Talking Heads

Guests: Doug Sharp and Rich Geer

Description: We welcome three guests and we’re going to interview them today. They are Eber, Job, and Aussie.
Rich: Introducing Eber as part of the Table of Nations. He is the great-great grandson of Noah. If you are a follower of the evolutionary explanation, you may know him as Neanderthal. The reason for Eber’s features is because he was a very old individual when he died. Not as old as Noah, his son, grandson, and great-grandson but 434 years old is a very long age. As a person ages, his bones still grow. This is something that Jack Cuozzo examined when he was a dentist. He had the opportunity to examine the fossil human skulls and concluded that they were very old individuals.
Doug: Introducing Job. He is likely a contemporary of Abraham. Job is known by our secular friends as Cro-Magnon man. Job is the righteous man in the Bible that God allowed Satan to test and all within days he lost his family, his wealth and his health. He had to endure boils all over his body. His friends accused him of committing some great sin and spent a great deal of time arguing with him and speculating why. His wife told him to curse God and die. Yet he maintained his integrity, but also as he questioned God, God answered and declared his sovereignty, where Job acknowledges him. Ultimately God restores everything to Job that he had lost, and he died at 200 years old.
The evolutionary story of both of these as ape-men doesn’t hold scientific credibility.
Rich introduces Aussie: What does Aussie tell us?
Doug emulates Aussie with ape noises. Australopithecines are extinct apes. Doug and Rich tell about their experience in the Sterkfontein caves and how evolutionists make out that they were on their way to becoming human by arguing that they walked upright and had human feet. The problem is Littlefoot who has opposing toes like apes. The PBS TV special about Lucy boldly shows Dr. Lovejoy altering the fossil with a Dremel tool in order to make the pelvis look more human.
So we argue that Neanderthal was human, Cro-Magnon was human, but Australopithecines were apes.


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