The latest book by Dr. Jerry Bergman, Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries may be the most important book he has written to date. Dr. Bergman is the author of over 40 books on the creation-evolution issue, and with this book he exposes not only a history of problems with people faking evidence, but perhaps a more fundamental flaw in science where ideology drives the evidence, and not the other way around.
The first chapter deals with the problem I recognized years ago when I was first studying science, that evolution is going in reverse of expectations. Rather than showing an increase in complexity caused by mutations, it actually produces the reverse effect by producing harmful or an accumulation of near neutral mutations that eventually causes harm. It is extremely difficult to cite a case where a new feature or functionality is produced by a mutation without providing a corresponding or offsetting negative effect. At the Altenberg 16 Conference, the presenters admitted that “the theory of evolution which is taught in the classrooms today is inadequate for explaining our existence.”
Science, especially in the speculative field of evolution and paleontology, is fraught with the problem of fraud and forgery. Examples are, Bathybius Hackelii and Eozoon, eoliths, forgeries by Charles Dawson and Viswat Git Gupta, and the human facial angle blunder.
On almost every page of Jerry’s latest book, I learned something new, including an entire chapter on Francis Galton’s attempt to use fingerprinting as a proof for evolution, but he never got the results he expected.
Then many of the more famous blunders are discussed, the Ancon sheep blunder, Haeckel’s biogenic law (ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny), the sexual selection myth of the peacock, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, ape-to-human progression, the attempt to interbreed apes and humans, an excellent history of Java Man, atavisms and the Chinese bird-dinosaur forgeries.
He ends his book with a discussion of why fraud exists in science today. Science is much more interested in promoting an agenda rather than finding truth, and if a student wants to survive in school and remain in academia, he needs to produce results that support the prevailing paradigm and not challenge it. So if years of research on a project brings evidence that contradicts evolution, often the results are misreported, fudged or ignored in order to get the desired grade, get a grant or a prestigious teaching position.
This book should be required reading for students who are preparing to enter college, and for those who really question if what they are being taught actually stand up to factual evidence.


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