Revolution Against Evolution

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The Revolution Against Evolution by Doug Sharp (c) 1993 (out of print)
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A Christian can experience great joy knowing God exists and His word is true by examining the evidence around him. If you compare everything that man builds to God’s creation, you see an incredible difference. As you observe anything man makes under a microscope, the closer you examine it, the more flaws you find. In comparison, God’s handiwork in nature is orderly, and that order increases in detail and beauty the closer you examine it.

Reasons For Studying Creation

There are three reasons why we should study God’s creation:

1. Worship. Scientific discoveries verify God’s existence. As we examine nature, we give glory to God in His creation.

2. Evangelism. Evolution is a stumbling block that prevents people from receiving Christ. If we can remove that stumbling block, people become more open to the message of salvation.

3. Building up of the Saints. The more we learn about God’s creation, it adds to the support we have for our faith in Jesus Christ. The demonstration of the power of God through the Holy Spirit provides primary evidence. Scientific facts verifying the word of God adds to that faith, and provides a balance between the mind and the spirit.

Many believers say “I don’t really need to have scientific evidence in order for me to have faith in Jesus Christ.” I would definitely agree with them. Our faith should not rest in the “wisdom” of men, but in the power of God. If we use that as an excuse, though, what impact can we make when an unbeliever comes to us with questions about the Bible, and asks why it conflicts with scientific theories? We need to have a ready answer for those who challenge our faith, so that they also have the chance to believe.

The conflict between science and the Bible needs resolution. The Bible does not conflict with true science, it opposes a belief system that wrongly calls itself science. Scripture describes this philosophy as “science falsely so called.” It deserves challenge and exposure because evolutionary theories not only conflict with the Bible, but with scientific laws as well.

Now, where does the conflict take place? Creationists do not challenge micro-evolution, which describes the science of genetics and changes of characteristics within species. The contention is with mega-evolution, which is the idea of evolution from molecules to man. Mega-evolution is offensive because it is an affront to God as creator, and defies scientific reason. When we challenge evolution in this book, we are contesting mega-evolution.

Christians have not taken the time and effort to investigate the claims made by science that are contrary to the Bible. This neglect has provided a subtle and effective tool in the hands of Satan to destroy the credibility of the Word of God. If we doubt Genesis, then we undermine the account of the fall of man in the garden of Eden and the need for salvation. Genesis is foundational to our faith. Can we select what we want to believe in the scriptures and throw out the stuff we don’t like or can’t understand? Of course we cannot. Yet, that’s what many Christians do.

There is tremendous pressure placed on believers to accept evolution as the only acceptable scientific choice. In most classrooms, we see evolution taught exclusively with no chance at all for the other side of the story to be presented. Because of that, most Christians are ill­informed on the subject, or divided. Often, they simply avoid the subject entirely. Because Christians neglect studying basic science, we find believers teaching evolution. This is happening even in Christian schools because of the lack of qualified science instructors aware of the scientific evidence for creation.

We need to lay hold of the strongholds that Satan has taken from Christianity. Before 1850, Christians dominated the arts and sciences, but when theologians compromised with evolution instead of challenging it, Christians gave up these subjects to atheism and unbelief. If we examine the history of the discipline of science, we find that many early scientists were believers in special creation. Pasteur, Mendel, and Faraday are examples. We should examine the lives of these early scientists and their lives to recapture their spirit and curiosity about God’s creation.

Evolution has never been more vulnerable as it is today. The theory is under attack not only from creationists, but even within the ranks of unbelievers. Darwin’s theory remains held together only by gossamer threads of guesswork. The facts of science, when exposed testify against it.

Some people say, “the existence of God cannot be proven.” The Bible states:

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities­­his eternal power and divine nature­­have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”

With that statement, God is saying that we have no excuse for unbelief, since He has revealed himself in His creation. God has provided all the evidence we need to believe and trust in Him through all He has created. Through His creation, He declares to the world, “I have made my existence blatantly obvious! If you miss salvation, it is not because I did not provide enough evidence. In fact, you have no excuse for your unbelief.”

We must assess the evidence we have, and decide what we need for “proof” that God exists. God is under no obligation to prove Himself. There is plenty of evidence available at our hands that demonstrates the creative power of God. The key is to give the credit where credit is due, and worship Him for it.

I fail to understand why people do not thirst after God and desire to know Him. The benefits of knowing our Creator are tremendous. What better purpose is there in life than learning and following God’s plan? The scientific facts compel me to worship Him, and by experiment I test my faith by applying His Word to my life.

Evolutionists often accuse Creationists of being biased because of our Christian faith. We’re biased only with the same bias we have toward steak and potatoes with hot apple pie a la mode. We have sampled it and found it to be good!

Many have discovered their Christian faith by examining their surroundings, coming to the conclusion that this world around them cannot be just an accident, but God created it. I discovered this when I tried to combine amino acids together to form proteins. The sheer amount of work involved to do this convinced me of that. Proteins just do not naturally form by themselves: it takes a creative process!

The evolutionist has a “religious” faith at stake in this issue. His bias comes from his not wanting to deal with a personal God. If God has a personal plan for everyone, that means that each person has to choose God’s plan over his own plan.

Of course, man has always thought he has a better plan. Part of the original sin of Adam was choosing his way apart from God. This is the source of spiritual pride: that a man’s works can somehow buy the favor of God. Instead, we must choose to understand God’s plan the best we can and follow it. If we make our own plans, we never experience God’s best. What a terrible waste that is. But, that’s the futile investment many scientists make! Evolutionists get grants for studying dinosaurs and ape-men. They write papers and do years of research propping up their theories. So, they naturally don’t want creationism taught in the schools. Choosing a creationist point of view is a humbling experience. It strips all pretense of self-achievement away, exposing man for what he really is in the sight of God.

The theory of evolution is a natural result of man’s desire to be independent of God. If we assume that God is creator, we have to acknowledge His lordship. A world-view based upon evolution provides a means of side-stepping the issue of admitting that Jesus is Lord. I intend to provide enough evidence in this book to get people to face this issue and deal with it.

One irritating dilemma that results from undertaking a study of God’s creation is that we’ll never finish the project. It seems that if we answer one question, six more pop up in its place. But, we can be content to live with a world view with open questions: that’s when faith has a chance to work. Thank God our salvation is not dependent upon how well we have God figured out.

It’s not my goal to figure out God. My objective is to expose the basic assumptions, tactics, and deceit behind the one who would rob us of our faith in Him. I do not fault evolutionists for their unbelief. My contention is not with them, but with the deceiver who blinds them. I invite you to join me in spiritual warfare against the father of all lies, who is Satan. That is the true nature of the revolution against evolution.

Avoiding Sectarianism

It is unfortunate that some people involved in the Creation-Evolution issue make their particular theory a point of division. Though the argument for a young earth creation model is very strong, I do not believe there is enough evidence scripturally or scientifically to be dogmatic about it. Even if there was, our attitude should be that of reconciling our brothers to the truth, not cutting them off fellowship.

God is not going to check our records to see if we believe the young earth theory, gap theory, day-age theory, or big bang theory before He lets us into heaven. It is possible to be wrong in our world view, and yet be right with the Lord in our heart. The reverse is also true; we can be totally correct in our thinking and still have no relationship with God. Some church people tack on the belief in a certain version of a theory as a prerequisite before they will fellowship with you. What a mistake! The purpose of the church is to draw people to Christ, not exclude them. All people are at different levels of faith, and we must make allowances for that.

We must not lose sight of the real value of studying God’s creation: to find truth, to encourage others and to receive encouragement. Creation science is a useful tool when it removes stumbling blocks to faith. But we never need to defend God, He can take care of Himself. We need not defend His word, the Bible: it speaks for itself. Instead we offer to people a model of origins that makes it easier for faith to increase.

Remember: God is tenderhearted toward the evolutionist, as He is toward any person who is apart from him or bound. A judgmental attitude causes far more damage than wrong thinking. Our job is to reveal facts about creation that will stir up faith in God and cause liberty. Our attitude must be as one beggar telling another where to find bread. For the evolutionist and those whose world view differs from ours, we must offer a win-win proposition: personal acceptance and an offer to explore the facts to find the truth.

Beware of a mixed menu as offered by the cults: Creationism and the Watchtower; Creationism and British Israelism; Creationism and Mormonism; and even Creationism and New Age. This is a devilish trap that gets people to reject the truth with the error, or accept the error with the truth. Even worse, though, is Creationism and a bad attitude or lifestyle. In that case, people err in the spirit, though the reasoning may be sound and the doctrine Biblical.

Avoiding Compromise

As we show love toward those who disagree with us, we must continue to be bold in exposing the truth about God’s creation, avoidingcompromise. When God makes a statement in the Bible, He says, “Thus saith the Lord,” not “This may be my opinion, but. . .” Nevertheless, many people adopt a relativistic perspective of the world, with no foundation for their faith.

Belief in evolution destroys a person’s reason for faith in the Bible and ultimately in Jesus Christ. When presented with the theories of evolution, a student faces three choices: accept the theory of evolution and reject the Bible and Christ, reject the theory of evolution and accept the Bible as truth, or accept the theory of evolution, taking a giant “leap of faith” and believe the Bible in his spirit, though he doesn’t really believe it intellectually.

Many Christians find themselves floundering in the last state. They may be saved by grace in Jesus Christ, but they drift aimlessly like a boat without a rudder or anchor, never deciding what is truth because they doubt the foundation for truth, Genesis. They believe, yes, but when you ask them why, they cannot tell you. This Genesis foundation is important, because without it we’re only expressing opinions. If that is the basis for our faith, what would make our opinion any different from anyone else? That is the source of the “do your own thing” philosophy. Everyone is expressing opinions, and not looking to the Word of God as an authority. In this book, I provide solid reasons why I believe the Biblical account of creation over the theory of evolution. I invite you to test them for yourself.



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