Five Big Lies Evolutionists Must Believe

Guests: Doug Sharp and Rich Geer

Description: Five Big Lies Evolutionists Must Believe. They are:

1. From nothing comes everything.
2. Rocks are clocks.
3. From spoons to forks.
4. Dinosaurs = millions of years
5. Ape men
To believe that everything comes from nothing, nothing must start with something. This concept violates the laws of thermodynamics. It is contrary to everything we know scientifically. First you need to explain the assembly of the elements, then you must explain inorganic matter becoming organic matter and the chemistry of life.
Evolutionists give the impression that you can pick up a rock and tell by it’s chemistry or characteristics how old it is. Claims about this are interesting. What makes a good clock; a system that consistently measures time? You need a radioisotope that decays at a constant rate. You need to know the starting chemistry and that the system is closed to outside temperatures, pressures, or contamination.
Evolutionists like to line up different creatures to show an evolutionary sequence, much like lining up your silverware to show that forks evolved from spoons. You have a horse series, the development of the embryo, fish to amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.
If you find a dinosaur bone, it is dated by fiat as 65 million years old.


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