Raelian Disclaimer


 The Revolution Against Evolution, http://www.rae.org is not associated with the Raelians http://www.rael.org. The Raelians claim to be creationists, but not in the Biblical sense. Instead they believe that life was imported from outer space by aliens. Their god is a UFO driver. Our group, Revolution Against Evolution, is made up of traditional Biblical Christians who believe in a supernatural creator God, and his son Jesus Christ. We in no way believe that this Christ was a space alien. We do suspect, however, that the god the Raelians serve and believe in is a counterfeit, either of their own imagination, or demonic in nature. Our creator God of the Bible is not a super-technological god; He is a supernatural God.

In addition, the Raelians are strong advocates of cloning. We have sincere reservations about the practice, as we believe that this is messing with God’s natural order of things, and too little is known about the effects of the procedure.

We hope to expand upon this page as we research this further. I used to think that this was too bizarre to be taken seriously. Judging by some of the email we get by mistake, we have to rethink this.

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