No Aquariums on the Ark

Guests: Doug Sharp and Rich Geer

Description: Those who insist on trying to debunk the Biblical account of Noah’s flood and Noah’s Ark try to do so by saying that the Ark had no room for all of the species of creatures on the earth. Often, they include in that number the 34,000 species of fish, especially the fresh water fish. But this is a straw man argument, and it isn’t what creationists believe. There were no aquariums on the Ark. All that were taken on the Ark were land animals. Also, the oceans before the flood were shallow and fresh water. During the flood, the water became saltier from the erosion runoff during the flood. If the oceans had been around for millions of years, we would expect the oceans to be far saltier than they are now.
Creationists estimate that there were roughly 16,000 species of animals taken on the ark. This is based upon the Biblical kinds which corresponds to a family classification. There would have been plenty of room on the ark for all, based upon estimates made by John Woodmorappe in his book Noah’s Ark: A Feasibility Study.
95% of fossils in the geologic record are marine shellfish. 95% of the remaining 5% are fish. They are found throughout the geologic column.
Of the 34,000 varieties of fish, there are many that display unique features that can only be attributed to special creation. These are described in my book Revolution Against Evolution.
Archer Fish
Angler Fish
Decoy Fish
Flying Fish

Evolutionists have the unenviable task of explaining the features of each of these by showing through the fossil record a series of descent, then showing how the DNA coding for these features appeared through genetics without special design. What is called “evolution” is simply the elimination of species over the course of history, but the appearance of new species with these unique features has not been demonstrated.


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