Studies in Flood Geology: Review

Studies in Flood Geology: Review

Author: John Woodmorappe
Subject: Geology
Date: (c) 1999 Second Edition

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STUDIES IN FLOOD GEOLOGY differs from most Creationist geology books in that it is explicitly Flood-centered, not just geologic catastrophism with Flood explanations tacked-on. Moreover, it is concept-oriented instead of locality oriented. The second edition has a bound cover, updated figures, study questions, common pagination and extensive index to geologic topics.

Some highlights:

  • A systematic study and explanation of fossils in different horizons in the light of the Flood (the study is supported by over 9500 global fossil localities).
  • A systematic refutation of radiometric dating based not upon theory but on actual geologic applications.
  • A map-based portrayal of the artificiality of the standard geologic column.
  • A tabulation of over 200 stratigraphically-anomalous fossils.
  • The superiority of the Flood as an explanation of coal-bed.
  • Much more.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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