Don’t Let Your Geology Mess Up Your Theology

Don’t Let Your Geology Mess Up Your Theology


Don’t Let Your Geology Mess Up Your Theology is a full color coffee table book that is a guide to where to find creation evidence in our national parks. Published by Revolution Against Evolution TV show, it shows how you can start with the Bible as a guide first to interpret scientific evidence in geology, and it gives a history of how and why the geologic column was developed to discredit the Bible.


Geology has been used to challenge the authority of the Bible by establishing millions of years of earth history. But does the actual scientific data back up this idea? As an example, if you calculate the size of the river deltas in the world in comparison to its rate of sediment discharge, in a million years, the sediment from the Mississippi River would cover the entire surface of the earth more than a mile deep. The rate of discharge of salt in the ocean is another indication of a young earth. Geologic strata are often found out of order, and laid down in thousands of feet of rock, with crossbedding showing successive tidal events. Geology based upon the story of creation in the Bible is reaching a stage of maturity, and in this volume, we lay out its case.


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