The Y Chromosome is Shrinking

Guests: Doug Sharp, Rich Geer, Kerby Rials

Description: Kerby Rials is our guest on this show, and he found an article from the Human Genome project that claims that the human Y Chromosome is shrinking. The X chromosome is about three times larger than the Y chromosome, containing about 900 genes, while the Y chromosome has about 55 genes. This study believes that both chromosomes were originally about the same size, but over time the Y chromosome has been dropping genetic information. Though we cannont go back in time and actually verify this, that conclusion would be consistent with what creationists would expect with devolution, but it would fly in the face of what evolutionists would expect. Creationists believe that in the beginning God created the genome to carry all of the genetic information for much variety to be distributed throughout each Biblical kind, which is roughly equivalent to the family classification. Genetic entropy, which is documented by Dr. John Sanford in his book by that name, observes that about 300 new mutations are introduced each generation, and those are mostly neutral or harmful. This shows loss of information and not a gain of information. Kerby also explains from a Biblical perspective why God would allow this degeneration to take place.


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