Technology of Bees

Guests: Doug Sharp and Rich Geer

Description: Bees are uniquely designed to fly in a manner that rivals that of stunt pilots. They have a compass that detects the polarization of sunlight. They have gyroscopes, airspeed gauges, and UV sensors to measure the tilt of the horizon. Their compound eyes have 7,000 hexagonal facets, which are tiny tubes containing their own lens and light-detecting cells. Each tube enables them to see in all directions.
These tubes are hexagonal in shape, which like the honeycomb, is the most efficient use of material. Their eyes detect motion as different facets register the image. All of this is controlled by the software contained in a brain the size of a sesame seed.
Rich and I were on the receiving end of the fury of a nest of bees as we were clearing some brush in Rich’s front yard. I got stung about a dozen times and Rich about five. He left his Kubota running and had to get a bug bomb to kill the nest so he could drive the vehicle away.
This renders a question. Why did God create these creatures to have stingers? With all of this technology, it is obvious that bees were created, but why the pernicious design? Creationists point to the fact that there was a fall and many things in this world were genetically altered because of that. There are some bees that don’t have stingers. We encountered some of these in Mexico. Only female bees have stingers, and they are modified ovipositors. The queen is the one who lays the eggs.


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