Believe it or Not!

Guests: Doug Sharp and Rich Geer

Description: Starting with the very first verse of the Bible in Genesis, you have a statement that in the beginning God created heaven and the earth, and that flies in the face of everything that is taught by contemporary materialistic evolutionary philosophy. Either you believe it, or you don’t. If you don’t, you need to fabricate something else that explains the origin of life, the earth, and the heavens. We cannot replicate the beginning as a scientific experiment, so we are faced with the choice of believing different sets of miracles. It is a dilemma for those in the church who want to have credibility with the rest of the world, yet retain their Christian principles. The reader of the Bible is faced with a list of many miraculous events described there, including the creation week, the creation of whales on day 5 and the great flood of Noah that judged the world. The alternative is to believe in the creation of matter out of nothing, and the chemical evolution of life from non-life. Which miracle is easier to believe?


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