a conference that took place November 1, 2014, featuring four well-known creation scientists from various disciplines: Dr. Don DeYoung from Grace University in Winona Lake Indiana, Dr. Jerry Bergman, Dr. Charles Jackson and Dr. John Sanford.
Today’s Astronomy and the Bible 12/2/2014 615 Dr. Don DeYoung 1 Dr. Don DeYoung describes the harmony of the scriptures with what we learn from the science of astronomy.
Origins: Blind to the Obvious? 11/1/2014 614 Bruce Malone This is the introduction to the Origin Summit at Michigan State University. Bruce Malone introduces the speakers, gives their background and the format of the Origin Summit event. At time 16:00 he then gives his introduction to the origins controversy and why these top scientists have risked their academic reputations to embrace the young earth creation model.
Discovery of Design 11/20/2014 613 Dr. Don DeYoung Dr. Don DeYoung gives examples of design in nature that have been copied by modern science for useful inventions.
Natural Selection is not Evolution 11/15/2014 612 Dr. Charles Jackson Dr. Jackson explains the confusion of natural selection with evolution and why peppered moths, Darwin’s finches and bacteria resistance to antibiotics do not explain the origin of new genetic information. Presentation at the MSU Origin Summit.
Big Bang Cosmology is a Fake 11/11/2014 611 Dr. Charles Jackson Dr. Charles Jackson reveals the current known problems with the Big Bang theory and why it is disingenuous to continue to teach it without talking about these issues.
Lenski’s e-Coli Experiment 11/1/2014 610 Dr. John Sanford Dr. John Sanford is the author of the book Genetic Entropy, and at the MSU Origin Summit, he evaluates Lenski’s continuous experiment breeding e-Coli bacteria. Though he applauds the significance of the experiment, Dr. Sanford concludes that the results do not give any support to the theory of evolution.
Atheistic Spirituality 10/31/2014 609 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen One of the more famous outspoken atheists has recently written a book that talks about the possibility of atheism having a spiritual dimension. Despite the obvious contradiction, this may make sense to the postmodernist, though it is not rational.
Dysfunctional Apologetics 10/24/2014 608 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer There are many reasons people give for belief in God and attending church. But do they withstand logical scrutiny? Learn how to tell if your reasons for believing in God will pass the test.
Origin Summit at Michigan State University 10/18/2014 607 Mike Smith with Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Mike Smith of Creation Summit explains what will be happening at the Michigan State University Origin Summit on Nov. 1, 2014.
Seasick Elephants and Sloshing Manure 9/28/2014 606 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Evolutionists have invented all kinds of reasons why they think that Noah’s Ark wouldn’t have worked. They don’t think it would have been seaworthy for the type of cataclysm Noah’s flood would have brought. John Woodmorappe’s book Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study, answers these questions.
Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age 9/17/2014 605 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer How valid is the evidence for the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, or Cave Men? Most of archaeology is constructed with that model. The surprising origins of these ideas are revealed in this video.
Highlights of the CRS Conference 9/6/2014 604 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Creation Research Society held a conference at the Creation Museum in Kentucky in August. Highlights of the conference were presentations by Mark Armitage about soft tissue in dinosaurs, a great presentation about flood geology, the role of epigenetics in explaining variety in organisms and a new starlight and time explanation.
Wupatki Adventure 8/28/2014 603 David Vonderheide, Guy Forsythe, Doug & Rich David Vonderheide and Guy Forsythe got the priviledge of a ranger-guided tour of the Crack in the Rock pueblo at Wupatki National Monument. The geological features of the area was of interest to creationists as was the “fire breathing dragon” petroglyph.
Applying Eliminative Induction to Biosphere Origin Theories 8/24/2014 602 Hugh Miller The origin of the biosphere cannot be explained by naturalistic means. Evidence from soft tissue in dinosaur bones to radioisotope dates far younger than evolutionists expect provide refutation of the idea that it took billions of years of evolution to create the biosphere.
The Extra-Terrestrial Search for the Origin of Homochirality 8/23/2014 601 Dr. Charles McCombs Dr. Charles McCombs describes the attempt by scientists to explain the origin of homochirality in life by proposing that left-handed amino acids were formed in outer space on meteorites, and were purified by circular polarized light. He show how this is impossible chemically and evolutionists still cannot explain it.
The Molecular Clock Fails 8/18/2014 600 Dr. Jerry Bergman Dr. Jerry Bergman examines the attempts by evolutionists to map out a timeline for genetic changes and shows how all of their attempts to do this have failed.
Thinking Within a Biblical Creation Model in Biology 8/16/2014 599 Dr. Jean Lightner Jean Lightner talks about the importance of starting with a Biblical creation model in terms of interpreting evidence from biology.
Use of Geologic Columns to Develop a Comprehensive Flood Model 8/15/2014 598 Timothy Cleary, David Warner, Nathaniel Jeansen 1 A comprehensive flood model can be built from fossil and strata data found in North America. Long Version. Proceedings from the 2014 Creation Research Society Conference. Produced in conjunction with the Institute for Creation Research.
Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones – The Mark Armitage Case 8/15/2014 597 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Mark Armitage documents soft tissue in dinosaur bones, and gets fired from his university job because he published his work in a scientific journal.
The Galapagos Islands 8/1/2014 596 Laura Gatz with Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Galapagos Islands were instrumental in convincing Darwin that his theory was correct. But does extant species found there actually demonstrate his theory to be true? Laura Gatz describes her experience visiting these islands.
Darwin’s Difficulties 7/24/2014 595 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Chapter 6 of Darwin’s Origin of Species deals with the many difficulties that Darwin admitted that he had with his own theory. He appealed to possible future discoveries that would verify his ideas, but like the missing links, the links are still missing today.
The Problem of Flight Evolution 7/19/2014 594 Jon Iversen with Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Jon Iversen is a pilot who works with Wings of Mercy, and he describes the physical principles that need to take place for flight to occur. Applying it to the origin of flight in birds, bats, insects and flying reptiles, one must conclude that flight evolution had to have occurred at least four differnet times in order for these creatures to evolve. This is just simply incredible and preposterous.
Arizona National Monuments 7/8/2014 593 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Flagstaff is home to a number of National Monuments that have significance to the creation-evolution debate. Doug and Rich visited Walnut Canyon, Montezuma Well, Montezuma Castle and several other areas of interest in Arizona. The geology of the Coconino sandstone at Walnut Canyon illustrates rapid deposition in a crossbedded fashion. Endemic species in Montezuma Well illustrates adaptation, a concept not opposed by creationists, and actually is an argument for design.
Excuses at the Great White Throne 7/1/2014 592 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer “Great White Throne practice” is how we view arguments for evolution. Everyone must face the end of life, and either we are dead forever, annihilated, or we must face our maker at the Great White Throne. What excuse might one give as he gives an account of his life?
The Search for Noah’s Ark and Rules of Logic 6/25/2014 591 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Search for Noah’s Ark has been a controversy for over 150 years, with many different reports of sightings on Mount Ararat. Now there are many creationists who think that further search is pointless. Applying the rules of logic, we can determine if it is still worthwhile to continue the search.
Colombian Culture 6/23/2014 590 Dan Janzen (with Doug Sharp and Rich Geer) Dan Janzen talks about his work with indigenous people groups in Colombia.
Postmodern Art & Evolution Worldview 6/22/2014 589 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Postmodernism is a worldview that reflects the meaninglessness that comes about from a society that has embraced the idea that there is no God and the world came about as the result of evolution. Exhibits at the Eli Broad Museum at MSU demonstrate the effect of postmodernism on modern art and architecture.
Weapons of Mass Distraction 5/29/2014 588 Dan Janzen, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Dan Janzen on a recent mission trip to Colombia encountered a number of hindrances concerning his mission to establish sound agricultural practices amongst the native Americans there. These hindrances come from unreasonable application of environmental and organic ideologies that discourage the use of pesticides and herbicides. Dan talks about how the church has gotten involved with this and what the economic impact has been as a result.
Chiricahua National Monument 5/23/2014 587 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Apaches called the Chiricahua Mountains the “Land of Standing Up Rocks” and certainly this National Monument lives up to that name. Thousands of balancing rocks, spires, grottoes and arches populate this remote place, and the RAE team gives a creationist perspective on its origin.
Arizona Origins Science Association 5/18/2014 586 Dr. Joseph Kezele, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Dr. Joseph Kezele is a professor in charge of the pre-med program at Arizona Christian University and is the president of the Arizona Origins Science Association. He explains the challenges of Christian education in the sciences and the purpose of AzOSA. This organization has chapters all over the state of Arizona.
AzOSA Scientists Larry Kisner and David Oberpriller 5/17/2014 585 Larry Kisner, David Oberpriller, Doug & Rich Larry Kisner and David Oberpriller talk about their involvement with the Arizona Origins Science Association, the Transformed by the Evidence book and other creation research in Arizona.
The Dark Side of the IQ Test 4/30/2014 584 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Early attempts to measure intelligence through testing began with Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin. His experiments were considered a failure, but it led to other psychological tests that have been administered typically to 12-year old students. These IQ tests have had a spotty history and in their worst case use led to eugenics, and in normal use limited opportunities for students to receive advanced training. Doug and Rich explain the Christian view of this and propose an alternative based upon scripture.
Why do People Choose Atheism? 4/23/2014 583 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Why do people choose atheism when the evidence for God is all around them? Doug and Rich speculates some reasons why, and why it is so important to guard your heart from falling prey to this type of thinking.
Antarctica and Easter Island 4/19/2014 582 Laura Gatz with Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Laura Gatz is the aurthor of Africa via Antarctica: Sixty Sunsets in the Southern Hemisphere. She describes her experience of taking a two-month sabbatical to explore the southern hemisphere with her trip around the world, starting with Antarctica via South America, Easter Island, New Zealand, Australia, and finally Africa. This show is about her Antarctica and Easter Island experiences.
The Noah Movie Runs Aground 4/10/2014 581 Jim Brenneman, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer After seeing the Noah movie, there are three different opinions whether to see it or not based upon reviews. Rich Geer and Jim Brenneman give their impressions of the movie after they saw it. Doug Sharp intends to see the movie later when it comes out on the cheap flicks. For the most part the movie was about as biblical as the Lord of the Rings. There were some anti-biblical elements that were disturbing and according to Rich, ruined the film for him. Recommendation: Go see the movie (or not). It won’t help you or hurt you.
Ark Movie Pre-Review 3/28/2014 580 Jim Brenneman, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Jim Brenneman is the guest on Revolution Against Evolution and discusses the various reasons whether or not to see the new Noah’s Flood movie.
The Evolution of Eating 3/22/2014 579 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer When the first form of life evolved, what did it eat? That is the dilemma of origin of life experiments. Even if the first life evolved by chance, if there was nothing for it to eat, it would starve to death. Doug demonstrates the peanut experiment that was used in the Good Science program.
Why Doesn’t the Church Provide Answers? 3/15/2014 578 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Articles by Salvador Cordoba and Mark Amunrud on the RAE web site talk about the experience that many Christians have who pursue a science education and the frustration they experience seeking answers to conflicts between their faith in God and what they are being taught in school and in the church. The lament is that the church is failing its job when it comes to providing solid answers.
Serpents 3/7/2014 577 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer From the serpent in the garden of Eden to dangerous, poisonous kind that crawl on the walkway in front of us, serpents hold a fascination for many. Doug and Rich talk about Biblical mention of serpents and their role in history and their encounters with snakes in their adventures.
Unraveling the Origins Controversy 2/26/2014 576 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Unraveling the Origins Controversy is a book written by Dr. David Dewitt who chairs the Creation Science department at Liberty University. This book is an excellent general purpose overview of the main arguments for a young earth creationist worldview.
Institutionalized Error 2/21/2014 575 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A discussion about how some scientific research produces theories that get entrenched into the culture, but the assumptions, premise, and research may be incorrect. Some examples of where this has occurred are discussed.
Rocks Aren’t Clocks 2/12/2014 574 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Book review of Rocks Aren’t Clocks by John K. Reed of the Creation Research Society. This books contains answers to many of the arguments brought up in the Nye-Ham debate in February 2014. Reed shows that the foundation of the geologic column is based upon invalid assumptions.
Creature Features 2/5/2014 573 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The stingray, sloth and poison arrow frog are all examples of creatures whose features have no viable evolutionary path.
Children of Rape 12/15/2013 572 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A group of people testified before the legislature declaring that they, as children conceived during the act of rape, have as much of a right to live as anyone else. It brings up the moral question of whether abortion should be allowed in case of rape, and if a person is against abortion that they should be forced to subsidize insurance coverage.
Laughter Could Make you Happy 12/8/2013 571 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The medical and social benefits of laughter are well known, and it is something that would be quite difficult for evolutionists to explain.
Our Immune System 11/28/2013 570 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Our immune system is wonderfully created by God to maintain our well being and keep us from getting sick. The design of the immune system is discussed and how it indicates the deep love of God. But we speculate that auto-immune diseases may be the result of spiritual oppression such as self-hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, rejection and accusation.
Psycho-Ceramics: Crackpots 11/24/2013 569 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Psycho-ceramics was a term used for those who engage in crackpottery, where invalid arguments are used to support a valid thesis, and valid arguments are used to support an invalid thesis. Several examples of each are discussed, and the origin of the story that Joshua’s long day was discovered by NASA in a computer simulation is given as an example.
God: The Artist 11/16/2013 568 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich Geer talks about what it takes to design a piece of artwork, and compares it to God the Designer who assembled the world we live in. Paley’s Watchmaker argument is discussed, and although some might say that since we know that a watch is assembled by a watchmaker, that we don’t have a valid reference. God’s artistry in nature is revealed by what it takes to design it.
Evolution and the Culture of Death 11/10/2013 567 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich end up in a discussion about evolution’s relationship with the culture of death in society: abortion, suicide, murder, euthansia, assisted suicide and how it reflects the assumptions of evolution. The Kingdom of God is much different and once a person is in God’s kingdom, death is conquered!
National Park Mysteries 11/7/2013 566 Mary and Randy Morgan, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Mary Morgan is the author of the National Park Mystery Series which currently consists of three books for young readers: Stolen Treasures at Pictured Rocks, The Face at Mount Rushmore and Spies in Disguise at Gettysburg. Using real live kids as models for her characters, she crafts stories appealing to young people where they save the day solving crimes.
Appalachian Trail Magic 10/27/2013 565 Rob and Candice Fox, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Rob and Candice Fox spent seven months hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and along the way encountered many wonderful people who assisted them and shared the experience with them.
Glorious Michigan 10/17/2013 564 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Revolution Against Evolution team travels to northern Michigan for a fall color tour and to investigate some of the historical heritage and resources this state offers. Michigan geology in the light of creation research is discussed.
EDUStem 10/17/2013 563 Toivo Hinamanu, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer EDUStem is an organization in Lansing dedicated to training high-functioning autistic students in the art of computer programming. Their Christian approach is a decidedly different way of bringing these students into the mainstream and creating employment opportunities.
Maranatha Writer’s Conference 10/5/2013 562 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Maranatha Bible Conference hosts a writer’s conference every year. Featuring top-quality speakers, there are many sessions where you can pick topics of study. Since Revolution Against Evolution is going to be updated this year, we received excellent tips as to how to publish in today’s market.
You Wouldn’t Believe what an Unbeliever has to Believe in Order to be an Unbeliever 10/4/2013 561 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer It appears to be silly season for evolutionists with a whole series of unusual claims, one of which that life could have come about by chance on comets. An experiment where dry ice was bombarded by BBs in a methane, ammonia and hydrogen gas atmosphere produced the simple amino acids glycine and alanine. Neither of these carry information content, and it is far from being proof of chemical evolution. Another claim that extraterrestrial life was found on a weather balloon is discussed.
Is Slavery Condoned in the Bible? 9/21/2013 560 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Several places in the Bible mention slavery and critics of the Bible point to this without understanding the history of the Bible and the specific instructions that the Bible gives regarding it.
Egypt Chronology 9/14/2013 559 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich explain the timeline of the Egyptian chronology and how it fits within the Biblical record of Joseph and Moses. They discuss why the chronology of the Bible is important.
So, We’re all Martians Now? 9/12/2013 558 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A BBC report talks about a symposium where the conclusion was that the conditions for the origin of life were more favorable on Mars than is was on Earth, so an elaborate theory of evolution of primitive life on Mars is being developed with transport to Earth.
Turning Points 9/3/2013 557 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer In everyone’s life there are key decision points that we reach. Doug and Rich give examples of extraordinary events that have occurred that caused things to turn out right.
Job’s Comforters 8/19/2013 556 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The book of Job is probably the oldest book in the Bible and in the beginning it gives a glimpse of what occurred behind the scenes in heaven. Job’s test by Satan was severe and typical of his dark kingdom. But though he lost the battle, a more subtle attack took place when Job’s friends came to comfort him. They started out mourning his fate, then gently probing him, and as they speculated about the cause of his trouble, their criticisms became full-frontal attacks. The example Job demonstrated in keeping his integrity needs to be considered by all of us.
Pterodactyl Trap! 8/10/2013 555 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Sightings of pterodactyls in Mexico are so frequent that creationist missionary John Pendelton is setting up a trap on a rooftop to see if they can be photographed.
Attracting the Favor and Blessing of God 8/3/2013 554 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich discuss the lives of four men, Cain, Job, Darwin and Rasputin. One did well with the trial he was presented with, three did not. Their lives are examples how to attract the favor and blessing of God, and how to attract trouble.
A Common Enemy of Russia and America 7/27/2013 553 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials Kerby Rials, missionary to Russia and Belgium, talks about a possible visit to Russia where several powerful churches have been planted. Doug Sharp had a dream about visiting these churches and bringing the message of creation. He will talk about the common enemy of Russians and Americans, which is not of flesh and blood, but it is in the spirit realm. A revolution against evolution is what is needed.
Discovery of Design 7/23/2013 552 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dr. Don DeYoung Dr. Donald DeYoung was the keynote speaker at the Revolution Against Evolution Conference at Higgins Lake over Memorial Day weekend 2013. He is a professor at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana and the chairman of the physical science department there. He has written a book on the Discovery of Design in nature which identifies instances where scientists and inventors have copied the design they saw in nature and used it to their advantage.
Slicing and Dicing Chimp DNA 7/13/2013 551 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp describes the process researchers used to come to the conclusion that human and chimp DNA is 99% similar. If you slice and dice the DNA into small enough pieces and match it elsewhere on the genome, you are likely to find a fit.
Your Amazing Brain 7/5/2013 550 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Your brain is much more than a storage mechanism. God created our brains with the capability of processing information so that what is important is brought to focus and what is unimportant is filtered out.
Lyell and Niagara Falls 7/1/2013 549 Doug Sharp, Ian Juby, Rich Geer The estimate of the age of Niagara Falls by Charles Lyell to be 35,000 years was based upon one foot of erosion every year. Other factors are revealed by Ian Juby that show the rate was faster in the past. This put the age of Niagara Falls within biblical limits.
Evolution Ministry List 6/20/2013 548 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Evolution is a prinicipality with a whole host of harmful subservient entities, much like bitterness, fear, accusation, envy, and jealousy. Romans chapter 1 starts with people who are ashamed of the gospel of Christ, and are unthankful, knowing there is a creator but fully reject Him. This produces a whole host of bad fruit, detailed in the rest of the chapter.
Evolution and the Occult 6/15/2013 547 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich examine the evidence that ties scientism and evolution to occult, and what happens when a person succumbs to the vain imaginations that invent scenarios for origins outside of God.
South Sudan and the Dinka Bible 6/8/2013 546 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Wol Bol Wol, Dan Janzen Wol Bol Wol is one of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan who came to America, and now is finishing a translation of the Bible into the Dinka language.He is also working on standards for the language. He is fluent in 8 languages and is seeking funding for the publication of the Dinka Bible.
God-of-the-Gaps 5/23/2013 545 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The God-of-the-Gaps argument is a red herring ruse designed to distract from the real issue of design. It basicallys accuses creationists of appealing to God as an explanation when science cannot explain something, and when science makes a discovery our God gets smaller. In the article Naturalism and Providence, it shows how this argument disappears knowing that the presuppositions of science rest upon theology, and that atheists have co-opted science to try to discredit theism.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin 5/18/2013 544 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the first American novel to sell a million copies, and its influence upon American culture was very significant, creating the atmosphere where the American slave trade was overthrown in the Civil War. An unashamed Evangelical Christian perspective is portrayed throughout the novel, and it deals specifically with unsound doctrine and Christian compromise that allowed the slave trade to exist.
Fear Factor 4/27/2013 543 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer As part of the Be in Health class, one of the primary causes of disease that is discussed is the condition of fear as a spiritual issue. Over 150 types of fear are in this classification and it leads to deterioration in the physical body.
Walking out of Trauma 4/5/2013 542 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer One of the benefits of being a creationist is the opportunity to apply Biblical principles to health and reap the transforming benefit. Henry Wright’s book “A More Excellent Way to be in Health” is an example of a creationist prediction. Traumatic experiences can be healed through the knowledge that God can reverse their effect through forgiveness. This book describes the “walk out” process that can gain freedom from trauma using Biblical principles.
Conquering Bitterness 4/13/2013 541 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer One of the benefits of a creationist Christian worldview is the opportunity to apply the principles of the Bible to common problems. The roots of bitterness are explored in a book by Henry Wright, entitled A More Excellent Way to Be in Health. Bitterness causes physical problems identified by the medical field, and there is a Christian biblical procedure we can use to get rid of it.
Thankfulness: The Key to Understanding God’s Creation 4/5/2013 540 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Romans 1 reveals that the reason people become atheists is because of bitterness in their soul, and though they know God, they are not thankful.
A More Excellent Way to Be in Health 4/18/2013 539 Pete Stoughton, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer An interview with Pete Stoughton, who teaches a twelve-week class based on the book by Henry W. Wright: A More Excellent Way to Be in Health. Pete reflects on the reasons why people go for prayer for healing in the church but do not receive it, and for the most part it is because the root cause of illness is not dealt with. Fear, unforgiveness, bitterness, rejection, trauma, envy, jealousy and occult are spirits that must be recognized, repented of, renounced, resisted, removed.
Myth-Busting: The Importance of Teaching Creation Principles 3/30/2013 538 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Two articles, one from Creation Ministries International and the other from Creation Matters, point out the iimportance of teaching the principles of creation and what effect it has on the power of the gospel if it is left out. The Creation Matters article was one by Dr. John Klotz published in 1964 in the first Creation Research Society Annual publication.
Beating a Dead Horse 3/24/2013 537 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Jerry Bergman’s article in Creation Matters about the horse series icon of evolution shows that though the whole concept was debunked by George Gaylord Simpson in 1951, it still was used for decades as proof of evolution. This common argument was in the original Revolution Against Evolution book, and like the other arguments in that chapter, it is a dead horse not worth beating.
A Fishy Story! 3/15/2013 536 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Creatures such as the anableps, archer fish, angler fish and seahorse all have characteristics that call into question the evolution theory.
Nothing Works Unless Everything Works 2/6/2013 535 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Many creatures do not fit the evolutionary stereotype and defy the idea of descent from simpler organisms. Dr. Jerry Bergman’s article Whale of a Tale shows the example of dolphins, whales and cetaceans, and the problems with their supposed evolutionary ancestry. Other creatures such as the giraffe, platypus and elephant are also examples. Nothing works unless everything works is the creationist evidence against gradual evolutionary development.
Battlegrounds of Natural History: Actualism 2/2/2013 534 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer An article in the Creation Research Society Quarterly explores the various paradigms of natural history that have been promoted in the name of science, and that all are found wanting because they have not allowed theism a seat at the table.
A Forum on Flood Geology 2/2/2013 533 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A debate is taking place in the forum of ideas among creationists concerning various models of flood geology. At stake are ideas whether the entire geologic column is the result of the flood, or if some or much of it was post-flood.
Old Skulls, New Interpretations 1/25/2013 532 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich has casts of three skulls, Australopithecene, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. New information about these fossils will be in the update of chapter 3 of Revolution Against Evolution.
The Truth Project 1/21/2013 531 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen The Truth Project is an in-depth training of Christian Worldviews. Dan Janzen is one of the trainers for the Truth Project.
Rocks are not Clocks – An Update 1/20/2013 530 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Since Doug Sharp wrote the book Revolution Against Evolution in 1993, twenty years have past, and the RATE project (Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth) was conducted in 2000. The conclusions of this project amplified the predictions made in the book.
Oop-Arts 1/11/2013 529 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Doug Sharp, Rich Geer and Dan Janzen talks about out-of-place artifacts and fossils found in strata that conflicts with evolutionary assumptions.
Fault-Finding 12/22/2012 528 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer An update to the second chapter of Revolution Against Evolution will include further examples of out-of-order strata that do not fit the geologic column,
Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview 12/15/2012 527 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Dr. Jerry Bergman describes the direct effect Darwinism had upon Haeckel, Nietsche, Hitler and the entire Nazi worldview.
Tough Question 12/9/2012 526 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials Kerby Rials, a missionary to Russia and Belgium, discusses a few of the tough questions he receives as a missionary. One accuses God of genocide when he executed judgment on the world at the flood of Noah, and against the Amalekites during the time of Israel. His answers are practical as well as surprising.
Psalm 139 11/3/2012 525 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Psalm 139 is one of the greatest chapters in the Bible where it talks about the nature of God.
Cain and Abel 10/25/2012 524 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The story of Cain and Abel describes a dispute between two brothers over the method of worship, and how Cain could have redeemed himself had he followed God’s plan.
Junk DNA and DNA Half Life 10/20/2012 523 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Recent research has shown that what was formerly known as “Junk DNA” now has a function that is understood. Other research shows that DNA has a half life of 521 years, and that rules out the idea of T-Rex DNA being preserved, unless it is young.
A Visit to Sotterley 10/11/2012 522 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug visits the origin of his mother’s family name in England and reflects on the documentation of many English families that trace their history back to Adam and Eve.
Fayette and Pictured Rocks 10/5/2012 521 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The RAE Adventure at Fayette State Park and Pictured Rocks results in a creationst geologic interpretation for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Develop a Geology Theology 9/21/2012 520 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp tells how to develop a Geology Theology, that is how to correlate the Biblical record with what is observed in the fossil record.
Don’t Let Your Geology Mess Up Your Theology – Part 1 9/15/2012 519 Doug Sharp Doug Sharp presents his Geology Theology in Johannesburg, South Africa.
What About the Stone Age? Are Cave Men Real? 9/8/2012 518 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich Geer explains how the Bible fits the evidence found with early man, and refutes the idea that man started out as primitive cave men.
The Tower of Babel 8/31/2012 517 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich Geer reprises his South Africa presentation about the Tower of Babel.
South Africa 2012 8/24/2012 516 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp and Rich Geer talks about the experience of delivering the creation message in South Africa. Encounters with elephants and a visit to the Sterkfontein Caves were some of the highlights.
Postmodernism and Creation Evangelism 7/5/2012 515 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Jyoti Chakravartty Jyoti Chakravartty is our guest. He explains his thesis that postmodernism is a pagan philosophy that borrows much from Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. He shows how Creation Evangelism can help steer people out of this error.Po5
RAE After Twenty Years 6/26/2012 514 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp reflects on his book Revolution Against Evolution and this is the beginning of a series of shows discussing the changes in the Creation-Evolution issue over the last twenty years.
Climate Skeptic Gets Canned! 6/19/2012 513 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A professor from Oregon State University is yet another victim of discrimination on the basis that he is a skeptic of climate change.
The Best Christian-Friendly Movies 6/6/2012 512 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A review of movies that present a Christian moral standard and an atmosphere friendly to Biblical principles.
Evolution in Movies and Media 5/31/2012 511 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Evolution, because you can make up practically anything you want, is a prime subject for movies. Some examples of the worst movies depicting evolutionary and anti-Christian themes are discussed.
Elk, Morel Mushrooms and Petoskey Stones 5/25/2012 510 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A Northern Michigan trip to Elk Country raises some questions about creation, and possible solutions.
Little Ice Age 4/26/2011 508 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen The Little Ice Age was one of many climate change cycles that took place in recent times as part of fluctuations after the Great Flood of Noah.
A Universe From Nothing? 5/21/2012 507 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer This is a review of the book “A Universe from Nothing” by Lawrence Krause.
Biogeography 4/20/2012 506 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Creationist explanations for the diversity of life all over the world, and how they got to the remote parts of the earth.
Eugenics and Darwinism 4/12/2012 505 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The origin of the eugenics movement is traced back to Darwin and the Descent of Man, where he characterizes certain races and people groups as inferior. His cousin, Frances Galton, originated many of the practices of eugenics that still remain today.
The Fall of Man and the Fall of Satan 3/31/2012 504 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Essential to understanding the Christian worldview versus the Evolutionary worldview is understanding the explaining power of the fall of man and the fall of Satan and why God allowed it to occur.
Compromise Theories 3/26/2012 503 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The Gap Theory, Day-Age Theory, Theistic Evolution, Progressive Creation, Framework Hypothesis are all among a number of compromises with evolutionary long ages.
Facial Angle and Evolution 3/20/2012 502 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Jerry Bergman writes an article about how the angle of the face was used as proof of evolution and also as a racist argument.
The Dark Side of Charles Darwin 3/3/2012 501 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Jerry Bergman’s book “The Dark Side of Charles Darwin” is a biography of the man who in his own words “murdered God.” Darwin’s psychotic behavior and illnesses indicate that this man was very troubled by his own mental state, and for that reason alone, his credibility as an honest scientist can be questioned.
The Soul of Adoph Eichmann 3/3/2012 500 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer This is a review of two articles on the Creation Ministries International web site about the trial and death of Adolph Eichmann, and how a minister was sent to him who explained the gospel but could not get beyond Eichmann’s belief in evolution.
The JEPD Theory 2/11/2012 499 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The JEPD Theory or Documentary Hypothesis claims that Moses didn’t write the Pentateuch, and the authors were 4 separate individuals. This goes against everything we know from archaeology and scripture. The premise was based upon the notion that writing hadn’t developed by that time.
Return from South Sudan 2/9/2012 498 Dan Janzen, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Dan Janzen returns from an agricultural mission trip to South Sudan.
Donald Patton’s Fossil Evidence 2/5/2012 497 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Donald Patton is a creationist paleontologist and explorer who has a myriad of fossil and archaeological evidence for creation, especially concerning the existence of dinosaurs living up to recent times. He is also famous for excavating human and dinosaur tracks at the Paluxy River in Texas.
A Tribute to Dr. John N. Moore 1/21/2012 496 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp talks about the influence that Dr. John N. Moore at Michigan State University had on him. His boldness to speak out against evolution cost him dearly in the end, but he left a legacy of ministry to young college students.
Not Just Fire Insurance 1/14/2012 495 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich reflect on the fact that it seems that though we present valid reasons to reject evolution and embrace Christianity, there is an extreme tendency to ignore the message. Doug and Rich discuss reasons for this and provide a possible cure.
Evolution’s Effect on Modern Art 1/11/2012 494 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich gives his perspective as an artist upon the effect that evolutionary ideas and philosophy has had in the modern art world. He observes a progression or devolution of art where it goes from expressing meaning in light of a creator to the nihilistic point of view of atheism.
Folding Proteins 12/27/2011 493 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Dr. Royal Truman writes about experiments conducted where proteins are split, put backtogether, and the way they fold is different. Doug and Rich discusses why this complicates the evolutionary origin of life.
Europe Tanks 12/20/2011 492 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Rich Overman Rich Overman is a guest discussing the situation in Europe where interest in Christianity has dwindled to the point where it has become largely irrelevant to most Europeans, and the reasons why.
Curiosity 12/18/2011 491 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp and Rich Geer comment on the search for life in outer space and the launch of the space probe called “Curiosity” to rove the planet Mars.
Avoiding Logical Fallacies 11/28/2011 490 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich talk about logical fallacies used in the creation-evolution debate, how to avoid them, and recent examples of fallacious arguments confusing the picture.
Does the Creation Worldview Correlate with Attitudes of Morality? 11/17/2011 489 Rich Overman, Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Rich Overman talks about his master’s thesis study that correlated attitudes toward morality to acceptance of scripture and young earth creation.
Transformed by the Evidence 11/17/2011 488 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Transformed by the Evidence is the title of a book edited by Doug Sharp and Dr. Jerry Bergman. It contains 26 stories of lives transformed by evidence for God’s creation.
South Sudan Mission 11/12/2011 487 Doug Sharp and Dan Janzen Dan and Teresa Janzen have been called to a mission trip to South Sudan where he is helping to reform the agricultural business according to creationist principles.
What Happened During the Days of Peleg? 10/22/2011 486 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer There has been a running debate between creation geologists as to whether anything of geologic significance happened during the days of Peleg in Genesis where it says that “in his days the earth was divided.” The debate is whether the continents split apart during that time or whether it was the division of languages.
Early History of Creation Science 10/19/2011 485 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, David Bradbury Doug, Rich and David Bradbury discuss the early history of creation science before Henry M. Morris. Authors such as Luther Townsend, George McReady Price and Alfred Rehwinkle were among early authors who argued for a strict biblical world view.
Please Sigh: A Story about Point Mutations 10/13/2011 484 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kevin Anderson A note from a teacher said: Progress reports will be coming out this Friday. Please sigh, and return by next Monday. This shows the difference in meaning a point mutation can make in a DNA molecule. Changing one nucleotide can change the meaning drastically. This poses a huge problem for evolution.
Argon Argon Dating 9/16/2011 483 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Rich Overman Richard Overman proposes that the Argon-Argon dating method can be recalibrated to produce dates consistent with the Biblical model.
Computer Program in Four Dimensions 9/16/2011 481 Kevin Anderson, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer The director of the Creation Research Society Van Andel Creation Research Center, Kevin Anderson, gives a talk about how recent discoveries have revealed that the human genome is so complex that it behaves like a computer program in four dimensions.
Arizona Geology Tour 9/8/2011 480 Jim Clarke, Sal Guardina, David Vonderheide Doug Sharp and Rich Geer discuss the 2011 Arizona creation adventure with members of the Creation Research Society and Arizona Origins Science Association, interviewing Jim Clarke, Sal Guardina and David Vonderheide.
The Ebla Tablets 9/1/2011 479 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Rich Overman The Ebla Tablets were in the news many years ago, and then mysteriously nothing was said about them. What happened? Rich Overman explains the story.
Plants of the Bible at Boyce Thompson Arboretum 8/23/2011 477 David Oberpriller David Oberpriller gives a tour of Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior AZ, describing plants of the Bible found there.
Memes 8/22/2011 476 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer “Memes” is the term Richard Dawkins uses to describe social norms that he believes to be the result of genetics. Doug and Rich discuss the logical result of this that ultimately one who believes this must conclude that there is no basis for morality.
Evolution as a Primordial Heresy 8/18/2011 475 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich conducts a review of an article by Linda Kendall called Evolution: Primordial Heresy as the Science of Becoming God.
The Ultimate Proof of Creation 8/13/2011 474 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich offer a review of the book Ultimate Proof of Creation by Jason Lisle. The thesis is that evolutionists must borrow Christian principles of logic.
Glacial Flood at Mendenhall Glacier 8/6/2011 473 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer On July 21, 2011, a glacial lake burst forth through the ice at Mendenhall Glacier, causing a catastrophic flood (known as a jokulhlaup) in Juneau Alaska. I was there three days later. The effects of this local flood shows what could have happened during Noah’s flood.
Another Look at the Tuba City Dinosaur Tracks 7/11/2011 472 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer On the Navajo Reservation in Arizona near Tuba City, there is a stand where the local Native Americans show you dinosaur tracks. There are also some tracks that appear like human tracks in the area.
The Dilemma of Distant Starlight 7/9/2011 471 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Steve Miller Doug and Rich describe the various proposals by creationists explaining the problem of distant starlight. Steve Miller is one of those who propose a model that makes sense. He shows his telescope collection.
Testing Creation Theories 6/14/2011 470 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich describe the process one goes through to examine various theories of creation and decide which one makes the most sense.
New Data on Fossils 6/11/2011 468 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich bring up to date the creationist arguments concerning fossils.
Repentance Resistance 6/11/2011 467 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen When a person publishes or speaks on a subject, it is extremely difficult for them to change their mind, even when presented with strong evidence against his thesis.
Theistic Evolution and the College Student 6/11/2011 466 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer and Tony Feiger Tony Feiger is a minister with Campus Crusade for Christ at Dartmouth College, and he tells about the influence of a professor on campus who promotes the idea of theistic evolution. The consequences of this belief result in a watered-down gospel.
The Monotremes 9/18/2010 465 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Monotremes are egg-laying mammals such as the duckbill platypus and echidna. They feature unique characteristics that defy evolution.
Soluble Isotopes May Skew Radiometric Dating 9/18/2010 464 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A presentation at the Creation Research Society conference supports the idea that ages obtained by radiometric dating may be skewed because the parent isotopes are more soluble in water than the daughter isotopes.
Miracles are not Scientific but they are the Foundation of Science 9/2/2010 463 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich talk about the ironic nature of miracles, that if they are too commonplace, they are taken for granted, but if they don’t happen very often, they are not believed in either.
Human DNA Repair and Genetic Entropy 8/14/2010 462 Dr. Duane Gish Dr. Duane Gish explain Dr. John Sanford’s book: The Mystery of the Genome.
The Fossil Record 8/14/2010 461 Dr. Duane Gish Dr. Duane Gish explains why the fossil record says no to evolution.
The Death of Darwinism 8/14/2010 459 Dr. Duane Gish Dr. Duane Gish shows from the fossil record how evolution fails to explain the origin of life, in particular the refractive properties of the eye of the trilobite.
Information and the Impossibility of Evolution 8/14/2010 458 Tom Foltz Tom Foltz explains from a computer programmer’s perspective how impossible evolution is because of the quantity of information needed to be generated by random chance processes.
Mitochondrial DNA and the Human-Chimp Genome: An Update from CMI 8/8/2010 457 Robert Carter, Doug Sharp, Rich Geer Dr. Robert Carter discusses the new discoveries concerning Mitochondrial DNA showing a Biblical date for Eve, and the fallacies of constructing the chimpanzee genome based upon the human genome. He also gives a description of the ministry of Creation Ministries International.
Dan Schobert: Persuaded by the Evidence 8/8/2010 456 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Schobert Dan Schobert reviews the reasons why he is persuaded by scientific evidence that the Bible is true.
Harold Hill’s Joshua’s Missing Day Explanation 7/19/2010 454 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer In Harold Hill’s book “How to Live Like a King’s Kid” there is an account of a NASA computer program that calculated the rotation of the earth that supposedly found the missing day of Joshua’s time in the Bible and the 40 minutes of Hezekiah’s time. Doug and Rich discuss the possibility of this being programmed, and that it is best not to use this story.
The Chicxulub Impact Crater 7/18/2010 453 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The 112 mile diameter crater near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is supposed to be support for a catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs. Doug and Rich give a Creationist explanation.
Life in Outer Space? 6/12/2010 452 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen There have been a number of rehashed arguments, such as the Martian meteorite found in Antarctica, that gives the impression that life may have evolved in outer space. We discuss these various arguments and ask the question, “If we can detect intelligent life in outer space, can we use the same criteria to determine if life on earth is intelligently designed?
Is the Creator God the God of the Bible? 4/30/2010 451 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Once a person decides that the world is created by an intelligent designer, how does he decide who that intelligent designer is? Why is the God of the Bible the superior choice?
Slaughter of the Dissidents 4/25/2010 449 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer This is a review of Jerry Bergman’s new book , Slaughter of the Dissidents.This book deals with the cases of discrimination against those who boldly teach the truth about creation and evolution.
A New Find at Sterkfontein Caves 4/17/2010 448 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer A discussion of the Australopithecus Sediba find near the Sterkfontein caves where Doug and Rich visited in South Africa. An interpretation is made in light of a Biblical framework.
The Wilberforce-Huxley Debate 4/14/2010 447 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Samuel Wilberforce was bishop of Oxford, and at a meeting of scientists, debated the theory of evolution with Thomas Huxley. The popular account of this debate has Wilberforce portrayed as an obscurantist who promotes theology over science. But other accounts vary and do not show that Wilberforce actually lost the debate.
Three Skulls 12/17/2009 441 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Rich Geer constructed three skulls for the Creation Evidence Museum: Cro-Magnon, Neandertal and Australopithecene. These icons of evolution, when put in their proper perspective, are powerful evidence for early post-flood man, not “cave-men” or “ape-men.”
Evolutionists Debunk Their Own Fossils 12/3/2009 440 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Lucy, Ida, Ardi and Archaeopteryx are all now debunked by their evolutionist proponents. Doug and Rich’s work is easy today.
The Universe in Near-Real Time (with Q&A) 9/6/2009 435 Steve Miller Steve Miller presents the idea that we are observing the universe in near-real time, and that there is very little look-back time from the present to the creation of the universe.
Strange Fire in the Earth 7/11/2009 428 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Erich von Fange “Strange Fire in the Earth” is the title of an article Dr. von Fange wrote in 1975 for the Creation Research Society Quarterly. He documents evidence from ancient history of fiery judgments upon peoples of the earth as recorded in the Bible.
The Delk Track and Other Famous Creation Artifacts 9/19/2009 427 Carl Baugh, Doug & Rich, Jyoti Chakravartty The Delk track was found near the Paluxy River after a flood ripped up a bed of limestone and deposited the rocks on the riverbank. It is a dinosaur track that stepped into a human track. We explored the area where it was found. Carl Baugh also shows us the Meister Print, the Burdick track, the fossilized human finger, the cup in coal and the human handprint, all out of place artifacts and fossils.
The Willett Track and the Adams-Moore Print   426 Carl Baugh, Doug & Rich, Jyoti Chakravartty The Willett human footprint was found on the banks of the Paluxy River in the Dinosaur Valley State Park as part of a series of tracks that still can be seen today. The human stepped into a dimorphedon track, and other dinosaur footprints are found in the immediate vicinity. This is compared to the Adams-Moore print, which was carved, and the differences are unmistakable.
Rhamphorinchoid Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea 6/15/2009 425 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Reports of sightings of what the natives in Papua New Guinea call the “Ropen” are discussed. Researchers who authored an article in the CRSQ believe them to be rhamphorichoid pterosaurs.
Emma Darwin: Candle in the Night 5/25/2009 424 Doug Sharp & Rich Geer Emma Darwin wrote two works, copies of which were loaned to Dr. Carl Baugh for his 25th anniversary of the opening of his creation museum. Her Bible was also on display there at that celebration. Emma’s spiritual life was evidence from her testimony in these books, and the struggle she had with her husband who did not share her faith, is revealed in these writings.
Interview with Dr. John Morris at ICR 4/23/2009 419 John Morris, Jyoti Chakravartty, Sharp and Geer John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research tells of the move of their facilities to Dallas, and the successes they have enjoyed with the RATE, GENE and FAST projects.
A Tale of a Snail 7/4/2008 400 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug Sharp talks about the left-handed amino acid dilemma, which gives the odds of producing a viable protein with all left-handed amino acids as one chance in 10 to the 123 power. He sets up a comparison between an experiment cranking out combinations of proteins at 400 tons per second to a snail whose job is to move the entire earth to the known edge of the universe and back at a rate of one millimeter in a million years one molecule at a time. The snail wins the race.
Mount St. Helens 2/24/2008 385 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Bruce Malone Bruce Malone describes the utter destruction wrought by the explosion at Mount St. Helens as a miniature laboratory that models Noah’s flood.
Diamonds: The Creationist’s Best Friend 12/26/2007 376 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer Doug and Rich discuss the signficance of finding Carbon 14 in diamonds, a talk about their visit to the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas.
Forensic Science 12/26/2007 374 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Doug and Rich visits Tombstone, Arizona and the Superstition Mountains. This causes them to reflect on the difference between Forensic Science, which determines historical events based upon evidence found in the present, and Empirical Science, which is observable, testable, and repeatable.
The Soft-Gap Theory 11/17/2007 372 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen The “Soft-Gap” theory attempts to explain the problem of distant startlight and the speed of light by promoting the belief that the universe is old and timeless, but the creation of the solar system is recent, within 6,000 years.
Texas Tracks and Artifacts 11/5/2007 370 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen This is a review of Robert Helfinstine’s book “Texas Tracks and Artifacts,” which is an exhaustive treatment of the Paluxy River dinosaur and human footprints found in Cretaceous rock.
It Takes Faith to Move Mountains 8/7/2007 362 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer The upside-down geology of Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire is examined from a Google Earth perspective.
Big Valley Creation Museum 7/25/2007 360 Doug Sharp, Ian Juby Ian Juby describes the work done on the Big Valley Creation Museum in Alberta.
The Monkey Trial 6/12/2007 350 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer with Fred Foote On his web site Fred Foote has documented the differences with what actually happened at the Scopes Trial in 1925 against what is portrayed in the popular film and play, “Inherit the Wind.” He finds that the popular portrayal of what happened was greatly distorted.
Michigan Copper 10/29/2006 333 Rich Geer, Dan Janzen, Fred Rydholm Fred Rydholm is the author of the book “Michigan Copper” researching the dispersion of copper mined in Michigan to various parts of the world. This is interesting in that it matches the assertion that people from Europe visited America long before Columbus.
Me-she-pe-shiw 8/19/2006 324 Doug Sharp, Dan Janzen, Rich Geer The RAE Adventure takes us to Lake Superior Provincial Park where there are Native American pictographs that resemble dinosaur-like creatures. These creatures are called Me-she-pe-shiw by the Indians, and this is where the Mississippi River gets its name.
Desert Life 5/22/2006 317 Doug Sharp and Rich Geer It is amazing what kind of life thrives in the desert. Doug and Rich discuss living creatures and plants that by their unique design are able to survive and multiply.
Dr. Henry M. Morris Interview 4/29/2006 315 Doug Sharp, Dr. Henry M. Morris Doug Sharp interviews Dr. Henry M. Morris at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, and learns the early history of the creation-evolution debate. Dr. Morris is considered to be the founder of the modern creation-science movement with his book The Genesis Flood published in 1961.
Adventure at Kruger National Park 8/13/2005 287 Dr. Hennie Mouton, Koos Van der Westhuyzen Doug Sharp and Rich Geer travel with their South African hosts, Dr. Hennie Mouton, his wife Ellison, and Koos Van der Westhuyzen. As Doug and Rich recount their experience viewing elephants, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, hyenas, wild dogs, kudu, monkeys and baboons, they answer questions concerning the cycle of life in nature, and the creation that groans while it waits for redemption in the kingdom to come.
Second Top Ten Most Asked Questions 11/27/2004 263 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Doug, Rich and Dan address a second list of top ten most asked questions concerning creation and evolution.
Top Ten Most Asked Questions 11/27/2004 262 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Dan Janzen Doug, Rich, and Dan discuss the 10 most common questions concerning creation and evolution, and provide quick answers. They are concerning Cain’s wife, the days of Genesis, the waters of the Flood, animals on the ark, dinosaurs, aliens, distant starlight, creation religious but evolution science, ape men and Carbon-14.
Texas Dinosaur and Human Tracks 9/11/2004 257 Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, David Hall, Carl Baugh Local Texans from the Glen Rose area describe their experiences concerning the excavation of dinosaur and human tracks found in the Paluxy river bed. Dr. Carl Baugh leads an excavation of these tracks.
Studies in Flood Geology 11/1/1997 120 John Woodmorappe Studies in Flood Geology is John Woodmorappe’s ground breaking work that explains flood geology, radiometric dating, and why fossils and strata are laid down in the order in which they are found.
Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study with John Woodmorappe 10/31/1997 119 John Woodmorappe John Woodmorappe explains his book, Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study. This work explains every question you could possibly have about Noah’s Ark and how it worked. Was there enough room for all the animals? How did Noah and his family feed them, water them, and remove the waste? How was the ark ventilated?