No Worries in Heaven

No Worries in Heaven


When Your Spouse Dies
No Worries in Heaven. A practical guide for when a spouse dies.


This book is a love story between Doug and Vivian Sharp that began with meeting on a canoe trip on May 22, 1971. 50 years later on May 22, 2021, they had their last outing together just before cancer claimed Vivian’s life. Doug describes the shock he experienced when her health declined rapidly and received the news that she had passed away only ten days after her last day at work. Faced with the reality of her death, Doug pours out his heart to Jesus, and He gave a picture of Vivian in heaven with Him.

No Worries in Heaven is more than just a love story between two people who loved God and were called to His purpose. It is a practical guide for husbands who have lost their wives and a list of details and decisions that must be attended to after bereavement. The spouse that is left behind must realize that there is more life to be conducted, more people to love, and more of God’s purpose to fulfil. Knowing that the worries of life has ended for Vivian took away the sting and grief for Doug. What Doug went through in the aftermath of Vivian’s death can be helpful for those who have had the same experience.

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